(Clearwisdom.net) I am an over 60-year-old practitioner who began Falun Dafa study in September 1998. I firmly believe that Zhuan Falun is a heavenly book that can enable people to elevate themselves to very high realms and also has the power to cure illnesses and perform other miracles. I therefore firmly believe in Master and Dafa. The exercises have purified my body; additionally, my multiple illnesses also disappeared without treatments.

At 9:00 p.m. on August 25, 2001, someone reported me as I distributed truth-clarification materials. Agents from the Nanwei Police Station in Jiamusi City attempted to arrest me in my dormitory, but I was not working there at the time. When I was eventually arrested, I clarified the truth to the police. They knew that Falun Gong practitioners are good people and do not commit crimes, but under the influence of the Chinese Communist Party, these officers betrayed their good consciences. They asked me in the police station whether or not I would continue my practice. They said that if I did they would send me to a detention center. I replied, "As long as I can breathe, I will continue practicing!"

They did send me to a detention center that same night. Once at the center I was again questioned about whether or not I would continue the practice. The police said, "There is still time to change your fate if you agree to not practice anymore." I firmly answered, "As long as I can breathe, I will continue to the end!" After that, a doctor drew blood from me twice. Looking back on the incident now, I think had my blood type matched what they needed, my organs would possibly have been removed and used. It is terrible to contemplate. The evil CCP takes unscrupulous license to do anything bad.

I was detained with other inmates. Ten people had to squeeze onto one bed made of stones and wooden boards. Our breakfasts and dinners consisted of a steamed cornflour bun. I was detained in that environment for 35 days and then sent to a forced labor camp.

In the labor camp I was put in a brainwashing session, where four or five people surrounded me every day, trying to brainwash me with their crooked understandings and theories. I refused to accept their drivel. I said they were wrong; they did not acknowledge it. Later on I just firmly held onto one thought: No matter what they said, I simply would not listen to them!

Other practitioners eventually brought me Master's new articles when they came to see me. I then began the task of resisting brainwashing in that class. My efforts helped other practitioners to affirm their belief in Dafa. Many practitioners came to understand what they had done wrong. Some wrote solemn statements to declare their return to the cultivation path while they were still in the brainwashing session. Some who did not have the courage to write their solemn statement in the class said that they would write it after they were released.

After seeing me do this, the authorities transferred me to the Strict Discipline class. Practitioner Mr. Wu Chunlong who was later tortured to death, was also detained there. Mr. Wu said that in the bitter cold winter of 2000, the police removed all his clothes and left him outside, totally exposed to the weather for several hours. He was forbidden to say that he was cold; otherwise they would pour cold water on his head. This is just one way that the CCP's accomplices have persecuted Dafa disciples. Those who were involved in torturing Mr. Wu included Liu Hongguang, Zhang Zhenhua, a person surnamed Yao, Guo Gang, Yang Chunlong, and others.

While I was detained in the Strict Discipline Class, practitioners passed around their hand-written copies of Teacher's articles daily, recited the Fa, and sent forth righteous thoughts. They used knocking on the wall as a signal. The guard eventually discovered this. We then changed the way we dealt with the guards, but they escalated their abuse, nonetheless. After we returned from the early morning drill and finished breakfast, the guards handcuffed us to the beds. We had to relieve themselves inside the cell. Our hands were chained together.

In February 2002 I sent forth righteous thoughts and was dragged out by guard Bai Jinfeng and put on a tiger bench. I refused to cooperate. He went to find the labor camp warden. I thought that nothing could move me, as I then remembered Master's words,

"I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe." ("Lecture One" in Zhuan Falun)

In the end nothing happened and the camp warden said nothing.

Another time when I was handcuffed together with Wu Chunlong, guard Li Xin rushed into our room and saw us closing our eyes to send forth righteous thoughts. He became irate and kicked me in the head. After he had kicked me twice, my teeth were loosened and my nose and forehead bled. He beat Mr. Wu and made his mouth and nose bleed. That day, that guard injured more than ten practitioners.

Between May and June 2005, Mr. Sun Chengpo, a practitioner from Fujin, and I were confined in a solitary cell with the aim of not letting us send forth righteous thoughts or recite Master Li's teachings. We were forbidden to close our eyes for seven days and nights inside that dark, damp room. We were beaten whenever we did close our eyes. Two inmates monitored us. I clarified the truth to the inmates. They did not treat me as badly as the other practitioners had been treated. Our hands were handcuffed to the heating pipes on the floor. We were made to sit on plastic stools that had spikes on the seats. After ten days, the fabric of our pants was embedded in our flesh; it took several months for the wounds to recover.

We often heard practitioners crying during the night while they were beaten. As I remember, the practitioners who were grossly abused like this included the following: Li Haoyuan, Li Shaotie, Xia Zhiliang, Yao Zhongliang, Liu You, Dong Shaohua, a teacher surnamed Liu from Tongjiang, Cheng Guilin (a disabled practitioner) and his father, Liu Chengjun, Shao Dianyin, Zhang Changming (later tortured to death), Bi Jiaxin (later tortured to death), Wu Chunlong (later tortured to death), Yu Panyou, Yu Lei, a practitioner surnamed Zhang from a railway station (sitting on the cold bench caused him to suffer from a prolapse of his rectum), Li Yiwen, a practitioner surnamed Liu and his wife, a practitioner surnamed Gao from Huachuan, Li Jingfeng from Huachuan, Sun Chengpo from Fujin, a practitioner surnamed Feng from Tangyuan, and Sun Yutai.

December 25, 2006