On January 15, when I read on the Minghui website [Chinese version of the Clearwisdom website] that Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Shi Ning from Shengli Oil Plan, Dongying City, Shandong Province was arrested and then tortured until near death, I was distressed and my face was bathed in tears.

On the evening of October 15, 2006, police officers from Yantai arrested Shi Ning clandestinely and detained her in the Binhai Hotel at Wanguan District in Laishan, Yantai City. Then, she was transferred to Linglong Area in Zhaoyuan City, and only a few days later, she was transferred back to the Binhai Hotel. On November 2, Ms. Shi and about a dozen practitioners were taken to different detention centers. Ms. Shi Ning was taken to Penglai City Detention Center. Ms. Shi had gone on a hunger strike at Penglai to protest the persecution. Therefore, she was beaten after being hung up. The evil Wang Guihong, hired by police officers to torture practitioners, shouted at Falun Gong practitioners who firmly resisted the persecution, "If you are not transformed, I will pour spicy water into your mouth, just as I did with Ms. Shi!" Zhang Shaorong, Team Leader for the National Security Team recently put together a team that included officers from the Penglai Detention Center to persecute Ms. Shi.

Ms. Shi was taken to the Shandong Province No.1 Female Forced Labor Camp, where she suffered inhuman torture. Two male guards shocked her with high voltage electric batons. Two of them sat on a bed and Ms. Shi sat on the ground facing away from the guards. Each of them held an electric baton against her back and shocked her. Later a group of vicious people surrounded her and beat her for three days around the clock. Please find below my eyewitness account of the torture she suffered.

I stayed with Ms. Shi in the same cell a short time after January 2001. Before that, guards from Shandong No. 1 Female Forced Labor Camp separated practitioners whom they deemed to be very steadfast and put them into different wards. In addition, they had criminal inmates monitor them. One day, guards ordered me to get ready to move to a different cell. I was taken to the cell where Ms. Shi had been isolated already for some time. This cell was located at the far end to the East. At the same time, another practitioner was moved also to this cell. Collaborators told us that only we three had remained firm and were not "transformed."

Most "transformations" occurred during that time. It was around the Chinese New Year and the entire team was "celebrating." Guards didn't have time to pay attention to us and the three collaborators were about to be released. Therefore, they didn't watch us as closely as before, and we finally had the opportunity to talk to each other.

Ms. Shi graduated from the Computer Science School of the Petroleum University. She was the team leader for the university's basketball team. Ms. Shi's figure looked just like that of a person who is active in sports. Her shoulders were wide, and her height was average. She had fair skin with a round face. When she smiled, there were two dimples near her mouth. Ms. Shi Ning had a good voice, I would say it was magnetic. I have come across such a voice rarely. After she graduated, she worked at Shengli Petroleum Computer Center as an analyst. Her father is a low-ranking government official. She, her mother, father and sister were a warm and happy family and everyone was brimming with intelligence.

At that time, Ms. Shi Ning appeared to be about 30 years old. I asked her why she wasn't married? She smiled and said, "In May 1999, when Jiang Zemin came to Shenli Petroleum, she intended to clarify the truth to him. Unfortunately, someone reported her, so she was arrested and detained for one month. After she returned home, her husband whom she had married only recently, proposed divorce. He feared the "implication policy." Therefore, before Ms. Shi could consummate her marriage she was divorced.

One time, a collaborator asked Ms. Shi if she knew how to cook? Shi Ning had a naughty smile on her face and told them proudly, "I was very good in handling any household." When it came to cooking, she told them that she had made all kinds of "Tofu dishes" for some friends who enjoyed the meal.

Ms. Shi said that she was taken to the forced labor camp before Chinese New Year 2000. After she was admitted, the staff at the forced labor camp celebrated the January 15 holiday. They had a big drum that nobody knew how to play. Ms. Shi tried and played very well. The wardens were glad and had her play the big drum. They also intended to designate her as the head of the cell. She didn't feel good about this and refused to accept it. She admitted that she still regretted having played the drum. This was also the first time I came up with a rational understanding of not cooperating with the evil at the forced labor camp.

There was another thing that disturbed Ms. Shi's mind. She had at one time written the so-called guarantee statement to not practice Falun Gong. At that time, she was detained with the No.1 Team. Because she did the exercises, she was called to the duty room. Two guards with two high-voltage electric batons with a silencer were waiting for her. They both sat on a bed and forced Shi Ning to sit on the ground facing away from them. One was on each side of her, holding two electric batons against her ribs. One was the secretary for the CCP committee. He was 1.9 meters tall and about 50 years old. He claimed to be a Zaozhuang, Shandong Province resident. He was very vicious and vile. He kicked Ms. Shi's chin with the tip of his leather shoe. He asked, as if it was funny, if she would renounce Falun Gong. Ms Shi Ning said, "I felt that he could do just about anything to me." She wrote the guarantee against her will, and she felt tremendous pain in her heart. After she told me about this, she said with a pained voice, "We should not be transformed. This is absolutely wrong." At that time, the people who were "transformed" laughed wildly and sang loud songs. One out of three of the practitioners who had been called to "have a talk" did not come back to the cell.

I recited the Fa as I had memorized it. Therefore, we decided to study the Fa together. I would say a word from the beginning, middle and end of each sentence, and then Ms. Shi knew the rest of the sentence. I recited the Fa and she listened. This is how we studied the Fa in that difficult environment.

Collaborators found out that I missed my family and reported it immediately to the guards. The guards considered that it was the perfect time for "transforming" me. Therefore, one day I was called to "have a talk." Ms. Shi looked at me sadly when I walked out of the cell. With my shortcomings in mind, the betrayers threatened me, used faked kindness, violence and tried to deceive me. I collapsed, and I did the most humiliating thing for a Dafa practitioner. On the evening of my writing the "Four Statements," the guards didn't allow me to go back to my cell. I was taken to the cell next to the office and had to spend the night with criminal inmates.

That night, the guards tried everything possible to transform Ms. Shi Ning. I didn't know how many collaborators were present. They cursed at her, swore, yelled, hit her with batons, slapped her face, and argued with her. They also called for help from others. She fell many times to the ground. I was extremely sad.

Ms. Shi's crying out one time after another was as if she was awakening my conscience. I finally got the courage to do what was right. I asked the criminal inmate on night duty to tell the guards that I had something important to tell them. At that time, the guard on duty was a female teacher on temporary assignment at the camp from a police training school. She came and asked me what I wanted. I stood inside the iron-bar gate and said: "You shouldn't beat her anymore, or she might die." She went into the cell where they were beating Ms. Shi and stopped the violence. Three days later, I had a chance to go to the wardens' office. I saw Ms. Shi's hands tied behind her back and to the legs of an iron bed. Her face was terribly swollen and looked all out of shape. The solemn look she held stopped me from looking straight at her.

After that, there was intensive and non-stop harassment, swearing at her, and all kinds of torture. She was deprived of such basic rights as sleep, brushing her teeth, using the bathroom, and so on. I couldn't imagine how Shi Ning, such a tidy person, could suffer through that. Guards tried to have me participate in "transforming" Shi Ning. The first time, Shi Ning asked to talk to me person to person, but was not given permission. Our conversation was carried out with a collaborator listening in. Shi Ning said very sadly: "Shouldn't be 'transformed'!" I felt so helpless, and tried to cover my hollowness and fear with superficial calmness. The next day I was told again to help "transform" Shi Ning. She was hung between two stacked beds for I don't know how many days, but it was around the clock. Looking at her, I felt very sorry for her, but ridiculously, I felt that beating up people was also an effective means. I lifted my hands and slapped her face once. Tears rolled down her face and she called my name very sadly and said, "Shouldn't beat up people!" I held her head and cried. I promised her, "I will never do it again!"

Every time, when recalling those scenes full of blood and tears, my heart was in deep distress. I have said many times to her in my mind, "I am sorry, great practitioner." I hope that one day I can apologize to her personally.

When fellow practitioners were "transformed" through cruel torture, many wrote the "guarantee statement" against their wills.

The forced labor camp pretended at one time to be a relaxed environment. For example, after finishing work we could play on the basketball field, dance group dances, compete in basketball games, and so on. But, the minute they thought that only brainwashing could bring results, the atmosphere changed. One was assigned to heavy labor, even exceeding a human's ability to bear. They also began to torture practitioners since the end of 2001.

When on the playground, I often looked up towards the window where Ms. Shi Ning was detained. I wished deep in my heart that her face would appear in the window! Later, I found out that the collaborators assigned to brainwashing Ms. Shi came from different groups. This meant that the cruel torture was now also practiced by guards in other sections. However, Ms. Shi Ning could not be "transformed." After some time I heard that Ms. Shi went on a hunger strike to protest against her persecution. The guards took her to Shandong Province Military General Hospital. Even though they claimed to have taken her for medical treatment, it was another way of persecuting her.

One day in Spring 2002, when each team was lined up on the playground, they first sang an evil song. Then, they brought a few long tables and lined them up in one line. They put red cloth on top of them. They ordered every Falun Gong practitioner to sign on this piece of red clothing "Worship Science, Oppose XXX." The atmosphere was filled with humiliation, regrets, horror, numbness and pessimism. Suddenly, a loud cry was heard from above, "Don't be collaborators! Don't be collaborators!" Ms. Shi Ning, filled with determination appeared by the window. She showed to the many practitioners that she was still determined and strong in her belief in Falun Gong.

At this time, Ms. Shi is in critical condition from the persecution. We are calling for help from local, national and foreign practitioners to actively help rescue practitioner Ms. Shi Ning.


The following information was taken from Clearwisdom:


1. Ms. Shi Ning began a hunger strike to protest her treatment. Guards took her to the Shandong Armed Police General Hospital several times. They claimed that she was transferred there to receive medical treatment, but in reality this was just another form of persecution. Shi Ning left the forced labor camp in 2001 due to kidney failure. At the time her weight had dropped from 60 kg (132 lb.) to about 35/40 kg (77 to 88 lb.). After practicing the Falun Dafa exercises for some time, she had almost fully recovered. She then stepped forward again to clarify the truth as she had done before and was again arrested by police from the local Dongying Police Sub-station. At the police station, she was beaten up before being taken to the forced labor camp. Ms. Shi Ning remained steadfast and unyielding in the forced labor camp and began a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Finally, she was released from the labor camp. However, her current whereabouts are unknown. 2. Since October 25, 2003, Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Shaohua from Shenli Oil Field has been illegally detained at the Shenli Oil Field Shengcai Brainwashing Center. On January 7, taking advantage of the holiday, Dafa practitioner Shi Ning and Xia Deyun went to the Shengcai Brainwashing Center to visit Wang Shaohua. Evil people from the brainwashing center reported them and they were arrested by police from the Binbei Police Sub-Bureau and taken to the Shenli Oil Field Gas Central-Transportation Center for torture (please see reports on Minghui dated February 4 and February 7).

The two practitioners were very firm in their belief. They resisted all efforts by staff from the brainwashing center. They went on a hunger strike to resist the illegal detention. They also shouted very loudly, which could be heard through windows and doors, to expose the evil deeds committed by staff from the Oil Field 610 Office, the brainwashing center and the Jiang regime. Staff from the Oil Field 610 Office and the person in charge of the brainwashing center Wang Ziqiang were panicking. They were afraid that people would hear about their evil deeds. Therefore, they separated the two practitioners. On the 30th, they sent Shi Ning to the Shengli Oil Extraction Field Brainwashing Center for detention.

The following day after the staff from the Oil Field 610 Office, and police from the Binhai Police Bureau arrested the two practitioners, they ransacked Shi Ning's home and confiscated her computer, printer, and truth-clarification materials. They also stole her cell phone and phone book. When these people came to ransack Xia Deyun's home, Xia's family would not let them. On the 31st , disregarding the pleas and opposition by Ms. Shi's elderly parents and family members, these depraved people transferred Ms. Shi from the Shengcai Brainwashing Center to the Oil Field Detention Center, the place where the two practitioners were also detained for about 10 days. Practitioner Ms. Shi Ning was forced to become homeless.

Ms. Shi was arrested on the evening of October 15, 2006, during the night when Yantai police officers were arresting practitioners. She was first detained at the Binhai Hotel located at the Wanguang District of Laishan Area in Yantai City. Then, she was transferred to the Zhaoyuan City Linglong Area, and then back to the Binhai Hotel. During that time, Ms. Shi Ning was on hunger strike for 9 days and beaten while being hung up. Currently Shi Ning is detained at the Penglai Detention Center, and her life is in great danger.

Contact information of all who committed the aforementioned crimes:


Phone Numbers

Shandong Province Penglai City Police Bureau Tian Li:

86-535-5618166 (Office), 86-535-6661770 (Home), 86-13573561999 (Cell)

Head of Penglai 610 Office

86-535-5664610 (Office), 86-535-5651762 (Home), 86-13605457576 (Cell)

Team Leader Nie Xijun from Penglai City Police bureau; in charge of persecuting Falun Gong

86-535-5605803 (Office), 86-535-5663158 (Home), 86-13853500838 (Cell)

Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader of the National Security Team Liu Shian

86-535-5602983 (Office), 86-535-5662766 (Home), 86-13853515657 (Cell)

Zhang Lei

86-535-535-5633059 (Office), 86-535-5660055 (Home), 86-13708900760 (Cell

Qu Yiwu

86-535-5605803 (Office)

Office of the Politics and Law Committee in Yantai City


Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee

86-535-6224445, 86-535-6224440 (Office)

Head of Yantai City Police Bureau 610 Office - Jia Guiyu


86-535-6297138 (Office), 86-535-2117293 (Home)

610 Office in Zhibu City

Heads Li Wenguang, Gao You

Yu Gang and Pan Wei


86-13963821333 (Cell)

Zhibu District Government Office


Discipline Examination Committee Office


Yan Tai Development Zone 610 Office


Office of Fushan District CCP Committee


Discipline Examination Committee Office


Government Office


Laishan District Security Bureau President Jiang Zhenxu

86-13805355686 (Cell)

Assistant to the Secretary of Laishan District CCP Committee

86-535-6891666 (Office)

Politics and Law Committee


Government Office


86-535-6891532, 86-535-6891550

Security Detention Station


Binhai Police Station