(Clearwisdom.net) In the 2007 NTDTV New Year Spectacular, Guan Guimin, a famous tenor, sang the song titled, "Who Am I:" "Who am I in the vast heaven and earth, failing to remember how many times I have reincarnated..." "Who Am I" is a important topic, and a question everyone should contemplate.

The NTDTV New Year Spectacular has finished its tour through the four main cities of Canada. About 18,000 people in total were lucky enough to watch the show in person, and I was one of them. The show combines peace, inspiration, profoundity, benevolence, and tolerance. These human virtues, which have faded from memory due to the washing of ages and desires, resurfaced in the show. The audience was subtly reminded to reconsider their lives while watching the show.

"The Vows of the Old" - the Source of Humanity is Precious

"The Vows of the Old" - When all heavenly beings are waiting, a sonorous voice calls: "When the cosmic disaster is coming, who is willing to go down to Earth to help mankind?" Heavenly beings sign their names on the "Vow" cloth. Angels symbolically crown them with flowers. Heavenly beings leave their own world and walk in groups toward Earth step by step...

When I saw the scene, I shed tears. "Who am I in the vast heavens and earth." It seems I have realized who I am. This feeling is vague but very real, and a thought in my heart. It came from my inner heart and was a reflection from the microcosmic origins of life, which awakened my long-term longing.

We were taught in school that humans evolved from monkeys. However, I always had a doubt. How did the monkey become my "ancestor?" I did not like the thought of that at all.

The masterpieces left from Chinese history do not describe such thoughts at all. Most of what they describe are the relationships between humans and gods. When we look at the starry sky, no one knows how many stars there are. In the vast sky, the Earth is so small. How do people who live on it have the qualifications to self-gloriously claim to themselves that "humans" are the superior life form in the cosmos?

Modern people have gotten carried away, especially those Chinese people who have been deprived of the right of freedom of belief by the CCP. A small portion of people ask a fortune-teller, burn joss sticks, and bow to Buddha for their own interests, while most people already say they could not clearly tell the meaning of gods.

"The Vows of Old" tells people that the master of the cosmos had led heavenly beings to come down to the human world. During the ending moments, we should tolerate all previous sins of people, be benevolent toward them, let go of ourselves, and save those who have good thoughts. It is because the human body is very precious.

All traditional religions say that "humans" were created by gods according to their own image, which caused people to have similar bodies and appearance as gods. Humans became precious, which is totally unrelated to the monkey.

Only Faith is Able to Withstand the Tides of Time

Being rich or poor, and having a high or low social status are main topics in human life. Everyone is immersed in them. However, it cannot withstand time. Women's beauty, men's wisdom, children's innocence, and human life itself, have been washed away by the long river of time. Only belief and faith successfully withstand the washing of time and exist in the human world forever.

In this human world, no matter where you come from, people hold beliefs in high esteem from their inner hearts. Even those Chinese people who have been forcibly brainwashed by the CCP also hold respect for the true traditional religions, although they think they are barren in belief and are helpless.

Belief - respect for gods exceeds the dimension of Earth where humans exist. He exists forever in the human world. He must come from a higher realm than the human world. He also would be a guide that humans seek after and follow because he can instruct humans back to home, back to their nature.

Divinely-imparted Culture -- the Spirit of the NTDTV New Year Spectacular

Culture derived from belief naturally expresses the relationship between humans and gods and embodies gods' benevolence to humans. It displays purity, peace, inspiration, profoundity, calmness, benevolence, and tolerance that humans obtained under the gods' grace. Human culture was not created by humans, but came from gods' grace.

The NTDTV New Year Spectacular reflected again the divinely-imparted culture, which inspired all audiences' respect towards gods. Professor Patrick Hunt, of the Classic Literature Department of Stanford University, remarked that the beautiful music deeply moved his heart. His feelings reflected best the divinely-imparted culture.

He said that from a professional view, tonight's show combined dance, music, lighting and logistics, which were perfect. It is seldom seen even in highly professional classic performances.

In the program, he liked the Erhu music most. The special music made his eyes fill with tears. Hunt said, "The Erhu music was beautiful, flowing directly into my heart." "This is music from heaven. The standard of the Spectacular is of highest caliber and is at the same level as a top ballet performance in New York and San Francisco." He said, "I can tell you, my eyes were full of tears when I watched the performance."