From 1992 to 1994, when Master was giving lectures and spreading Falun Gong in Beijing, I was one of the staff in Beijing working for the lectures. Since I was a driver before, I was fortunate to become the driver for Master. At that time, since Master was already well-known in Beijing after holding lectures there in person and also after the two health expositions, almost everyone knew that in Beijing there was a Master Li. I felt so happy and blessed to be able to drive for Master.

Master is very tall and strong, and he is very affable and amiable. When Master was giving the lectures in Beijing, since there were many things that he needed to deal with, in order to save time he usually ate a simple meal of noodles, instant noodles, and rice noodles, and he stayed in ordinary apartments. When he went out, he usually walked. It was only when he was giving lectures and needed to be quick or when he traveled far out of town that he would use the car. Master healed people's illnesses. It did not matter if there were many people or few people, their illnesses departed at a touch of Master's hand. Sometimes there were thousands of people in the same place, and when Master gave the word, everyone would stamp their feet on the floor and most of their illnesses would disappear right away. When they stepped out of the door of the lecture hall, they felt very light. Over a few years, Master performed numerous miracles in the big city of Beijing, highly praised by the people and with a story on everybody's lips.

Here I only want to share one of the many miracles that I experienced myself.

Once I drove Master to a place for a lecture. Since it was pretty far, in order to get there on time, Master and I left early. Unexpectedly on our way, we were caught in a traffic jam in the downtown area, and it was really troublesome. There were many different kinds of cars in Beijing and whenever there was a traffic jam, within several minutes there would always be a long line of cars jammed up. It was almost time for Master's lecture, so I was burning with impatience.

Looking at me being so impatient, Master told me peacefully: "Please step out of the car and have a look." I immediately left the car and went over to the roadside: Wow, there was a one-to-two mile line-up of all kinds of cars. We didn't know how long we would have to wait until the jam would be cleared. It seemed impossible to reach the lecture place on time, so I ran quickly to report to Master: "Master, we can hardly move, because there is a long line of traffic." At this moment, I heard Master whispering to me: "Get in the car. Get in the car." I looked to where Master's voice came from, and within a very short time I discovered that I, together with the car, had been brought to the outside gate of the lecture place. Master was smiling at me and gesturing to me to go upstairs to listen to the lectures.

Suddenly I enlightened to the principle that Master mentioned in "Martial Arts Qigong" in Zhuan Falun, "...and then there's the levitation abilities, where people can move about high up in the air, and some people can even vanish into other dimensions." Master had moved me together with the car. At that moment, I felt a very warm current coming over my body, and I felt from the depth of my heart that our Master is so great and our Falun Dafa is so great. This story sounds unbelievable, but I experienced it in person.