As soon as the four NTDTV Spectacular shows wrapped up in Toronto, many fellow practitioners who either participated in or saw the show met the next evening, a Sunday. They shared their understanding from the Fa perspective, because many practitioners experienced the solemnity of cultivation in the midst of oprocess.

First, many practitioners shared that when they first realized the Dafa content in the show they felt very uneasy about what they had seen. Some were afraid that it would create problems, some were afraid that ordinary people wouldn’t accept it and some felt very nervous. These practitioners admitted quite frankly that after the last show ended in Canada, they realized that they hadn’t kept up with Teacher’s Fa-rectification process. As a matter of fact, there were some negative responses from local media, which is a reflection of our not following the Fa-rectification process closely in this dimension.

We did not remember what Teacher said:

"If we could keep doing this non-stop, instead of having just a few shows, like at present, if we could put on more shows, then think about how many sentient beings would be saved! Do you realize, when those who have watched the Gala walk out of the theatre, any and all bad thoughts they had have been dissolved? All of their bad thoughts are gone. (Applause) That's why people found it so powerful." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

One practitioner shared that it was only just before the show that she realized that her belief in Dafa and Teacher was not very firm. Therefore she had been sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate her attachment to fear.

Along with talking about the mindset held by fellow practitioners, practitioners shared their understanding of the stage the Fa-rectification process has reached and what we should do to keep up with it. They came to realize that Teacher’s first article in the New Year has already been shown to the world’s people. Teacher told the world that whatever people didn’t believe would unfold in front of their eyes in the near future. This year every "natural phenomena" displayed in the human world is actually conveying messages to sentient beings -- that the time for them to understand the truth and be saved is very limited.

Practitioners recalled what Teacher also had mentioned:

"Along with those two reasons, there is actually another factor at the most fundamental level that is behind the many governments and almost all the major media around the world not taking a stance. And that is, the old forces' factors in the old cosmos have been blocking off all of the world's people who haven't obtained the Fa, not letting them get involved in this affair. Their goal is to have the Dafa disciples be "tested" in certain locales. If the world's people did get involved, then the "tests" of Dafa disciples wouldn't be that wicked or reach the goal of determining, through the harsh, cruel "tribulations" that they designed for them, whether Dafa disciples are up to par. That's the ultimate reason why they have done this." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference")

We have enlightened that the Fa-rectification has reached the current stage because Teacher has completely eliminated every factor from the old cosmos that had been depressing and interfering with people. Therefore, we can adopt means and come from angles that directly clarify the truth. This will open up the memories of sentient beings, which have been buried for a long time. It is a manifestation of Master’s immense compassion and wisdom, to use the most beautiful form of art, so people with predestined relationships learn the truth in the most relaxed and joyful atmosphere. They listen to the singing and watch the dancing and at the same time hear Teacher’s compassionate calling. If, despite being treated with such great compassion, people still can’t enlighten, then that will be their final choice.

All of us agreed that it was most important to have a clear understanding on the Fa. Otherwise, using an incident about the sponsorship as an example, if our hearts were touched and we became worried, especially if we didn’t improve on the Fa quickly enough, this type of tribulation would have kept facing us over and over again. Therefore, every one of us being conscious of the Fa is extremely important.

Three weeks before the show, we were asked to clarify the truth to all sponsors. However, at that time, we were constrained by many factors, including time pressure, difficulties make appointments, and not being clear on how to bring up the subject. Therefore, we didn’t clarify the truth. Ultimately, it was only when a sponsor told us to he would retract his sponsorship that we began to clarify the truth to them. We were thus able to prevent many possible losses.

Currently, we still face many in the media who don’t know the truth. This resulted in some negative reports. Therefore, we need to have a clear understanding on the Fa first, and especially the relationship between Falun Gong and this show. How can we make the best use of this opportunity when many from the media begin to pay attention to this show, so as to make more people aware of the truth?

Actually, studying the Fa diligently in our day-to-day lives is the guarantee for following the Fa-rectification process. As to the process of solid cultivation, we must walk every single step solidly. Otherwise, we will be trailing behind in the Fa-rectification process, and we won’t be able to understand whatever happens. Currently, our media reporting has not reached the stage where the Fa-rectification has arrived and is lagging sorely behind.

Actually, this show reveals many heavenly secrets. All sentient beings in this world have been waiting for the coming of this day, and it’s our human notions that hinder sentient beings and us from reaching the stage where we need to be.

We believe that we found some helpful suggestions on how to clarify the relationship between the show and Falun Gong wisely. As to whether our suggestions are on the Fa, we hope that every practitioner who will read our thoughts will measure it against the Fa. We ask all of you to kindly point out anything inappropriate, because this relates to an important fact -- whether sentient beings will know the truth sooner rather than later.

First, this show represents a totally new concept, a new born human culture. The focus of this culture is Truth, Compassion and Forbearance. This show has the intention to bring about a human society, which is built on Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. There is a new logic that contains beauty, colorfulness, brightness and happiness. In addition, Falun Gong itself has brought forward the most kind, truthful, tolerant, excellent inner cultural meaning of all traditional Chinese culture dating back in Chinese history. We are talking about the performances, which reflect the inner meanings of loyalty to country, family, friends and kindness.

Secondly we want to discuss audience response: 980f the audience praised the beauty and success of the shows. A show that popular demonstrates that the producers and actors are people who truly only think of the benefit to society and that everyone in society should contribute to peace and prosperity of the entire society. We believe that these people deserve to be respected. If these people are Falun Gong practitioners, then they should deserve the most respect from society.

Fellow practitioners also thought that we should tell the audience to call the media and give their impression of the show. They should give feedback and tell the media how they enjoyed the show. But, if our practitioners don’t begin the process, then the audience will certainly not follow. Therefore, we need to make a lot of phone calls to the media. This way we help them to report truthfully.

In addition, given that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tried to stop our show from performing, every Falun Dafa practitioner should pick up the phone and call Chinese Embassies and Consulates at home and abroad and tell the truth about all the interference by the CCP regime.

We came to understand that this approach would have a great promotional effect for our show. It would also break through barriers for the show when it comes to widely saving sentient beings in Mainland China.

Additionally, practitioners, please share with fellow practitioners by writing articles on your reflections after seeing the show.

The following is sharing by Toronto practitioners. Please point out anything inappropriate.