(Clearwisdom.net) My relative works in a seaport city and he has been practicing Falun Dafa and gained many benefits from it. However, he was forced to attend a brainwashing class in a labor camp, where the persecutors brainwashed him to renounce his righteous path. He then cooperated with the 610 Office when they illegally arrested me and took me to a local brainwashing class. I refused to cooperate with the evil, but he helped them to abduct me from my hometown and take me to a seaport city in Hainan Province, where I suffered more persecution.

The seaport city’s brainwashing class was located in a police station, near the first and second detention offices�"I don’t know the exact address. After I was taken there, I learned that this brainwashing class had started three months prior, and the place was continuously abducting, locking up and torturing Dafa practitioners.

After practitioners were arrested and brought to that place, they were deprived of sleep. The persecutors put us under surveillance, and we were not even allowed to blink. One practitioner who was a teacher was not allowed to sleep for seven days, and this caused him to become absent-minded and suffer from amnesia. He now knows nothing about what happened.

Dafa practitioners were constantly beaten, insulted and deprived of sleep. Those who were tortured would keep going until they became absent-minded or lost consciousness. The evil policemen then took advantage of their confused state of mind to force them to sign the guarantee statement. When Dafa practitioners became clear again, they would declare that they invalidated the agreement not to practice Falun Gong. The policemen used all kinds of torture methods on practitioners. On five occasions, I suffered brutal abuse for more than forty days. They placed handcuffs and foot shackles on me most of the time. One time both of my hands and feet were handcuffed to the window bars for 24 hours, and my hands became completely bruised.

Hainan is the hottest province in China. The temperature is usually around 38�o C (100�o F) every day. The wicked policemen did not allow practitioners to shower or change clothes, and we were not allowed to communicate with other practitioners. Groups of two policemen took turns watching us. I never followed their orders. They beat me with the Falun Dafa book, Zhuan Falun. My head was beaten to numbness. They used dreadful language to insult Master Li and Falun Dafa. At one point, I signed the guarantee statement with an unclear mind, but I declared the agreement invalid after I became clear-headed. I was then tortured even more.

During the last few days of my illegal detention, the seaport policemen and "610 Office" agents started to make up lies about my history. They tried to sentence me to labor camp. During this period, two thugs pinched my arm very hard and a collaborator, Chen Haihua, led the persecution against me as team leader and beat me so hard that there bruises all over my body.

The authorities at the brainwashing class forced Dafa practitioners to sign the guarantee statement, even though they knew it was coerced and that it was not from our minds and hearts. Then they tried to make practitioners who had been forced to sign the statement to practice another qigong practice. They tried to ruin our minds completely.

I heard that the seaport city was willing to hold a brainwashing class during Chinese New Year’s time, in order to persecute more Dafa practitioners. I hope that all practitioners in Hainan Province will maintain strong righteous thoughts and understand the evil's strategies. From my own experiences, it is even wise to beware of invitations from certain of your family members whose intentions you do not trust, to reduce losses.

Chen Haihua and Wu Binru were the most wicked people I encountered in the brainwashing class.

Relevant Phone Numbers:
Region Office in Seaport City: 86-898-65354730
Street Security Office: 86-898-66259958
610 Office, Seaport City: 86-898-31652358