(Clearwisdom.net) Every genuine Dafa practitioner undoubtedly respects Master and the Fa. However, in daily life, we often find that some practitioners cannot accomplish respecting Master and the Fa at all times. I am raising this issue in the hope of bringing it to practitioners' attention.

For example, when some practitioners discipline their misbehaving children, they do not pay attention to minding their speech, and say: "Take a look at Master; He is not happy," or, "You see, Master is watching you."

I do not think it is proper to casually mention Master like this. First, how can we know what Master is thinking, and how can we use our xinxing to gauge Master? Besides, and most importantly, there is the issue of respect for Master and Buddhas. Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the International Experience-Sharing Conference in Beijing" in 1996:

"In the past, people were filled with limitless respect when they mentioned the Buddha, and they talked about Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Arhats only on magnificent occasions. Today’s people, however, toss out the name of a Buddha in an extremely thoughtless and perfunctory manner. This results from humanity’s disbelief in the existence of gods having come to this point. Since humans are not supposed to mention Buddhas by name casually, this is a major issue that involves whether or not one shows respect to Buddhas."

This makes me think of our posture when we study the Fa. We should be more particular about it, and we should not stretch our legs and arms out, or lean this way or that way at will. We all know that the beings in other dimensions kneel when they listen to Dafa. In addition, Master said in Zhuan Falun: "Back then school students put value in meditation, they emphasized good posture in sitting." Actually, don't elementary students at present emphasize good postures in class? How can we, as Dafa practitioners, not keep an upright posture when we listen to Dafa?

There are also practitioners who casually toss Dafa books around, put them anywhere, and even place them upside down. After I saw this, I felt very sad. Fellow practitioners, this is Dafa! It is not an ordinary people's book. Master said:

"I’m telling everyone, this book—this Dafa—it is I who is teaching it. I want to rectify anything that’s not right. The Fa contains the Fa principles of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods at numerous levels or realms. So, you should really treasure this book; don’t casually toss it around or place it somewhere. I didn’t point this out in the early days when I taught the Fa, and there were people who sat on it while listening to the Fa. I didn’t blame you, for you didn’t know. Now you have come to a certain level through cultivation and know what the Fa is. So, I am talking about it today so as to tell everyone to pay attention to these matters." ("Teaching the Fa at the International Experience-Sharing Conference in Beijing")

I feel that we should pay closer attention to respecting Master and the Fa in everything we do, and provide an example for later generations! I know that none of us intentionally disrespects Master and the Fa. Most likely we are sometimes neglectful in certain respects. However, we cannot continue to neglect these things. Master said:

"Don’t think that your master might do something to you. You should know that there are numerous guardian gods of the Fa at various levels whose duty is to safeguard the Fa." ("Dafa Can Never be Plagiarized" in Essentials for Further Advancement)