(Clearwisdom.net) My cousin is currently studying at a university and she just started to learn Falun Dafa several months ago so there are still many things she does not understand. For example, she knows that she should quit the evil CCP, but she doesn't know that she should deny everything of the CCP. At the beginning of December, she told me that there would be a chorus competition of revolution songs to commemorate an activity of the CCP. Since she has a talent for singing and conducting, her classmates all recommended her as the conductor for the chorus. She was happy but hesitant. She didn't know how to do what was right. I told her that she should neither attend and sing the songs, nor be the conductor. She said that everyone in the class must attend. She could refuse to be the conductor, but what could she do about singing? I had an idea for her; just stand there and not sing, but send forth righteous thoughts. She agreed to do so.

Before the competition, her classmates made a great effort to practice very well. On the night of the competition, she sent forth righteous thoughts non-stop. When it was her classes' turn for the competition the speakers didn't work. The staff tried many times, but the speakers worked only half a minute then stopped. The audience was confused and the judges were impatient. Finally, her classmates had to sing without the accompanying music. My cousin felt puzzled. Why did the other groups' singing go very smoothly, but there was a problem when her class took its turn. Only when the result was announced that her class was the worst one did she suddenly understand with tears that her sending forth righteous thoughts had been effective! She thought, "Master helped me and safeguarded me-- he is always by my side. Even though I just entered the door of Dafa, and I didn't represent Dafa well, Master showed this miracle to me. I have to do well the next time." This even made her believe Dafa much more, and increased her confidence.

Even though this is a small event, I'm writing to encourage new practitioners to believe that their righteous thoughts are mighty and not to think that because they just learned Dafa they do not have any power. Please don't just see the manifestation in the human world, though it may seem quiet in other dimensions, it is a heart shaking battle of good over evil.

In "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005", Master said,

"It makes no difference whether you started early or late in cultivation. Everyone seated here today, regardless of whether you are a new or veteran student, when it comes to cultivation all of you are treated the same. Master won't treat you differently just because you are a newer student, nor will I treat others differently because they are veteran students. But being Dafa disciples, you are cultivators. [And since you are] cultivators, you have to cultivate as such. Of course, for newer students there is always a process of understanding things, and that's not a problem. As long as you can truly cultivate based on the Fa and study the Fa regularly, you will be able to quickly catch up."

Teacher also said in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles":

"A lot of students don't place high importance on sending forth righteous thoughts, and a very big reason for this is that they are not sensitive [to what it is doing]. Whether you are sensitive or not, when Master tells you to do something you should do it, and it will for sure have its effect. It's definitely not just a formality! Master would absolutely not ask you to do something useless. (Applause) Were it just a formality, it would be meaningless for you, for me, for Fa- rectification and your validating the Fa, and for all beings. And moreover, [I have told you] to treat sending forth righteous thoughts as something highly important. You must take it seriously. Whether you can sense things or not, you need to do it with strong righteous thoughts. As time goes on I think all of you will come to sense things."

No matter if you are new or veteran practitioner, you should pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, and believe in their mighty power .

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