(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Chen Jianzhan, I am a 37-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Zhenyuan County, Jingyan City, Gansu Province. I held a government official position and did my best to treat people well. My work brought me four consecutive honors as an outstanding employee and outstanding official. Nevertheless, all this ended because of my Falun Dafa practice, for believing in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. I had little choice, and decided to live in exile to avoid near certain arrest. I have been homeless for three years. Later on I discovered that the CCP had sentenced me in absentia to seven years in prison and the authorities are still searching for me. I hereby wish to affirm that I refute all their indictments, but I am unable to return home yet. I have lost my job, my family, and have nothing left.

I hereby relate my persecution experiences, so that people can read for themselves the truth of how evil the CCP actually is.

My experience goes back to May 18, 2004, to about 9:00 a.m. I had just concluded a meeting and prepared for an on-site inspection when police officer Yang Hongwei barged into my room without consent, handcuffed me under duress without uttering a word or showing any documentation. He took me to the Wugou Township Police Station where police chief Ma began questioning me regarding my Falun Gong practice, and asked me if I owned a copy machine at home. I ignored his inquiries and replied that I was on duty and needed to go back to work. He retorted that he had received orders from the Zhenyuan County Police Department to not let me go home.

I overheard them talking on the phone that the authorities were on their way to my elderly parents' home. By then it was 2:00 p.m., and instead of permitting me to return home, they transported me to the county police station, against my will. I did not want to cooperate with them. When their vehicle stopped at an intersection and the police were momentarily distracted I got out of the vehicle and ran into a side street. They chased me. I ran to the end of the street where a cliff was blocking further access. While the police were still in pursuit I had no choice but to jump down that cliff, covered with bare branches from jujube bushes [they produce a sweet-sour fruit, often called Chinese dates and are sold dried]. I tumbled down the cliff, landed at the bottom, and had injuries all over my body. I had torn my pants and had jujube splinters and thorns in my hands and face. I could not walk!

Police chief Ma and some street thugs and officer Yang Hongwei nevertheless captured me and returned me to the police station. One of them verbally abused me and incited the others to beat me. I spoke with the force of righteousness! Officer Ma ignored me and handcuffed me; then they transferred me to the county police department.

At 5:00 p.m. they took me to the conference room on the second floor. I had by then become aware that these people had already searched my elderly parents' home and confiscated many personal belongings they hauled away in a rented vehicle. Many of the items were too heavy for them to manage by themselves initially. Included in the list of things they took were specific music VCDs I had purchased for my parents.

Later on I found out that the evildoers had been to my workplace that same afternoon and ordered them to fire me, but their request was denied! My wife, meanwhile, was unaware of my arrest for five days and had assumed I was on a business trip.

The third day after my unlawful arrest, I was on the third floor when I heard someone shouting himself hoarse on the first floor. I realized that Dafa practitioner Xi Haoxi was also detained at that place and was being cruelly tortured. I cried when I heard this practitioner's suffering. When another CCP official interrogated me I asked permission to visit Mr. Xi and succeeded. I witnessed Dafa practitioner Mr. Xi being incarcerated in a metal cage, surrounded by finger-thick bars. His head was outside the cage, surrounded by several police officers carrying electric batons. He had been incarcerated like this for seven days without food or water. To avoid revealing any information about other practitioners, he had bitten off his tongue; I could still see blood in his mouth. He looked like a skeleton - his cheekbones protruded and his eyes had sunk into their sockets.

Later on I was locked up in a detention center where I was subjected to inhuman treatment - no family visits; memorizing detention center rules; writing weekly reports that the authorities evaluated. If I did not meet their criteria, they would place me in handcuffs or physically abuse me. Bathroom privileges were limited to five minutes. The food consisted of vegetables with scarcely any oil but augmented with lots of hot pepper; many people had digestive upsets, such as constipation and eventually bleeding stools. A mere five minutes' bathroom time was torture in itself.

I was interrogated for ten days straight. On June 1, 2004, I was again brought for questioning. During visiting time my wife and four-year-old daughter looked at me through the visitor's window in the inquest room. Metal bars covered the window. I hid my tears from my daughter and tried to be brave. Before I left the room my daughter attempted to hand me a piece of candy. The police berated her for that in a loud voice. That poor girl was so frightened! She dropped the candy and ran to her mother, who was now crying, too.

Meanwhile, police officer Li Guoming from my hometown village assembled all the villagers at my parents' home and requested "criminal evidence" against me. He removed all my parents' personal belongings, piling them in the yard and searched for "evidence." The village people told him, "This man is a dutiful son! He did nothing wrong!"

The abusers at the detention center tortured me to my last gasp of breath. I could no longer absorb nutrients and had lost much blood. Injections of nutritional supplements sustained my life, but I was in danger of dying. The police compelled my family to pay the detention center much money to treat my deteriorating physical condition. I hovered between life and death for four months. The abusers had run out of strategies to save my life. To prevent me from dying at the center, they consented to have me carried back home and have my family care for me while the persecutors kept me under surveillance. But, with Teacher's marvelous compassion, I escaped from home and from their scrutiny.

When the CCP minions discovered I was gone they went crazy for a couple of months, searching for me everywhere, circulating my photo among the neighbors, among my extended family of relatives and among other Dafa practitioners. They came to my parents' home eight times and bothered my family. They even made my mother cook for them! On top of that, they attempted to extort money from my already poor family. Some people have told me that on several occasions, masked intruders had climbed over the wall and searched for me. They even had the audacity to remove part of the roof, acting like common robbers! They destroyed my parents' home!

The county police department persecutors resorted to a different tactic in March 2005. They lied to practitioners in the area, telling them I had been arrested and was incarcerated in a certain prison. Then the evildoers subjected several Dafa practitioners to heavy sentences. One of them, Xi Haoxi, was sentenced to seven years in prison, following the year of detention he had already served. Tian Suohai got four years; Duan Weijun three years. The remainder of the practitioners received sentences of from one year to three years. The court sentenced me in absentia, as already mentioned, to seven years in prison. But first they had to capture me! That is why they did not initially release this information.

Following is a list of names of persecutors and organizations involved in these persecution incidents:

Zhenyuan County Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-934-7121325
Zhenyuan County Police Department, Office: 86-934-7121241, 7121242, 7122710
Director's office, 86-943-7121633
Political Commissioner office, 86-943-7122326
Wang Xingpaing; used to be the deputy director of the Police Department (is now the director of the Ning County Police Department)
Evildoing police officer Li Weiming, involved in arresting Dafa practitioners.
Lu Zhenping, Political and Security Section head, was exposed to the public and started reducing evil acts, 943-7123221 (home)
All the police officers in the criminal police team were involved in arresting Dafa practitioners, 943-7122373

Detention Center office, 86-943-7123990
Zhenyuan County Court, 86-943-7121243
Head office, 86-943-7121143
Zhenyuan County Procuratorate, 86-943-7121244
Head office, 86-943-7122323
Wugou Township Police Station officers Yang Hongwei, Lu Yun and head Ma