My name is Jin Lihong and I am 40 years old. I practice Falun Dafa and was employed as a nurse at the Women and Children's Health Care Hospital in Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province.

On the evening of November 11, 2004, Guo Zhi and others from the Taobei Police Station in Qitaihe City arrested me and took me to the Taoshan District Police Sub-Bureau, where I was brutally beaten and also suffered other kinds of torture. As a result, I suffered injuries to my shoulders and lower back, which were diagnosed as sprain of the shoulder joints and lumbar disc protrusion. Then, the police took me to a women's prison for further torture and brainwashing.

1. Tortured for Seven Days in December 2004

For the entire night of December 2, 2004, the head of Taobei Police Station, Nie Xiaochun, police officers Sun Ming, Guo Zhi and others tortured me with more than ten different torture methods for the entire night. They pulled my hair, put plastic bags over my head to suffocate me, blew cigarette smoke into my nostrils and eyes, and made me kneel on a stick.

They put sticks under my armpits to lift me up by my shoulder joints. When they used sticks to press down on my lower legs, the sticks broke. Then, they put another thick stick at my waist to suspend me in the air, so that my body was draped over the stick, until the stick broke. I hung in the air for a long time, and the pain was excruciating.

Guo Zhi was tired from torturing me, so they put me on the couch with the front of the body down and my face against the wall. They lifted my legs and pushed them towards my head. I suffered excruciating pain in my chest and back. I couldn’t help but scream in pain.

This was not the end of the torture methods. The torture became even more cruel (#21 torture methods http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/8/31/51910.html) They handcuffed my hands behind my back and then lifted me up by holding the handcuffs, and then swung me around quickly. The pain was unbearable. They did this for a long time, but they were not done with me yet. The four of them grabbed my arms, two person on each arm, and pulled in opposite directions. Nie Xiaochun bent my right wrist backwards almost 180 degrees, and cuffed me again and repeated this torture.

After midnight, Nie Xiaochun and Gao Zhi had me sit on the floor against the wall. While sitting on the chair, Nie stomped on my left leg with his left foot and on my left shoulder with his right foot. He repeatedly kicked my left shoulder joint. Gao Zhi stomped on my right leg. While torturing me, they interrogated me all night long. They continued even when I had heart problems and collapsed on the floor in pain.

They continued to torture me for the next seven days and nights, after which they took me to Qitaihe City No.2 Detention Center.

The day after I arrived there, Warden Yuan Shuqing recorded my injuries. I only remember that I no longer could move my left arm and hand.

Some time after that I was evaluated by different doctors. The diagnoses was sprain of the shoulder joints by the Qitaihe City Women and Children's Health Care Hospital, spinal injury involving two discs by staff at the women's prison, and lumbar disc protrusion at the Provincial Liberation Army 211 Hospital.

As a result of the police torture, in 2006, the doctor said that my sacroiliac joint was injured and that he found protrusion of the lumbar discs. I could no longer walk normally. During the year in the women's prison, I couldn’t take care of myself. I couldn’t wash clothes or take showers and had to rely on others’ help. Even today, I can’t lie on my left side.

2. Tortured by Police in January 2005

In early January 2005, the police arrested me again. They interrogated me for four days and nights without a break. Cui Xiangdong from the Taoshan Police Sub-Bureau beat me after he got drunk. Because I refused to say "sorry" to him, he struck me in the head viciously. The pain was excruciating and I felt as if I was dying. My right eye became swollen and I was drooling from the corners of the mouth. The director of the Sub-bureau Fu Xunhuan witnessed Cui beating me.

After I returned to the No.2 Detention Center, inmates Wu Xueyuan and Ren Fenghua saw that I was drooling and appeared to be in shock. Inmate Yuan Shuqing asked me to tell them what happened and Wu Xueyuan recorded the information. All three of us put our fingerprints on the paper and gave it to the guards. Around January 12, they took me to the Police Hospital. A CT scan of my head was taken, which revealed cerebral hemorrhage, but the guards did not tell me about this.

I kept drooling after returning to the detention center. I was unstable when standing up and limping when walking. My left hand couldn’t hold a rice bowl. The police took to me the No.1 Detention Center at the end of January.

The head of the No.1 Detention Center, Liu Haiyun, noticed that my left leg was no longer able to straighten out. He asked me what was the matter, and I told him that I didn't know.

When I lay down on the bed, my head felt as if I had a stone underneath it. For two weeks, I saw everything as shades of black and white. My arms were hurting terribly and I needed help even just washing my face. I could barely move my legs and arms and I moaned every night in pain.

On the morning of March 15, Gao Jianmei began to physically abuse me again. As a result I developed big blisters around my lips and suffered a heart attack.

The injuries from the torture and mistreatment by inmates drove me to go on a hunger strike. Wang Chunlei asked nurses from Qitaihe City Mental Hospital to force-feed me. They brutally inserted a tube down my throat twice.

3. Abused in the Police Hospital

On March 22, I was admitted to the Police Hospital. The diagnoses included stroke, cardiac ischemia (ST depression at the EKG) and anemia. The head of the Internal Medicine Department Wang Zhiliang told me that these problems were the result of my hunger strike, yet he totally ignored the injuries.

During the first few days at the hospital, my mind was completely clear. However, one night, after I was injected with a small bottle of some drug, I developed a severe headache. I had continuous headaches for the rest of my stay there. I suspect that the drug that they gave me damaged my central nervous system.

On the 10th day in the hospital (around March 31), I suddenly couldn’t turn my head to the left and my heart beat very fast. Physicians Geng Xiaohan and Wang Zhiliang evaluated me. Although they said that there might be serious problems, they refused to do further tests.

One morning, I heard Wang Zhiliang ask if tests were done to rule out spinal problems. Geng came close to Wang and said, "The trial date is within a few days."

I finally realized that the doctors most likely colluded with the court and the guards. They wanted me to be "healthy" enough for the trial.

4. Illegal Trial in the Hospital

Before the scheduled trial, the court sent people to the hospital to check on my situation. The doctor said that I had no illness and it was all in my mind. I told them that I could not move my head. The judge said that I was in contempt of the court. I showed them how my neck protruded when I tried to turn my head to the left, and none of the people present said anything more. They then decided to hold the trial inside the hospital.

My husband and a legal medical expert carried me to the room set aside for the court proceedings. I was barely conscious and had seizures with even the slightest movements. I could hardly speak during the trial and my eyes were closed most of the time.

5. Guards and Doctors Denying Medical Treatment

The day after the trial, I repeatedly asked to have cranial scans. Geng Xiaohan signed an order for two tests but told me later that the machine was out of order because of a power outage. My husband went to the CT room and found that the machine was on and running. After my husband argued with the doctors, they told him that the head of the department Wang Zhiliang needed to sign the order. However, he was nowhere to be found.

Finally, a scan was done and showed decreased blood flow at the left front brain artery and decreased basilar artery elasticity. I think that this was the result of beatings by police officer Cui Xiangdong. Doctor Geng refused to further explain the test results.

I then asked to have an MRI, which indicated a possible hemorrhage at the base of the right brain and mild cervical disc 4 to 6 hypertrophy.

They still treated me with cardiac medicine and a blood thinner for stroke. I felt worse and worse. I had allergic reactions and suffered unbearable itching. My blood vessels were being ravaged, and my blood appeared to be a diluted, pinkish color.

During the two months in the hospital, I had to wear handcuffs and foot shackles at all times. My situation was getting worse until a few days before my discharge. They gave me some unknown medication. My headaches became less severe, and I could open my eyes and talk. I was discharged around May 12. I suddenly realized that I was paralyzed and could no longer stand up.

6. Persecution and Brainwashing at the Women's Prison

On May 18, 2005, I was taken to the women's prison. The court sentenced me to three years and six months, including time for "trying to escape." They charged me with this "crime" after the police from the Taoshan Police Sub-bureau heard me saying that my condition was the result of police torture. The Deputy Secretary of the 610 Office Wang Zhenlin went to the hospital and complained that I had exposed my situation on the Internet.

In the women's prison, I felt dizzy and muddle-headed. I began to practice sitting and walking and developed vaginal bleeding. I passed out while sitting on the bed and again in a different room. I was afraid of talking since it would cause a severe neck spasm, which made my head turn to the left. I had to communicate in writing. In July and August, my feet cramped as soon as they touched the floor.

In October, I leaned to the left side when walking. Warden Diao Yanling asked inmate Ma Ling, who was a doctor, to check my health. Ma found that my blood pressure was 160/110 mhg (I do not have a history of hypertension) and that my right leg was weaker and shorter than the left leg. I was then confined to bed most of the time, lost my hearing and at times was confused about basic things, such as my own age. The left side of my tongue was swollen and black and blue. I could not chew properly and often bit my cheeks or tongue. My left hand couldn’t hold anything and I could only use my right hand for whatever I needed to do.

On October 14, 2005, I had a lumbar CT scan at Harbin Province People's Liberation Army 211 Hospital and was diagnosed with L5 to S1 disc protrusion. For about five months since November 2005, I was semi-comatose and bedridden. I could not see clearly and became colorblind. I still could not read or write for more than a few hours at a time because of the pain in my eyes. I have to cover my eyes with a cold towel most of the time, and my eyes still feel hot and swollen and I still see black spots.

On December 26, 2005, I was diagnosed with a stroke by CT scans at the People's Liberation Army 211 Hospital. On December 27, Harbin City 242 Hospital examined my eyes, but did not tell me the result. When the doctor checked my eye pressure, the right eye felt a sting. When the doctor tested my left eye's visual field, I developed a terrible headache on the left side of my head, my heart beat accelerated, and I collapsed.

The head of the prison clinic Zhao suspected that I had a brain tumor. On January 12, 2006, an MRI was done at the Province Medical College No. 2 Hospital. However, the police would not tell me the results. When I requested to see the result, female police officer Niu Lin grabbed my neck and told me, "You have no right to see it." Niu also kept ignoring my complaint about severe back pain. Because of her mistreatment, I suffered further mental and physical torture. I became nauseous and vomited for three to four days.

After making me suffer all this torture, they made me pay for the eye exam and the MRI, but refused to give me a receipt.

During the year in prison, I could not sit up unaided and kept drooling from the side of my mouth. I could not speak clearly. My brain reacted very slowly when I talked with someone and I had difficulty doing simple math. I forgot how to write simple characters and perform simple tests that I used to do as a nurse. I forgot some basic knowledge that I should have remembered. Even now, I can only sit unaided for about an hour.

Despite my condition, the guards continued to brainwash me in an effort to have me renounce Falun Gong. They ordered inmates Liu Xuexiang and Wei Yanjun to shout and scream at me, spit in my face, and help in making me renounce my belief. They caused severe distress to my already extremely weakened body.

I wrote in June 2006 while still in prison, "My eyes are bleeding every day, my heart is also bleeding every day……Falun Dafa is righteous, I did not commit any crime. I strongly request to be released unconditionally. Return justice to me. Return my health and freedom."