(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Tian Yunhai from Dalian City, Liaoning Province, has been persecuted by Communist Party officials many times. He was illegally sentenced to prison in 2006 and was later sent to Panjin Prison to be further persecuted. He has been on a hunger strike in Panjin Prison for five months to protest the persecution and his current health is critical. Several days ago his father saw him being carried out when he visited his son at the prison. Tian Yunhai could neither stand up nor sit straight and didn’t even have the strength to speak. He could only slightly move his lips and could barely sit through the visit that was only a few minutes long.

Tian Yunhai’s father petitioned the authorities to release him on medical parole, but the officials said they couldn’t make that decision. The father was also prevented from seeing the prison head when he requested it. Infirmary Ward doctor Gao Junman and head Zhang Yawei said they could not guarantee Mr. Tian's life and safety. When Mr. Tian’s family asked for medical parole, no one said they could take the responsibility [should anything happen to him]. The local court and procuratorate evaded responsibility.

About one month into Mr. Tian Yunhai’s hunger strike his friend called Prison Affairs Division head Hu Meifa at the prison. Hu Meifa said in a nonchalant tone, "We didn’t follow the law when banning Falun Gong. Why are you talking to me about the law now?

Many of these so-called "administrators of the law" break the law, violating the sanctity of the law. Because they know that the Communist Party is a law unto itself, they are emboldened to commit crimes without restraint in the name of the law. When Tian Yunhai’s friend subsequently called Hu Meifa, Hu Meifa didn’t answer, or he hung up immediately. One time Hu Meifa said, "Tian Yunhai is dead" before hanging up.

Mr. Tian Yunhai, 34 years old, lived in Dalian City. He has a Bachelor’s degree and is originally from Changchun City. He worked in the No. 1 Division of the No. 13 Bureau of the Dalian Railroad System. He was kind, honest, and helpful toward others. Officers from the Dalian National Security Division headed by Chen Xin and Dong Jian arrested Mr. Tian in broad daylight on July 1, 2005, and brutally beat and tortured him.

Wang Jian, from the Ganjingzi District Procuratorate in Dalian City, and Judges Chen Jing and Wang Lijuan from the Criminal Court in the Ganjingzi District Court, fabricated charges against Tian Yunhai. They illegally tried him and sentenced him to ten years in prison without notifying his family. He was sent to Group 6, Division 1 at the Panjin Prison.

While in prison, Mr. Tian stopped the guards from savagely beating other practitioners. In return, the guards tortured him with the tiger bench and electric batons. He went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution and is now being held at the Infirmary Ward in Division 5.

Practitioners who know about this case, please send forth powerful righteous thoughts to completely disintegrate evil beings and elements that persecute practitioners in Panjin Prison and to eliminate the persecution of practitioners.

Contact information at Panjin Prison:

Main switchboard: 86-427-5637379, 86-427-5637274
Song Wanzong, head of prison: 86-427-5632100 (Office)
Hu Meifa, head of Prison Affairs Division: 86-427-5637369 (Office), 86-427-5637400 (Home), 86-13704273388 (Cell), 86-427-5637351 (Fax)
Yu Xiaodong: 86-13704273388 (Cell)
Zhang Guolin, head of Division 1: 86-427-2814022 (Office)
Heads of Group 6, Division 1: Wang Shigang, Wang Xuedong, Liu Xingli, Li Yongguo
Wu Fenggang, head of Education Section at Division 1
He Jiulong, deputy head of Education Section at Division 1
Zhang Yujun, political head of Division 1
Zhang Yawei, head of Infirmary Ward at Division 5: 86-427-5638088 (office)
Doctor Gao Junman: 86-13942795572 (Cell)
Yang Youshan, Education Division
Lu Xuezhou, Penalty Execution Division
Wang Yidong, Life & Hygiene Division
Surveillance Division: 86-427-5637356
Administrative Execution Division: 86-427-5637444
Zhang Huiyu, group head: 86-13942746362 (Cell)
Prison report hotline: 86-13390270503, 86-411-2907122