(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, several practitioners got together to discuss how could we could do better and improve our cultivation state as a group. We also discussed how we could better cooperate with one another to be more effective in saving sentient beings. A Fa conference was held, but it was not very effective, because the problem of the truth clarification production sites was not resolved.

I was a little upset, because I have been responsible for the material production site for many years. I put all my time and energy into it, but I have always wanted to share the work with other practitioners who had some time available. I was having financial problems, and I also cut out a lot of my sleep time to keep up with my Fa study because I have to continually provide truth clarification materials. I felt like giving up the job of providing truth-clarifying materials to give myself a period of time to study the Fa. The rest of the practitioners, however, said that the material production site could not shut down, because saving people is very important.

I started to grumble and complain to the coordinator. On the second day, an ulcer erupted in my mouth. I knew that my attitude wasn't right, and my heart was moved.

An older female practitioner who was forced into homelessness came to my home, and I complained to her. After listening to me pour out my frustrations, she said: "First of all, please come with me to an old practitioner's house, because his printer has been broken for half a month. The practitioner in charge of technical support went out of town to fix problems for other material sites. He has been gone for a month already and still hasn't come back." The senior practitioner was so anxious that she broke into tears while bowing before Master's photo. She said, "No one knows how to fix these kinds of problems in that area because his machine is different from others. Maybe you can go and have a look to see if you can fix it."

We went to the home of the practitioner with a broken printer. The old couple there were both practitioners, both of them about 70 years old. He wore his reading glasses and turned on the computer for me. I tried to check his computer, although it was different from mine. I thought that since I was indeed here that I must be able to fix it. I was always able to fix my computer, ever since I started to produce truth clarification materials. When I didn't know how to do it, I would just ask for Master's help, then the solution would come to mind. In just a little while, I had fixed it.. The elderly practitioner asked me several technical questions and wanted me to write them down on paper step by step.

On the way home, the female practitioner said: "This old couple provided truth materials to more than 100 practitioners. Everyday they got up at 4:00 a.m. and, after practicing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts, they began producing materials and sent the materials to practitioners. At night they also went out and handed out the material." I asked her why they didn't share some of the work with other practitioners. She said it was because two sites had recently been damaged by the CCP.

I didn't say a word. A scene kept appearing in my mind of the old practitioner wearing his reading glasses, asking me technical questions over and over again, and me answering him over and over again.

I really think I should increase my capacity to endure and should not put emphasis on this or that kind of problem just to try to create an environment for Fa study by adding work to other people. Actually, even with very little sleep, I still have time for Fa study, that is for sure. Everyone has problems to be solved. I cannot always put the emphasis on my own problems and not consider other practitioners' problems. Why didn't I want to change myself, instead of asking for other people to change? Actually, speaking from my heart, I had already limited myself and didn't want to take on any more responsibility. We should study well and share our cultivation experiences. I was really touched by the elder couple's pure, compassionate hearts and their taking on responsibility unconditionally. Compared to them, I am lagging far behind.

My grievances all melted away at that moment, and they were replaced by joy.

Thank you, Master, for guiding me with compassion. I hope that other practitioners can be diligent in studying the Fa and cultivating. Let us give up all forms of attachments and cooperate well with other practitioners, paying close attention to save more sentence beings.