Part 1

May 1992 was the time that Teacher Li taught the Fa in Beijing. At that time, many kinds of qigong had emerged in society. It was hard for people to distinguish true upright practices from false, good from bad. In order to help more people know about Falun Gong and lead more predestined people to obtain the Fa, Teacher set up several advisory offices and began to save people by treating their illnesses. One of the advisory offices was in JingFeng Hotel. At that time, many people went there to have their illnesses treated. Every night, people would stand in line and make appointments. On the first day, when I went there, many people were standing as there was no place to sit. People left one after another after they were treated. When Teacher was treating me, I felt very dizzy and felt like I was going to throw up. I had no idea how Teacher got a chair for me to sit down.

The next day when I again went there, I asked Teacher not to treat my hands any more. I asked him to treat my legs as they were vulnerable to wind and cold. Teacher treated my illnesses for a short while. At that time, I did not understand that qigong could cure illnesses. I did not have a good understanding and wondered how it could be done in such a short time. After that, I stood there and looked on as Teacher treated a friend of mine. I told Teacher that he had not cured my illnesses and said that I was still not feeling well. Teacher told me that I did not want to have my illness cured. "How could you feel well?" Then Teacher put some alcohol in his mouth and sprayed it around my neck and hands. I did not even say thank you and left for home. After reaching home, I got busy preparing lunch. After I finished the housework and relaxed for a moment, I lifted my legs and knees and noticed that two big blisters, purple like an eggplant, had formed. The pain of my previous illness also had become less. I thought to myself that this qigong master's energy was truly powerful. I could not help admiring Teacher. I still wanted to ask Teacher to cure my other illnesses. However, since I could not make the appointment, I did not go again. At that time, I did not understand and always wanted my illnesses cured. Now whenever I think about that, I feel ashamed of myself.

Part 2

When Teacher was teaching the Fa on South Lishi Road, he asked everyone to sit down and asked each person who had illnesses to think about their illnesses and those who did not have illnesses to think about their family members who were sick. I followed Teacher's instructions. At that moment, I felt my whole body was warm. I did not know why but I waved my arm once without realizing it.

During those early days of promoting the Fa, I visited most of the big parks in Beijing. I remember one Sunday in Zhongshan Park, I saw a person who had a humpback. Teacher patted him three times on the back and his back slowly became straight. The people present gave a huge round of applause and spoke words of praise to Teacher and remarked on his great gong and supernormal abilities.

On another occasion, Teacher gathered the local coordinators for a meeting to learn more about the situation of the spreading of the Fa. At that time, there was no place to hold the meeting, so we went to a fellow practitioner's home. After the meeting, the Teacher stood near the door. We stepped out of the door one by one. When we reached Teacher's side, Teacher put his hand on the top of each person's head. At that time, I did not know why and neither did I know the purpose of doing that. I thought to myself, though, that it must be something good. Later on, from the book, Zhuan Falun, I learned that Teacher was pouring energy into the top of each person's head. At that moment, I truly felt a stream of warm energy running from my head down through my entire body.

Their were so many miraculous events that took place during Teacher's spreading the Fa in Beijing. Sun Baorong was a person in a vegetative state at that time. Her family members carried her out of the hospital and asked Teacher to take a look at her. Under Teacher's mighty energy field, she recovered miraculously. There was an old man in Beijing whose last name was Tang. He was suffering from heart disease and was admitted to the hospital. After he was scheduled to have an operation the following day, he secretly left the hospital by the back door. He asked Teacher to cure his illness. After Teacher's treatment, old man Tang's severe heart disease was cured without any operation.

Part 3

I attended Teacher's third lecture series. At that time, I still did not understand qigong. Teacher's lectures cleared the confusion in my mind and dissolved the knots in my heart. The more I listened to Teacher's lectures, the more I wanted to listen. There was nobody else speaking in the whole auditorium. It was much quieter and peaceful than any other place I had ever been. Each class was more than one hour long. The rest of the time was used to teach the exercises. At that time, there were no reading materials. Teacher and his disciples taught each person how to do the exercises. Teacher looked handsome and respectable. After teaching the exercises, Teacher would adjust each person's physical condition. Once, Teacher asked everyone to stand still and then raise their right foot and stomp it as he counted. When Teacher said, "One, two, and three," we raised and prepared to stamp our left foot. Teacher said, "One, two, and three" again. Everyone was experiencing a sense of relaxation and enjoyment, with a happiness that was hard to express.

Each evening the class would begin at 6:30 p.m. I would leave home after 3:00 p.m. every afternoon to go to the lecture venue. I did that each day until the lecture series was over. During the lectures, Teacher opened everyone's celestial eye. When talking about multi-level dimensions, Teacher lightly nudged a glass of water on the desk. That glass of water turned into several glasses. Some people saw that there was water in those glasses. I only saw a stream of light. Based on what Teacher said about each person's level of enlightenment being different, what they see is also different. Some people said that when Teacher was lecturing, there were eight Buddhist deities and Gods from other dimensions charged with safeguarding the Fa, including Sakyamuni and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. I saw Teacher's light on the walls of the entire auditorium. Teacher's Fa held a great attraction for me. At that time, I truly had a feeling that I did not want the class to ever be over. In the class, Teacher also installed Falun for each person. He asked everyone to spread their hands in front of their chest, and asked what kind of feeling we had. At that moment, I felt that my stomach was warm.

In April 1993, the book, China Falun Gong was published. Teacher gave all the predestined people a copy of the book in the auditorium of the No. 2 Research Institute of the Aerospace Ministry. I also participated in that meeting. Teacher said that the book was to generate kindness in people and guide them to cultivate at a higher level. Teacher's speech won huge applause. Right after the meeting, many practitioners ran to the place where the book was available and bought it. I went to that location and bought several dozen of them. That day I got home at 10:00 p.m. and began reading the book the next day. I randomly flipped through the pages and noticed that my experience sharing story was also included in the book. I had written my experience, which was required as our "homework" when I attended Teacher's lecture series. I was very excited and continued reading the book.

Part 4

In November 1992, I attended one of Teacher's lectures. During the break, I got a photo of Teacher and brought it home and put it in my study. The next mornin, when I was doing the exercises (with my eyes closed), the entire room suddenly became bright. In the afternoon, I asked Teacher about this. He replied that it was a good thing and told me do not pursue anything. When I recall that today, I still can feel Teacher's amiability.

Looking at the picture taken with Teacher, I thought of one instance when everyone was waiting for Teacher in front of the auditorium. We stood along both sides to welcome Teacher and let him enter the auditorium first. Teacher raised one of his hands in front of his chest to greet everyone. I also mimicked Teacher's gesture by raising one of my hands and greeted him. As a result, before the class began, Teacher first corrected the rituals in the Buddha School. He said, "The Teacher greets his disciples with a single hand and the disciples should greet the Teacher with both hands conjoined together." At that moment, my face turned red and I found myself deep in self-blame for not knowing the rituals. I will never forget Teacher's Fa lecture for my whole life.

After going through all those difficulties, hardships, countless tortures, and interferences, when I recall that time today, I don't remember the number of times I saw Teacher. After the lectures, Teacher would sit on a long bench with us, shoulder to shoulder, in the break room. Teacher would sign his name for the students. At that time, I did not have anything to use. A lay Buddhist gave me a Buddha book. I asked Teacher whether he could sign his name on it. Teacher smiled, took the book, and signed his name on it. This made me very happy.

In the past several years, no matter how the evil has interfered, nothing has shaken my firm belief or my resolve to practice Falun Dafa. Teacher, please put your heart at ease. My fellow practitioners and I are following you all the way.