(Clearwisdom.net) The notorious No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp has the deceptive official name, "The Lianoning Province Ideology Education School," while in fact it is a living hell where Falun Dafa practitioners from all over the province who are illegally arrested by the 610 Office are held. The labor camp sometimes holds as many as 1,000 practitioners, and the number of practitioners held is always at least several hundred. The Communist Party imposes strict controls on this labor camp through its means of organization. The staff members include labor camp heads, political secretaries, division heads, group leaders, and "instructors" who are solely responsible for brainwashing the practitioners. A group of roughnecks also work at the camp (they claim they belong to the No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp). They wear guards’ uniforms and physically torture practitioners and coerce them to reform.

1. Leaders of No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp

Su Jing, Labor Camp head

Wang Naimi,: Political secretary and camp deputy head

Shao Li, Former deputy camp head, later transferred to Senior Cadres’ Section at Masanjia Labor Camp

2. Officials at the Education Section

Fang Yehong, Home address: No 341 North Street, Masanjia Stop, Yuhong District, Shenyang City

Fang Yehong is responsible for overall brainwashing at the entire labor camp. She was one of the first officials to persecute Falun Gong practitioners between 1999 and 2000. She went to Beijing and other provinces to spread methods of persecution. Camp head Su Jing very much likes what she did at the camp.

Fang Yehong used electric batons, additional corporal punishment, sleep deprivation, and other means to torture and brainwash many determined practitioners. She also incited hatred toward practitioners, particularly the unwavering practitioners. She contacts the local 610 Office before determined practitioners’ terms expire and makes arrangements for further monitoring and persecution of these practitioners. As a result, many practitioners were sent directly to brainwashing centers after their terms expired or were monitored by special agents at home.

3. The No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp Includes Three Divisions That Specialize in Persecuting Falun Gong Practitioners

The following are photos and names of the division heads:

Li Mingyu, head of Division 1

Wang Shuzheng, deputy division head

Zhang Xiurong, head of Division 2

Zhou Qian, deputy division head

Wang Xiaofeng, head of Division 3, currently the political head of Division 3 at the women’s labor camp (the former No. 1 Women’s Labor Camp)

Lu Yueqin, deputy division head, home address: 6#4-6-1, No 16 Xijiang Street, Yuhong District, Shenyang City

Qiu Ping, former head of Division 3, retired

4. Some of the Female Guards at the Labor Camp

Guard Sun, people call her "Warden Sun"

Guard Jia, people call her "teacher Jia" because she "teaches" in the brainwashing sessions

Guard Dai Yuhong

Guard Huang Haiyan, home address: #5-4-2, #10 Alley 43 of Middle Kunshan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang City

Guard Li Shujuan

Guard Xue Feng

Guard Ren Hongzan

Guard Zhang Lei

Guard Zhang Huan. Her husband, Guo Wenxiu, often beats women practitioners and drags them into solitary confinement cells

Guard Pei Feng. Her husband, Liu Chunjie, often beats women practitioners and drags them into solitary confinement cells. Once, after becoming drunk, he savagely beat practitioner Sheng Lianying, a woman in her 50s, until she had a heart attack.

Guard Qi Fuying

Guard Yang Xiaofeng

Guard Zhang He

5. Some of the Male Guards at the No. 2 Women’s Camp That Violently Persecute Practitioners

Guard Tu Yupeng

Guard Zhong Shuai

Guard Ma Jishan, head of the No. 1 Administration Division

As of late March 2005, the officials used violent "strict control" on determined practitioners. Guards Tu Yupeng and Zhong Shuai participated in the persecution.

Guard Li Jun

Chen Lishan, head of the No. 2 Administration Division

Liu Yong: head of the Security Division

The camp authorities gathered male officials from the Security Division and the Administration Division in February 2006 and launched another round of brainwashing of practitioners held in Divisions 1 and 2. Headed by Ma Jishan, head of the No. 1 Administration Division, and Liu Yong, head of the Security Division, the male guards tortured the practitioners. Li Jun, an official from the Security Division, and Chen Lishan, head of the No. 2 Administration Division, participated in the persecution.

Practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong from Shenyang City, whose face was disfigured from electric shocks, was secretly held at Masanjia Labor Camp. She almost died as a result of the persecution in June 2005. The camp officials sent her to the First Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical University. Liu Yong from the labor camp’s Security Division and his subordinates isolated Ms. Gao and kept her under surveillance. Li Jun and other guards persecuted her until she died on June 16, 2005.

6. Doctors That Persecute Practitioners at Masanjia Labor Camp Hospital (The Hospital's Official Name Is "Liaoning Province Labor Reeducation Center Hospital")

Doctor Zhai Baosheng

Doctor Zhai Baosheng, in his 50s, is a director from the Liaoning Province Labor Reeducation Center Hospital. He often participates in the persecution at the No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp and tries to justify the persecution, using his social status as a doctor. Oftentimes, labor camp doctors Cao Yujie and Chen Bing force-fed practitioners and injected them with drugs only after obtaining approval from Zhai Baosheng.

The persecution escalated at the labor camp in April 2005. Zhai Baosheng went to the camp and saw practitioners locked behind the metal gate on the ground floor being beaten, force-fed and injected with drugs. He said to Cao Yujie, "No problem, keep at it [force-feeding]."

Practitioner Ms. Sheng Lianying from Dalian City was injected with unknown substances that created severe leg problems. One leg became larger than the other, and she could no longer walk normally. Guard Zhang Huan forbade her from sitting on the bed and made her sit on the floor. One night in May 2005, guard Zhang Huan verbally assaulted Ms. Sheng, who lost consciousness, and Zhang Huan made fun of her. Guard Li Mingyu and doctor Cao Yujie found doctor Zhai Baosheng. Zhai Baosheng read from a sheet of paper, which he claimed to be Ms. Sheng Lianying’s medical record. Still pretending, he blurted out a bunch of medical jargon in front of Room 213. He concluded the muscular disability had nothing to do with the persecution, but he refused to let Sheng Lianying or any other practitioner have access to the document.

The crimes committed by the aforementioned officials at the No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp have been reported several times before on Clearwisdom.net.