(Clearwisdom.net) Some time ago, my wife was reported when she was handing out truth-clarification materials and persuading others to consider "the three withdrawals," and then was abducted by the authorities.

Several years prior, my wife had also been abducted and sentenced to three years of forced labor. I went several times with righteous thoughts to the police from the local police station up to the provincial police department to ask for her release. I said to the Forced Labor Education Committee, being assured and bold with justice, "Take out the Public Security Regulations, Criminal Law and Constitution and read them. Which item has my wife breached? None of them! She breached none of the items. Now you policemen know nothing but to arrest people randomly!" After my repeated and unremitting demands for her release, in conjunction with her own strong righteous thoughts, my wife was eventually sent back home after 15 days at the forced labor camp.

This time, I realized that I should never accept this persecution. What my wife had done was the most righteous thing. As a Dafa disciple, I should never cower in this great battle between the righteous and the evil, and I knew it was the key to saving fellow cultivators. After continuously strengthening myself with righteous thoughts, I began to ask for her release from the work units involved.

When I went to the district police department, municipal police department and the provincial police department to demand the release of my wife, the people there all behaved outrageously at the beginning. I then told them, "Which of the CCP’s movements doesn’t involve deception and political persecution? The international community knows that Jiang Zemin is utilizing his power to override the Constitution and laws to persecute Falun Gong. Today Falun Gong has spread to over 80 countries and regions. Even if you can’t see elsewhere, you ought to know how they treat Falun Gong in Taiwan and Hong Kong! Lawsuits have been filed against Jiang Zemin in many countries, but you still dare to randomly arrest citizens now! What’s wrong with my wife practicing Falun Gong and trying to be a good person according to ‘Truth-Compassion-Forbearance?’ She is actually doing something good by helping people understand the truth and be blessed. Your accusations against her do not match her deeds at all."

Afterwards, when I heard that my wife would probably be sentenced to forced labor, I then decided to appeal for an administrative review.

When I began to write the appeal letter of review, I tried to use mild words because I was only concerned with saving a fellow practitioner at that time. This action was actually diminished by a big portion of sentiment. After being reminded by fellow practitioners, I realized that as a Dafa disciple, I should safeguard the Fa and validate the Fa at all times, and then should directly negate the illegal accusations. An official at the National Security Group commented on my appeal letter stating, "Is this an appeal letter? This is a declaration letter!" After repeatedly asking for the release, even though my wife hadn’t been rescued, the attitude of the evil had become far less arrogant.

In the process, our fellow practitioners cooperated in sending forth righteous thoughts, and even sent forth righteous thoughts from close proximity, and clarified the truth on the telephone. This was a process of holistic cooperation and improvement, and for me, also a process of letting go of my human heart and self, and continuously strengthening my righteous thoughts. When I examined myself, I realized my shortcomings and lessons in the process, which mainly manifested as insufficient truth-clarification and losing the opportunity for truth-clarification owing to my strong human heart, mentality of fear, and the attachment to results, as well as the failure to put truth-clarification as a first priority.

Should I stop here, or take further action? After sharing ideas with fellow practitioners, I, together with a fellow practitioner, went to the Appeals Office of the Provincial People’s Representatives and the Appeals Office of the Provincial Government to clarify the truth. Meanwhile, we understood that we shouldn’t miss the chance to clarify the truth to lawyers, though we didn’t follow the path of a lawsuit. Then, I went to five law offices successively to clarify the truth.

My wife was illegally detained in a labor camp, so I then began to clarify the truth to the labor camp. I went to the labor camp to visit my wife, during the three times of visitation I was questioned by four staffers of the labor camp, "Are you a Falun Gong practitioner?" It seemed to be quite an evil place. I turned around to question this staff member, "What if I practice, and what if I do not?" He answered, "If you practice Falun Gong, you are not allowed to visit." I said, "Your words show no respect to others. Falun Gong is being persecuted, do you know that?" He became speechless. When I went there for the third time, the labor camp forbade my visit. I thought, "Under such a quick improvement of the overall situation of the Fa-rectification, the status here ought to be changed; Teacher has said, ‘When a problem arises, it provides an opportunity for clarifying the truth." ("Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006") I should grasp the chance, let go of the human heart and clarify the truth bravely, so that the fellow practitioners inside the labor camp can be relieved from the pressure.

I asked the head of the Management Section why the visit had been forbidden, he said, "She passed scriptures and talked about Falun Gong with others." I asked, "What’s wrong with passing scriptures? That is her belief!" He then made the nonsensical statement that "She broke the law so she is detained here." I said, "All the world knows that the CCP is persecuting Falun Gong; she is being detained illegally." I talked continuously. He got impatient and went to the head office of the labor camp to report. I kept adjusting myself and sending forth righteous thoughts at the gate. The head of the labor camp asked me to take a seat to talk. Then, I talked about the past and current situation of Falun Gong. When it came to off-duty time, I said, "In a nation, the greatest disaster its people can suffer is a crime committed by the rulers utilizing the power in their hands, which is called a ‘national crime.’ The ‘Great Cultural Revolution’ brought about ten years of catastrophe: China’s economy regressed by decades, the slaughter of democracy advocates on June 4, 1989 (aka the Tiananmen Square Massacre) brought about economic blockage and this time it is the persecution of Falun Gong. All these would never happen in a democratic country." Both of them nodded. I said again, "All the Falun Gong practitioners are good persons, I hope you can treat them well. To treat them well means to treat yourselves well." They nodded and said, "We will treat them well."

After studying Teacher’s article, "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil," I thought I should strengthen my truth-clarification to the forced labor camp, and meanwhile, strengthen sending forth righteous thoughts. Once again I stepped into the head office of the forced labor camp. This time he changed his attitude again and said that Falun Gong had broken the law after all. I said it was Jiang Zemin who broke the law. He asked me to have a good study of the laws, I said, "Although I don’t know too much about the laws, I know at least that the constitution is the fundamental law in a country. Our Constitution ensures that the citizens can enjoy the freedom of belief, freedom of speech and press, and the privilege to appeal to the higher government levels. However, no law will be talked about when they persecute Falun Gong. When does the CCP talk about the laws? They will never apply the laws to themselves." He became speechless. At last, he requested the method to browse the Minghui website from me. I believed that this being had a hopeful opportunity to be saved.

Many team leaders at the labor camp were directly involved in the persecution, but they all stayed in the closed wards. How could I clarify the truth to them? I went to the meeting room of one ward and grasped the chance to clarify the truth to the guard on duty. I asked him to call the leader, saying I was willing to have a talk with her. But the leader dared not come, so I clarified the truth briefly to her on the telephone. She said they could do nothing as well.

When I clarified the truth in such an evil environment, although I could feel a shapeless pressure, whenever I had sufficient righteous energy and strong righteous thoughts the pressure would weaken. On the contrary, a lack of righteous thoughts would result in the opposite. When you let go of human notions and your righteous thoughts become strong, you will take the leading position in the conversation and the effect will be good. Although some of these officials are seemingly evil, they are very weak and afraid at heart. Therefore, when fellow practitioners in our families are being persecuted, we must let go of self and human notions, and, as their family members as well as fellow practitioners, go to clarify the truth and ask for their release persistently with strong righteous thoughts. I have deeply realized the key role truth-clarification played in the process of asking for a practitioner’s release. Meanwhile, we should educate our family members in time, and have them understand that it should be the evil policemen who will be scared, it is they who are committing crimes and we should just keep on demanding the release of our fellow practitioners bravely with more voices for justice, more shock to the evil, and more warnings to the relative personnel. The evil will then know that there is nowhere they can act recklessly and savagely.

My overall experiences and ideas are: We should closely catch up with the Fa-rectification progress illuminated by Teacher in "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil." We should, first of all, let go of our human concerns and notions and concentrate our righteous thoughts with increased density and strength to those evil places and policemen. Furthermore, we should utilize every channel and opportunity to clarify the truth to those places with more powerful strength. Therefore, we will be boosted by the immense force of the Fa-rectification. Our way of Fa-validation will be broader and broader and our field of righteous thoughts will be stronger and stronger, even in the most evil places.