(Clearwisdom.net) On August 29, 2006, I was at work in my office. I suddenly got a phone call from my little sister who said that my older sister had been kidnapped by 610 Office police that afternoon.

As soon as I put down the phone I went to my boss and asked him for a few days off. Everything went very smoothly. He didn’t ask me too much about the reason, and gave me 5 days off.

The second day, before I got on the train, I called my little sister. She told me that I didn’t need to go back. My older sister had already been sent to a detention center, and they signed her in for 15 days; after that she could come home. I told her, "Don’t believe what they said. I am already on the train."

I got to my older sister’s home in the afternoon. My little sister and my mom told me the details about the kidnapping. The policemen manipulated her to open the door. Three or four of the policemen came in suddenly and ransacked the house. Then they forced my older sister into a police vehicle. She didn’t cooperate with the illegal arrest. So they beat her. She even lost her shoes when she was struggling. She was shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" The policemen sealed her mouth with tape. She almost suffocated. That’s how they took away my older sister.

That day my mom, my sister, my brother-in-law and I went to the jail to see my older sister. She was on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. She had been beaten up by the policemen very badly. Her face was still blue and swelling. We encouraged her based on the Fa and told her to keep up righteous thoughts.

After we got home, my mom and I were continually sending forth righteous thoughts for about three and four days. Then we realized that we should not only just send forth righteous thoughts. We were using our supernormal sides, but we should also utilize our human sides. We should make posters about what happened and tell everybody about the truth. It would break down the evil, save my older sister, as well as more people after they knew the truth.

My mom started making the posters in the afternoon. Then I recalled that every time other practitioners had been caught, we always encouraged their family members to ask the policemen to release the practitioners. Now that this actually happened to me, I realized that telling other people to do something is much easier than doing it yourself. All kinds of thoughts, bad attachments and fears of mine then came out to interfere with me. I understood that when practitioners get caught, the tribulation for their family is also big. Although, from the surface, we said that it’s good to send forth righteous thoughts for other jailed practitioners, actually I was hiding a very selfish heart inside. When I was facing the issue of my older sister, I had been touched very deeply. I came into contact with my attachment to sentimentality (qing). I felt shame about this. I was far away from the Fa that asked practitioners to cultivate selflessness.

That night my mom and I took a bag of posters to post on the streets. While we were posting them, a stream of air pushed us. I unintentionally looked to one side and saw that a police vehicle had stopped behind us. My mom also saw it. We held hands together immediately. We were calm and kept walking ahead. The police vehicle followed us for a while and drove away.

My mom and I turned onto another street and continued to put up the posters. That night we went from the north of town to the south and then to the west, covering almost half of the city. We did not feel fearful or tired. Our hearts were clear, comfortable and full of grace. The night was silent. Everything seemed to be stopped. My mom and I were covered by the grace of Fa. We felt that our Master was just beside us. From 7:00 p.m., after we sent forth righteous thoughts, we posted the posters until 11:00 p.m., until we finished all of them. After we got home, I realized that my toe had been rubbed to the point of bleeding and my sock was soaked. I had concentrated on putting up the posters and didn’t feel anything about it.

Because we had posted the truth over many streets, it broke down a big amount of evil. The next morning, we got a phone call from my older sister. She said her heart felt hurt and the pain was unbearable. After hearing this, we decided to ask the jail officials to release my older sister. My younger sister called my brother, my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law and they all came to join us and drive to the jail. Because of her fever, my sister’s face was red. She was groggy and her pulse was hard to find. We asked the person in charge to release my sister. They said it wasn't their business and that we would have to ask the 610 Office.

Coming back from the jail, my brother was worrying a lot about my older sister’s condition. He was afraid she might pass away. He was a little anxious and shouted at me and my little sister very loudly. Later my brother and sister-in-law tried to find their friends to discuss some possible solutions. My little sister and I went out on our motorcycle and tried to find anyone who could contact the 610 Office. We were looking for anything that we could do to help my older sister out. It was raining very heavily. The rain pounded the ground and splattered into white mist. The rain rushed to our face. It was hard for us to open our eyes, even hard to breathe. Both my sister and I realized that this was interference from the evil, trying to block us from rescuing our older sister. However, I thought, how can the evil stop Falun Dafa practitioners? There was nobody walking on the street in this bad weather. My sister and I were wearing rain coats and going against the wind. Our clothes and shoes were full of water, but our hearts were of incomparable firmness.

Finally, we found a telephone number of a 610 Office policeman’s wife. I called her. She said she would talk about the situation with her husband and she asked us to call her after 10 minutes. After 10 minutes my little sister called again. The policeman answered the phone. He had a very bad attitude, stamped with fury and shouted to us, "Who said she is sick? She has a lot of energy!" We asked him to go see her. He said he wouldn’t, no matter what happened. Then he kept asking about who gave us his wife’s telephone number.

The unsympathetic attitude of the policeman did not make us give up the rescue efforts. We decided to go back to the jail again to ask that they set my sister free. When we went back, we noticed that it was still the same policeman on duty who we talked to before. We started to talk to him and get him to understand. We told him, "My sister is getting worse and worse. Her pulse has nearly disappeared. Why do you still keep silent and not refer the situation to upper administration. If anything happens, can you take on the whole responsibility? You should tell them what’s happening."

The words of Dafa practitioners are powerful. After the policeman heard what we said, he called the 610 Office immediately. By that time, a prisoner who had given us her cell phone to use before just passed by us, we told her, "If someone asks you about the condition of my sister, please tell them exactly what’s happened." She agreed.

Then my brother came. He continued to talk with the policeman. The policeman called back to the 610 Office again. And then he called a third time. Later a female police officer, who is one of the ringleaders of the 610 Office, arrived with another policeman. They saw the serious condition of my sister. They asked some policemen about what happened, and then they asked a prisoner about the condition of my sister. She was the one who lent us her cell phone. The officer came out, without saying anything, and signed the paper to release my sister.

My little sister and I carried my older sister home. As soon as we got home, I rushed to the railway station and got home at 11:40 p.m. The next day was Monday. I went to work on time.

It took us five and a half days to rescue my sister. Through the whole process, I saw the supernormal and omnipotent power of Dafa. I also realized that correctly rescuing my sister was not a matter of normal people’s affection. It’s to rescue a Dafa practitioner and deny the arrangements of the old forces. It’s the way to break down the evil. At the same time, I understood that in the process of rescuing our fellow practitioners, the disclosure of the evil should be timely, accurate and extended out as wide as possible. When we send forth righteous thoughts, we should constantly concentrate our mind. The most important thing for us as Dafa practitioners is that we should always believe in Master and the Fa and keep up righteous thoughts and actions. We should maintain our xinxing at the highest possible level with very step we take to rescue fellow practitioners.

We hope that all practitioners will join in and that together, we do our best to rescue other practitioners who are persecuted by the evil. We should eradicate, entirely, the illegal arrest and detention of Dafa practitioners in labor camps, detention centers, prisons and brainwashing classes. We should clean out the evil force that persecutes Dafa practitioners.

All of the above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.