(Clearwisdom.net) For some time now I have felt that fellow practitioners have not shown respect for Teacher and the Fa during Fa study and experience sharing as strictly as they did when we were doing personal cultivation before the persecution started. Many other practitioners feel this difference and yet we haven't taken it seriously. Is this a normal state?

Before the persecution began on July 20, 1999, when we studied the Fa together, we sat upright with dignity and reverence. We had unspoken respect for Teacher and the Fa. We didn’t just put Teacher's lectures anywhere. Instead, we always found the best place and a clean spot for them.

After the persecution started, many practitioners lost their cultivation environments just as they were entering the Fa-rectification cultivation period of saving sentient beings. Practitioners were under tremendous pressure because of the prevailing evil elements; many practitioners started to relax their personal cultivation because of tight schedules and other difficulties they encountered (of course, there are many steadfast practitioners who didn’t fall behind). As the Fa-rectification progresses rapidly, a large number of evil beings are being eradicated. Many study groups have recovered. Many practitioners have undertaken the mission of saving sentient beings and are extremely busy; however, they are not as solemn, even seeming to be very casual, during Fa study.

Here are some of the things I noticed in the study groups I have attended: The posture of some practitioners was very sloppy during Fa study and sharing. When they finished reading, practitioners didn’t pay attention to where they were putting Teacher’s lecture or the Dafa books. Some practitioners even put them near their feet. When practitioners handled Dafa materials, I didn’t see them showing respect. It seems so different from the period of personal cultivation—at that time we had the greatest respect for Teacher and the Fa.

A practitioner said, "We respect Teacher and the Fa in our hearts and we don't let it become a mere formality." Is it really just formality? Our every word and manner reflect our true nature. Every word and every deed shows our respect for Teacher and the Fa and is the true reflection of the xinxing and enlightenment quality of each practitioner. Some practitioners think that our xinxing is very high but, because Teacher has separated our cultivated parts from our uncultivated parts, we have fallen into bad habits. Isn’t this an extreme understanding of Teacher's Fa and an excuse for not wanting to change?

Some practitioners use MP3 players to listen to Teacher's lectures because they are busy. Of course, we can do this. However, some practitioners listen to lectures while they do housework. Some talk while listening to the lectures. Some even lay in bed to listen. Some practitioners used to spend a lot of time studying, but now they just carry an MP3 player. Isn’t this just for convenience? Do they really listen to the Fa? Do they feel that they have studied the Fa, and do they have an easy conscience? Is this not reflecting our lack of respect for Teacher and the Fa? How can the Fa be shown to us then? Teacher wants us to study the Fa often and study it well, even when we are busy. We can’t let it become a mere formality just because we are busy and our minds can’t reach the standard of respecting the Fa. If such a state continues, we will just stay at the same level.

Teacher once again stressed the importance of studying the Fa in "To the Australia Fa Conference." Then, how can we study the Fa well? The most important point is that we need to respect the Fa in our minds and be strict with our behavior. This is the most basic thing we need to attain as Dafa practitioners. Teacher has never asked us to respect Teacher and the Fa in any formal way. However, that doesn't mean that we do not pay any attention to it. If we assimilate to the Fa and constantly improve ourselves, we will gain a better understanding of the Fa principles. Our mindset of respecting Teacher and the Fa will be natural and will be evident in our daily words and deeds. Being deeply grateful and worshiping Teacher like ordinary people are the manifestations of low enlightenment quality and the mindset of ordinary people.

As Dafa practitioners, we all know our historical responsibilities. We need to correct every single thought and word even when dealing with small matters. Respecting Teacher and respecting the Fa is not something trivial. It is the norm of the universe at different levels. It is the manifestation of the Fa in Dafa practitioners. All beings in the universe, including the old forces, admire Teacher deeply. All beings in the heavens kneel down to listen to Teacher's Fa. Is that a mere formality? Absolutely not! The Fa at each level has its requirements and its form. Although Dafa practitioners are cultivating without seeing or hearing supernormal phenomena, Teacher has opened the most convenient door for us. When we continue to raise our realms in the Fa principles, we will show our respect for Teacher and the Fa.

Respecting Teacher and respecting the Fa are the minimum criteria for the behavior of a Dafa practitioner. The Fa of the universe embodies it. Numerous high level beings in the universe are watching our every thought and every action. We must not use excuses to conceal our thoughts and actions of not respecting Teacher and the Fa. Respect is a part of Dafa cultivation.

The above is just my limited understanding at my level. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.