(Clearwisdom.net) Dear Master, though your disciple hasn't seen you for more than ten years, the time that I first learned Falun Dafa remains so clear in my memory, and it will forever be the most happy and unforgettable memory of my life.

It was during the 1993 Beijing Health Expo when I first met Master. One of my relatives introduced me to a three-hour Dafa introduction seminar taught by Master at the International Exhibition Center. Master explained the Fa upon the request of many people who had benefited from Dafa, just as the Chi Gong Exhibition was about to end.

The conference hall was full of people. Master walked up to the platform with a smile on his face, accompanied by thunderous applause from the audience, then stopped a while to look around the conference hall with one hand held up, then he spoke cordially and sonorously, "Greetings everyone!" At that instant, I felt a kind of strong vibration transmitting from my dantian to every single cell of my body, and my mind went blank. I came back to my senses when the applause from the audience nearly stopped and people all around me sat down. I started to listen attentively. Master asked us to stretch our hand to feel the rotation of the Falun. I really felt something rotating in my palm. When it was rotating clockwise, my palm felt warm, and when it was rotating counter-clockwise, my palm felt cool.

Many people didn't want to leave after the seminar and they began to take group photos with Master outside the conference hall. A couple of practitioners' xinxing was not high and they pushed and shoved each other to have a turn being in a group photo with Master. But Master always looked at everyone with a smile on his face. I was deeply attracted by the great tolerance and compassion radiating from Master's body. I thought to myself, "The action displayed by this great Master is so out of the ordinary, it is something that I have never seen before." Because of that, I firmly believed all that Master said. I stared blankly at everyone taking photos with Master and I had only one thought: to follow Master closely. In the twinkling of an eye, Master walked out of the courtyard heading to the road. I was gazing at Master's back when my relative told me it was time to leave. I went to the bus stop across the road with my eyes still gazing at Master. Suddenly Master turned around and beckoned me to come to him. I thought to myself, "Is Master calling me?" I saw Master nodding his head and beckoning me again. At that instant, my relative pulled me onto the bus (I regret so much now when I look back after so many years).

The second time I saw Master was at a seminar held in Yanjie City in August 1994. Tears kept flowing from my eyes during sleep before I went to the seminar. I bought a hard seat on the same train with other Dafa disciples from the Beijing Research Committee. They were responsible for delivering all the books and tapes needed, and each of them was carrying several large bags. The weather was very hot and the carriage was very crowded. Many Dafa disciples were crouching under the hard seats so they could give their seats to other practitioners. After we arrived in Yanjie, we found a motel near the conference hall. Most practitioners were relatively poor, so after being given permission, over 10 practitioners squeezed into one room. As for food, we bought some cucumbers and tomatoes, mixed them with soy sauce, then ate them with buns. Even though the conditions were limited, everyone was excited while waiting for the lecture to start.

There were not enough practitioners selling books, so I went to help. Veteran practitioners took good care of me. Whenever the lecture was about to start, they always hurried me to go. I remember in the first lecture, Master said, "Practitioners who managed to attend this lecture today, their ancestors must have accumulated great virtue. Consider yourself to be the most fortunate. In the future, we will not be having seminars like this any more, and if anyone wants to learn, they'll need to go to their local practice site." As soon as Master started the lecture, the whole conference hall quieted down right away. Not a sound or a cough could be heard. During the lecture, I could often feel the energy sent from Master shaking every single cell of my body. Once when Master passed by me, I also felt that kind of shake within me. I saw that all the Dafa disciples had a golden halo on their heads during the lecture. It disappeared after everyone left the hall. Master also asked a veteran practitioner to send a big watermelon to the practitioners who were selling books to express appreciation for their efforts.

The last day of the seminar was a very sunny day. While I was selling the books, I saw female practitioners from the Korean ethnic group wearing their traditional costumes. When the wind was blowing on the colorful ribbon of the costumes, they were like celestial beings, elegant and graceful. They walked into the hall in small groups from different directions. They were absolutely beautiful. After answering all the questions, Master said, "Local practitioners please help practitioners from other regions to solve the problem of buying return tickets, as practitioners from other regions need to go back to work, and the living expense of one extra day is still quite high." (I heard later the train to Beijing added an extra hard seat carriage) Then Master made a set of great hand gestures upon everyone's request.

During these over ten years of tribulation, during times of vital importance, it gave me great courage and endurance as soon as I remembered Master's tall and sturdy image, Master's voice and the smile on his face. It enabled me to walk my path in dignity without yielding to the evil. Master, your disciple will not be unworthy of your great kindness. Your disciple will see you again when the truth about Falun Dafa becomes known.