(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners Ms. Wang Junhua and Mr. Zhang Zhiming from Tianshui City, Gansu Province have been illegally detained for one year in Hutubi County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The CCP authorities are attempting to sentence them to 10 years in prison.

In early September, 2005, practitioner Ms. Wang Junhua was clarifying the truth in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, and was being followed. She was forced to leave home. She went to Hutubi County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region to work for a living. During this time, she was reported for passing out Dafa truth-clarification flyers and CDs of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. In December of 2006, she was arrested by local police officer Wei Jingguo and others. The police also searched and robbed Ms. Wang's home, and took her computer, CD burner, printers and other things. They also took away over 10,000 yuan. The police deceived Ms. Wang to think that she could escape, and captured her again on the third day. Ms. Wang is still being held in the detention center of Hutubi County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. She has suffered inhuman torture.

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Zhiming was a worker in the rice-management department of Weinan Town, Maiji District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province. On May 30th, 2005, he was searched by a plainclothesman while walking on the street. Because he had Dafa truth-clarification materials with him, he was arrested by the local police, and was tortured by the police. He had 1,000 yuan and other articles with him; they were all taken by the police. His home was searched, and everything in his home, as well as all the cash was stolen by the police. There was also a deposit book containing 10,000 yuan. The police forced Mr. Zhang to go to the bank and withdraw the cash, which they stole. The evil people also constantly harassed and persecuted Mr. Zhang's family members and relatives. His over 60-year old father was forced to borrow money from others until he put together 10,000 yuan. The police got the money, and Mr. Zhang was then bailed out and was told to await trial at home. But they still constantly harassed and persecuted him and his family. Mr. Zhang was fired from his work unit, and had no income.. With no other choice, Mr. Zhang went to Hutubi County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region to work for a living. On Chinese New Year's Eve of 2006, Mr. Zhang went back home to celebrate Chinese New Year with his family. The next morning, Chinese New Year, which was January 29th, 2006, it was still dark outside. Policeman Feng Jitang, who belongs to the State Security Brigade, and is also the head of the local 610 Office and the captain of the Department of Political Security, with three other policemen, rushed into Mr. Zhang's home and forcibly arrested him. Their reason was that Mr. Zhang did not ask them for permission when he went to work in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and now they must question him. More than twenty days later, Mr. Zhang's relatives finally got the news through asking many people, that the police took him because when Mr. Zhang was working in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, he and Ms. Wang Junhua had worked together to make informational CDs. They also found out that Mr. Zhang was taken to Hutubi County Police Station in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Mr. Zhang's relatives did not even get to see him. They did not receive a detention notice from Hutubi County Police Station until the end of February.

Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang's relatives went to Xinjiang Autonomous Region to try to see them many times. But the police used every way to not let them visit Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang. Eventually, the relative had to bribe the police, and the police let them see the two practitioners for 12 minutes.

Recently, the Hutubi County Police Station, the County Procuratorate, and Changii Uygur Autonomous Region Court colluded with each other and attempted to sentence the two practitioners to 10 years or more in prison. But the police said that if each practitioner paid 35,000 yuan, then they could be released or sentenced to less time in prison. Their relatives believed the police, and each family paid over 10,000 yuan. Now both families are heavily in debt. The police continually demand more money, and at the same time, the authorities are still proceeding to put them on trial. The current condition of the two practitioners is unknown.

Hutubi County Detention Center, Xinjiang Autonomous Region: 86-994-4506770
Hutubi County Court, Xinjiang Autonomous Region: 86-994-2522758

Hutubi County Procuratorate, Xinjiang Autonomous Region (person Liu): 86-994-4502657
Changji Court: 86-994-2522779
Lawyer Chen: 86-13990260246(Cell)