(Clearwisdom.net) A society with no moral restraints is a dreadful prospect! The purpose of the enforcement of atheism upon the Chinese people, with the dogma of "No fear of heaven, no fear of earth," by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is to distort the mind and ideology of the Chinese people. It confines people's minds within the boundaries controlled by the CCP. The CCP has manipulated generations of good and honest Chinese people by indoctrinating them with their ideology, one that has no moral restraint.

The CCP's atheism has caused people to abandon their long-held beliefs in divine beings, driving them away from the basic restriction of common morality and causing the drastic deterioration of moral standards in today's society. "Who do I have to fear in the universe? No one!" has seemingly become a popular motto.

If people no longer have any fear and lack the restriction of moral standards, they will commit any bad deeds they desire. For example, the one-child policy that is dubbed as one of the "basic policies" of the CCP to control the growth of the population. However, the Family Planning Office forces pregnant women to abort their fetuses, sometimes causing deadly harm to the mother, all under the shield of this policy. People dare not to report such incidents and the courts refuse to accept such cases.

Many government officials are corrupt and partake in bribery, embezzlement, prostitution, and other vices. Embezzlement on the scale of hundreds of millions, having multiple mistresses, and having feasts at the common people's expense are common sights. People are numb to the idea of serving others and think of themselves first. They stop at nothing to advance in the world and do it at the expense of others.

One only needs to take a look at the CCP's history books to see its hypocrisy in crowning Lenin, a moral degenerate, as a "founding father" and shamelessly glorifying the CCP's crimes in its march to power. The CCP dares not to tell the truth of their non-resistance during the war against the Japanese invaders. They dare not to tell the truth about the "hero" Zhang Side who died of overwork while making opium. They dare not to talk about the massacre on Tiananmen Square during the June 4th student movement. The CCP government dares not to open to the public the most confidential part of the Chinese Library of Historical Records, the so-called "library within the library." They dare not to allow contact between foreign human rights investigators and the people who know the CCP's darkest secrets of human rights abuses. They dare not to allow the citizens of China, who rank near the top in the world in Internet usage, to know that they are using the most advanced technology to block unfavorable information and to monitor people's on-line activities. The list goes on and on. However, the truth cannot stay hidden forever.

Patriotism is not the same thing as loyalty to the Party. I have always loved my country, our Chinese nation, and the Chinese civilization. I only hope that people will become clear-headed and regain the moral restraints that were washed away by the CCP indoctrination. I hope that people will bring themselves back to morality and return to the right state in what was once called "a divine land".