(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of January 6, 2007, more than ten officials, including the Chief of the Industrial and Business Office on Minzhu Road of Luohe City in Henan Province, Zhang Mingshuan (male), the Deputy Chief, Xing Dalin (male), the Director of the Industrial and Business Bureau, Na Xin (male), police from the Political and Security Division of the District Police Department, Wu Zibao (male) and Zhu Fengtian (male), broke into the home of practitioner Mr. Wan Xuezhi and took him away. Police officer Wu Zhibao (male) lied to Mr. Wan's family members saying that Mr. Wan would be released that night, however, Mr. Wan has been held ever since.

On January 6, 2007, practitioner Mr. Wang Genxiang was arrested and taken to the Yancheng County Brainwashing Center.

On January 4, 2007, practitioner Mr. Bai Guoqiang was reported to police and subsequently arrested. Police officers Yang Jie (male), He Xinsheng (male), Wan Yuling (male) and others ransacked Mr. Bai Guoqiang's home. Mr. Bai Guoqiang has been illegally held since his arrest.

Practitioners Mr. Zhang Shuhong, Mr. Wang Changshun and Ms. Li Dalia from Luohe City have also been arrested.

The 610 Office of Luohe City:

The Director, Sun Zengxiang (male): 86-395-3160612; 86-395-2920889; 86-13903957216(Cell)
The Deputy Director, Fu Hequan (male): 86-395-3153379; 86-395-3138087; 86-13783085110(Cell) and 86-13703442865 (Cell)

The Yuanhui District Police Department:

Yang Jie (male): 86-13137955553(Cell)

The State Security Division of Luohe City: 86-395-2396876
The No. 2 Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province: 86-395-2315004
The Subdivision of the Industrial and Business Bureau of Luohe City: 86-395-2126178(Office)