(Clearwisdom.net) I know my own mission is to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. I constantly hold myself to the standard of the Fa and follow Teacher's direction to do the three things. I have tried my best to do them well, and in the process of doing it, I keep trying to do better at telling the facts to people and saving sentient beings.

When I began to talk about "quitting CCP and its affiliated organizations," I was a bit unnatural and not too enthusiastic. I was also not able to get the points across very clearly. I felt very happy when people followed my advice and quit the CCP, but I got upset if they did not. My mood was always up and down. I tried to look inward and examine my behavior with the Fa. I found that my goal in talking about "quitting CCP" actually was just "quitting CCP." If many people listened to me, I would be happy. Otherwise I would be worried. Comparing myself with the Fa, I found that I was still doing things with the attachment of an ordinary person. I was not saving sentient beings as a cultivator. That means that I was not cultivating. Sometimes I helped people. But I did that in order to tell them the facts about Dafa and talk with them about "quitting CCP." It was not saving people as a cultivator should. Sometimes I was even a bit disappointed when I met one who had never joined the CCP or any of its associated organizations.

I used the Fa to correct myself. I kept cultivating myself and talking about "quitting CCP" to people. Dafa kept giving me wisdom, and I was able to talk better and better. At first I could only talk to one person at a time, then gradually I could talk to two at a time, and finally I could talk to several people at a time. I can talk about the facts of Dafa and asking people to quit CCP wherever I go. Sometimes I have gotten six or seven people to quit the CCP on one grocery shopping trip. Shopping is a good opportunity for me to tell people facts and ask them to quit the CCP. I do not miss any occasion. Usually it takes only a few minutes for me to get someone to quit. Sometimes I have met migrant workers from the countryside. Most of them were kindhearted. Usually I only needed to talk with them for a few sentences to make them understand and quit the CCP.

The building that I lived in needed to have its plumbing fixed. Quite a few workers came. I said hello to them, initiated a conversation, and they were very aggreeable. When I mentioned "quitting the CCP" and told them the facts about Dafa, they all accepted it and happily followed my advice. Once I was talking to three people. Two of the three had been in the Young Pioneers and the other had been in the Youth Corps. When I was ready to leave, another person came. When I asked, I was told that he had joined the CCP. In the end, all four people quit the evil organization.

In the beginning when I told the facts to my good friends and family members, I felt bad when they would not listen. Then I thought, "All sentient beings are the same." When I stopped treating them differently from ordinary people, they turned my way rather naturally and began to understand the facts of Dafa, and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I went to the home of a good friend twice and tried very hard to urge her to quit the CCP. She reluctantly quit the Young Pioneers after she had given me a lecture. I looked inward, put down my sentimentality, and tried to truly think of her. I later met her on the street and talked with her calmly. She had changed. She asked me to help her two sons quit; one belonged to the CCP and the other to the Youth Corps. I told her that they themselves had to agree. She said, "No problem."

A couple of days ago I went to a farm village to attend a nephew's wedding. I thought to myself: "How shall I talk? There will be so many of them. I hope that my family members will all be there." With this thought, a miracle happened. A dozen or so of my family members all arrived before any strangers were present. I took out Dafa amulets and gave each of them one. I told them the facts of Dafa, and that they needed to quit the CCP to be safe. Afterwards, I mingled with the crowd and talked to them one by one.

"The master is the one who arranges these things. It is the master who does this. That is why we say: 'Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.'" (Zhuan Falun)

I hope that practitioners who are capable and have the opportunity to go to the countryside will do so to tell people there the facts.

Here I want to talk a bit about the situation of my Fa study. I make sure that I study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts everyday. Sometimes I join the group exercises. I go through Zhuan Falun once a week and study Teacher's articles very often. Sometimes I participate in group Fa study. I try my best to concentrate. If I do my Fa study well, then I find that my mind is calm and stable and I can concentrate well when sending forth righteous thoughts. In sending forth righteous thoughts, one's primary spirit has to be clear. There was a time when I always dozed off when sending forth righteous thoughts. After I strengthened my primary spirit and studied the Fa harder, things improved.

In addition, one has to deny all the old forces' arrangements. One has to follow Teacher's direction and do exactly what Teacher says. One has to be hard on oneself, while using Dafa as the guide. I did not study the Fa hard enough, and often did not concentrate enough. My laziness kept me from being diligent. I will try harder.

Now I will automatically talk to anyone I meet to tell them the facts about Dafa and ask them to quit the CCP. I no longer feel it is an effort to do things. I bring the goodness of Dafa to people and do it naturally. Through fun talks and laughter, the sentient beings learn about the facts of Dafa. This all resulted from the benevolence of Teacher and is the power of Dafa. The sentient beings are all waiting to be saved.