(Clearwisdom.net) As the progress of Fa rectification constantly advances, in many different regions, due to various reasons, there have been some practitioners who have experienced states of sickness karma. Some even experience very severe sickness karma, and have lost the ability to take care of themselves, thereby consuming much energy from their family members and affecting many nearby fellow practitioners.

There have been different views regarding whether we should help these fellow practitioners in difficult situations. Some practitioners feel that we should help these fellow practitioners since the situation they are experiencing is arranged mostly by the old forces, thus we need to eliminate it. Some practitioners believe however, that the practitioners themselves, not being diligent enough, cause these difficult situations. Therefore, we should not spend too much energy on these fellow practitioners, since the current period of time is very urgent, for more sentient beings need to know the truth, and there are fellow practitioners still illegally incarcerated that we need to rescue.

It is our understanding that regardless of the reasons that caused the fellow practitioners to experience sickness karma, we should help these fellow practitioners from the standpoint of the Fa with clear rationality, without being attached to human sentimentality and the human heart. We should help them under the condition of not affecting our doing the three things well. This is also part of the cultivation of the whole body. However, the precondition for this is that we as a whole body must steadfastly do the three things well. Otherwise, the fellow practitioners experiencing sickness karma could be used by the evil to interfere with the mission of saving sentient beings.

In the process of helping fellow practitioners who are experiencing sickness karma, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. First, we should be forgiving of fellow practitioners, instead of reproaching, blaming and becoming dejected.

We have seen that usually upon learning that fellow practitioners are experiencing sickness karma, many practitioners often first blame them and point out a pile of their shortcomings. They continue, saying that these fellow practitioners have not been diligent enough, thereby allowing the evil to take advantage of their loopholes. Furthermore, towards those fellow practitioners who have been experiencing sickness karma for an extended period of time, they develop a mentality of being passively discouraged, feeling there is no hope for the situation.

We feel that the correct attitude is to communicate with practitioners who are experiencing sickness karma, encourage them to steadfastly have faith in Teacher and Dafa, and constantly strengthen these fellow practitioners with righteous thoughts.

2. Secondly, we should learn from their lessons and look within to identify our own xinxing issues and our own understandings of the Fa that are still unclear while in the process of doing the three things. We may communicate with fellow practitioners to upgrade ourselves in a timely fashion.

3. From the standpoint of the Fa, we should clearly understand the hidden elements behind the sickness karma, see through the true nature of the tricks and perilous intentions of the old force's in persecuting Falun Dafa and Dafa disciples, as well as in preventing the salvation of sentient beings. Together we should eliminate all of the conspiracy and schemes aimed at separating Dafa disciples.

We must disregard the personal issues of the practitioners who are experiencing sickness karma and completely negate the arrangements of the old forces. This is the mission bestowed by history on Fa rectification period Dafa disciples. We should understand the Fa from the standpoint of the Fa and never be deluded or lost.

If there are any mistakes in my understandings, please kindly point them out.