(Clearwisdom.net) From time to time I receive a list or several lists with the names of people who wish to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Chinese Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. Sometimes there are just a few names and at other times several dozen. This is the result of several practitioners in my neighborhood trying to persuad people to do the three withdrawals. I believed this is not unusual, and it is happening throughout the country. Saving people is like putting out a fire. We must try our best to save as many people as possible, and we should not rest a single minute. This army of people that persuades people to withdraw from the CCP and its subordinate organizations has no form, it goes about quietly, and is everywhere. The source of its strength is the belief and determination of Falun Gong practitioners.

Anyone who underestimates such spiritual strength will be proven foolish. A few years ago, Jiang Zemin made such a mistake and he realized it too late for regret. Now, some people have doubts about the number of the withdrawals. They are making the same mistake. Although Falun Gong has been persecuted for over seven years, it is growing daily more powerful and strong. Don't you think that the wave of withdrawals from the CCP will achieve one victory after another? It is hard for the Chinese who have been poisoned by the CCP to understand the strength of the Buddha Fa, that which has come from the origin of life. In the minds of atheists, such belief is mere superstition. They have no way to understand it or to gain greater understanding through further discussion. They even do not believe in the existence of such pure belief. On the surface they do not respect such a belief. Therefore, they are not wise. The fundamental reason for their doubts is that they cannot understand or believe the devotion to--and the practice of--the belief in truth. Their wrong judgment is, after all, the result of being poisoned by the CCP.

Mencius said "A benevolent person has no enemy." However, the belief in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is far beyond what "benevolence" can express. If "benevolence" has no enemy then the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" has no enemy. To be able to persuade people to distinguish right from wrong and to quit the evil CCP to regain the purity of life, freedom, and safety is one of the concrete manifestations of the belief in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Then, to what method is the CCP resorting to to deal with that message? We have found that the CCP has tried its best to block it but was unsuccessful. Why? This is because what the CCP faces is not political power but benevolence and the strength of the truth.

Of course, the wave of three withdrawals is not purely the result of persuasion by the practitioners; however, this very factor is enough to make the surge of resignations unstoppable. Besides, there are two other reasons that ensure that the wave surges forward vigorously.

One is the broad base of the masses. Over the past almost 60 years of communist rule, the communist regime staged one political movement after another. It has already lost the support of the people because of worsening corruption among its members. It can be said that CCP's crimes are intolerable and unjust and that the cries of discontent are heard throughout Mainland China.

During all the time I have been clarifying the truth of Falun Gong I have come across only two people that refused to listen. One of them was an incorrigible Marxist. His mind was full of heresy about Marx, Lenin, and Mao. Another person was a newly graduated university student who was filled with principles on Chinese traditional culture, religion, and freedom. His understanding came solely from the propaganda of the communist evil cult. He knew nothing about the dark site of society. These two are typical examples of people irretrievably poisoned by the communist regime. Yet, even people like these two swore at the CCP. Not one of the people I have met has had anything good to say about the CCP. The only difference lay in the vehemence of their condemnation. At this time, the CCP is without hope. If there were no ideological shackles binding the Chinese people, the psychological horror of the totalitarian rule as well as the blockade of information and the wave of withdrawals from the party would result in the instant collapse of the CCP. The CCP has tried its best to stop the trend, but it can only maintain its rule at the surface level. Once the wave of withdrawals from the party moves from underground out into the open, the CCP is finished.

Another factor guaranteeing the continuing surge of withdrawals from the CCP is the potential size of the Chinese population. Compared China's population of 1.3 billion people, 17 million is a very small number. With the spread of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, more and more people will hear about the three withdrawals. It will be more and more difficult for the CCP to block the news and it will become increasingly easier to push forward the wave of withdrawals from the CCP as more people dare to step forward. Finally, with this surge of withdrawals from the CCP, the party will disintegrate.

The unstoppable wave of withdrawals from the CCP is historically inevitable. It is also an inevitable outcome due to the widespread indignation and discontent caused by the brutal nature of the CCP.

During its 57 years of brutal rule, the CCP has committed monstrous crimes against the Chinese nation, including murder, torture, arbitrary arrest, corruption, and persecution. Its crimes are simply too many to record. In today's China it's hard to find anyone who has not been a victim of the CCP. The suffering of those on the bottom rung of society who have been exploited, fooled, taken advantage of, deceived, and persecuted is obvious. This situation exists because of the nature of the CCP. In the eyes of the CCP there are only two types of people: those who are being used and exploited, and those who are being transformed and denounced. Those who are being used are forced to commit crimes. The CCP has always thought only of its own survival. In its eyes, people are either its tools for committing crimes or its targets for exploitation, transformation, denunciation, and elimination. No one is ever really a beneficiary, except for top level party officials.

Now it is time for the disintegration and elimination of the demon. Some people think the withdrawals from the CCP have been caused by Falun Gong. This is not correct, because Falun Gong is not the only victim of persecution. What Falun Gong practitioners are doing is only firmly resisting the crimes committed by the CCP. The CCP is persecuting the entire Chinese population. Therefore, to resist the crimes committed by the CCP should be the responsibility of all the Chinese people. The wave of withdrawals from the CCP should be a campaign supported by the entire nation. No matter whether you are an unemployed worker, a farmer who lost land, a resident whose house has been torn down, someone appealing a grievance, a rural laborer working in a city, a members of a house church, a human rights defender, a pro-democracy activist, an intellectual of conscience, a government official, or a person in the military who still hold onto justice: people from all walks of life, all of you must join this campaign that will end our miseries and those of our nation, restore the purity of life, and disintegrate the CCP. This is for our country and our nation, as well as for every person, including you and me.

Why does the CCP still linger on despite its steadily worsening condition? This is because the number of people who have quit the CCP is still limited. Therefore, the gods are still waiting for more people to be freed from the evil cult of the CCP to start their lives anew. For those unwilling to withdraw from the CCP, despite their many excuses, there is only one real reason, and that is that they are unable to escape the control of the CCP. When this demon is eliminated, what is going to happen to these people? That is why they need to be saved now!

Don't team up with the demons! Don't turn yourself against heavenly principles! Follow moral standards and conscience to select a bright future!

The wave of withdrawals from the CCP is unstoppable. To promote the resignations from the CCP to eliminate the Party is a wise act, a just act to save our country and our people. No matter how hard the CCP resists, the outcome has already been set in stone.

The new year is beginning. Undoubtedly the wave of withdrawals from the CCP will continue to surge and the doomsday for the CCP is approaching. This will be a momentous historical event. At this historical turning point, all people are writing their own histories and at the same time deciding their own futures.