(Clearwisdom.net) I'd like to share briefly the experiences of several practitioners in our area regarding clarifying the truth and helping people with the "three withdrawals" (withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations: the Youth League and the Young Pioneers) so that we can summarize our experiences, find our shortcomings and do better in the future. Please kindly correct me if there is anything improper.

Practitioner A

The most outstanding characteristics of this practitioner are her persistence and compassion. Since May 2003, she has been going out every day to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. For two hours before going out she focuses on sending forth righteous thoughts, asking for help from Teacher and righteous gods. She asks Teacher and the righteous gods to send people who have a predestined relationship to her. She also eliminates the dark minions, rotten ghosts, and Communist evil spirits in all dimensions that interfere with the saving of sentient beings to enable her cultivated godly side to play its role to the utmost extent.

Day after day and year after year, regardless of weather, time, or location, and no matter what kind of people she meets, she persists in clarifying the truth and never stops. Sometimes in order to have a chance to talk to salespeople, she buys things that she doesn't need. Whenever she meets people, she tries to talk to them to show her concern. If she meets someone shopping, she helps the person to make good selections. She also helps people carry home their purchases. If she meets someone who doesn't have a pair of gloves for the cold weather, she gives them hers. She has also donated her clothes and other recyclable items to those who make a living collecting used and recyclable materials. (Note: In China, recyclable materials can be exchanged for money. Government departments buy them back.) Her actions and words manifest the kindness and serenity of a Dafa practitioner. People who have a predestined relationship have been saved. After learning the truth, they thank her repeatedly. She says sincerely, "Please don't thank me. Please thank my Teacher."

During the process of clarifying the truth, no matter what kind of people she encounters, she strictly adheres to the requirement of "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance" and uses compassion to save every predestined sentient being who has been poisoned by the lies. She attaches no importance to how many she has saved, only paying attention to the process. She does not become complacent after saving many of people, nor does she feel discouraged if she has only saved a few. She believes that if one has firm faith in Teacher and Dafa, and if one cultivates oneself well, there will be no predestined people who can't be saved. It is hard to say how many people have been saved through her compassion and righteous thoughts.

Practitioner B

This 65-year-old practitioner has had little formal education, attending school for only two years. However, her heart is pure and compassionate, and her mind clear. In the beginning she didn't know how to talk to people and ask them to withdraw from the CCP and its related organizations. She was so worried that she cried. Later she repeatedly listened to the audio recording of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. She also talked a lot with practitioners and thus gained a clear understanding (about the three withdrawals). If one has the heart to save people, Teacher will give his disciples the wisdom. Lack of education shouldn't be an obstacle to saving sentient beings. If our hearts are pure enough, boundless compassion can reach the microscopic level of the world's people.

After much effort, she has become very experienced in clarifying the truth. Under Teacher's strengthening, she has often successfully persuaded people to withdraw from the CCP or its related organizations very quickly. After learning the truth, some people shake her hand to show their gratitude; some shout out loudly in public, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is really good!"

Once she met a woman in her 50s carrying more than 25 kg of radishes. The woman could hardly breathe trying to carry the heavy weight. Practitioner B helped her carry the radishes home more than 100 meters. The woman was very grateful. She said excitedly, "You are really strong!" Practitioner B replied, "I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I used to have heart problems, high blood pressure, and osseous hyperplasia. I could hardly work. My spirit was always very low. After practicing Falun Dafa, I am now well." The woman not only withdrew from the CCP, but also said sincerely, "Falun Dafa is so wonderful. I also want to learn."

Once she saw more than 10 peasant workers from other cities working on the road. She took them some cucumbers, tomatoes, and water. At the same time, she clarified the truth about Falun Dafa and the three withdrawals to them. As a result, all agreed to withdraw. They all expressed their gratitude to Teacher.

Once she helped somebody at the market to withdraw. Another person also shouted from across the way, "I want to have this blessing, too. Please help me to withdraw, too!"

Once she talked to a person while waiting for the bus. Realizing that the bus would come soon and that there wasn't much time left, she asked Master for help. The person agreed to withdraw after just a few words.

When she met people who didn't agree to withdraw, she usually said, "You are a person with a lot of blessings. If you withdraw, you'll have blessings heaped on blessings. I am offering blessings to you. Don't you want to accept?" They would usually say, "Of course, I'd love blessings." Then he would agree to withdraw. Some said reluctantly, "I need to go home and discuss this with my family." She said, "You don't have to discuss it with anybody. This is an affair which you can decide for yourself. We should choose our own future on our own. It is very simple. All you have to do is to say that you agree." At this point the person would usually agree to withdraw.

Practitioner B has been saving sentient beings with a compassionate, selfless, fearless, and pure heart. She has helped six to seven hundred people withdraw.

Practitioner C

This practitioner often goes straight to the point and directly asks people whether they have joined the CCP or its related organizations. Then she talks about the CCP being eliminated by heaven and that withdrawing from it is the only way to ensure one's safety. Each time she shops she purchases only a little so she can have more opportunities to shop again. She also goes to different shops (to meet more people). She often helps people to transport the vegetables they purchase in the early morning market on her bicycle. Sometimes she helps five or six people to withdraw in one morning.

This practitioner often rationally reasons with people and gradually persuades them to withdraw. She often changes her approach. If talking directly about the three withdrawals is too sensitive, she chooses more general topics of conversation at first. Then, going along with people's attachments, she gradually introduces the three withdrawals.

The above practitioners and I often share experiences and learn from each other. Sometimes we cooperate with one another and have good results. During the process of persuading people to withdraw, we have also met people who opposed or cursed us, and some even threatened to report us. We try our best to treat them all with righteous thoughts. Compared with those who have cultivated very well, we still have a long way to go. Sometimes we haven't gone out because of our attachments to comfort; sometimes we have avoided certain types of people to protect ourselves; sometimes we still have other human attachments and can't tell that the attachments are not ourselves. However, everything can be rectified if we study the Fa more, strengthen our righteous thoughts, and eliminate all the obstacles that interfere with saving sentient beings.

During the process of persuading people to withdraw, we have encountered all sorts of different situations. We chose different approaches according to different people and different environments. What's most important is our heart. If we don't have attachments and human mentality and if we can have a compassionate heart that can even melt steel, with the boundless Buddha Law we will have endless wisdom and sentient beings will be saved smoothly.

The process of persuading people to withdraw is in fact a battle between righteous and evil. The old forces want to destroy sentient beings, while Falun Dafa practitioners want to save them. So only by studying the Fa well, cultivating ourselves well, and maintaining strong righteous thoughts can we validate Dafa, eliminate the evil, and save more sentient beings. It is time to throughly eliminate the evil. Teacher has asked us to save more people. Every Dafa practitioner should ask himself, "How many have I saved? How far away am I from Teacher's requirement? " To save sentient beings is a really most urgent matter.