(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Cunbo is 40 years old. He grew up in Wujiabao Town, Lishan District, Anshan City. He started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. On November 7, 2004, he was arrested by members of the evil party and illegally sentenced to 14 years in prison.

1. Submerged in Water at Police Department of Anshan City

During interrogation at the Police Department of Anshan City, policemen cuffed Wang's hands behind his back. He was not allowed to close his eyes for two days and his hands and arms became very swollen.

Several policemen hit and kicked him, trying to force him to sign the interrogation notes. Wang refused to cooperate. Six policemen then used a crueler torture method. They pushed Wang's head into a basin full of water many times. While he was trying to breathe, they kept hitting and kicking him. Mr. Cunbo almost fainted.

After that, the same six policemen held his hands together and obtained his fingerprints. He was then transferred to the Second Detention Center of Anshan City. Upon arrival a medical examination showed that he had blood clots in his stomach from the torture.

2. Fixed on a Bed Board at the Detention Center of Anshan City

After arriving at the detention center, guards tied Mr. Cunbo's hands onto a bed board with iron rings. The only position he could lie in was with his arms spread out like a cross. Mr. Wang Cunbo started a hunger strike.

After a couple of days, a person from the Procuratorate, who was in charge of supervising the detention center, directly requested that the director of the detention center force-feed Wang Cunbo. Wang Cunbo bit the feeding tube and swallowed it several times. However, guards replaced the tube right away and continuously force-fed him.

When the detention center guards ran out of ideas to persecute him, all they could think of was to tell the other prisoners in the room to beat him. His body was covered in bruises.

3. Beaten in New Prisoners' Group - His Face Covered with Blood

In the spring of 2005, Wang Cunbo was transferred to the new prisoner's group at Wafangdian City. After he arrived there, guards tried to forced Mr. Wang to wear the prisoner's uniform and have his hair shaved off. Wang Cunbo refused to do either. After beating and kicking him, several guards held his head and shaved off his hair.

Before being transferred to the Prison of Jinzhou City, guards tried to force Mr. Wang to wear the uniform again. Mr. Wang insisted that he was innocent and refused it. Guards so severely beat him that his face was covered with blood, and then sent him to the Prison of Jinzhou City.

4. Tortured by Being Locked in a Confined Compartment at the Prison of Jinzhou City

On May 31, 2006, Wang Cunbo was transferred to the new prisoner's group at the Prison of Jinzhou City. After a hunger strike lasting seven days, he was sent to the second prison district.

On October 8, 2005, guards ordered Wang Cunbo to give up Falun Gong practice. He firmly rejected the order. He was then locked up in a confined compartment and strictly monitored by other prisoners. The space in the compartment was very small. There was a square steel board, about 1.5 meter (4.9 ft.) in length, on the ground. On the steel board, a trapezoid-shaped stool made of wooden board was fixed on steel board. The stool has a top square board about 30 centimeters (12 in.) wide. The height of the stool was about 50 centimeters (20 in.). There was a iron ring on each side of the stool. When a person is punished with this tool, he has to sit on the stool, bent down his waist, put his hands through the rings, with the hands cuffed in front of his chest. The whole body is shaped like an "n." He could not straighten his back or lie down. Numerous Falun Gong practitioners were tortured with this tool.

Wang Cunbo was tortured in this manner in the confined compartment. He started hunger strikes several times to protest the inhumane treatment. He was locked in the compartment for more than 30 days. Guards brutally forced-fed him. They added a lot of salt in the food for force-feeding and refused to give him drinking water. They used whatever methods they could think of to torture Mr. Wang Cunbo.

January 2, 2007