(Clearwisdom.net) Four Dafa practitioners in Liaoning Province were illegally arrested on train No. 1230 from Fuxin to Shanghai. They are currently detained at the Jinan Railroad Detention Center and started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Their families called Jinan Railroad Detention Center and Jinan Railroad Police Station many times. They were told, "You can bring them some clothing, but you can't see them."

On December 13, Mr. Wang Yingwei, a Dafa practitioner in Jinzhou City, went to visit his younger brother Wang Yingyi, a Dafa practitioner who was imprisoned in the Second Labor Camp in Shandong Province. Wang Yingyi was on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The labor camp called Mr. Wang Yingyi's wife and told her that her husband was faced with amputation, and specifically requested his brother Wang Yingwei to come. Dafa practitioners Mr. Li Guang, Ms. Li Xiaoyan, and Ms. Zhou Yingchun from Huludao City went with Wang Yingwei. They took train No. 1230 from Fuxin to Shanghai. They clarified the truth about Falun Gong to the nearby passengers. Around 11:30 p.m., they were forcibly taken away by railroad police from Jinzhou district, and were later transferred to the Jinan Railroad Police Station.

The police arrested the four Dafa practitioners but did not inform their families. The practitioners’ families tried all means to look for them but failed to find out any information. With no choice, they told the Railroad Department that they would report to the police department. The Railroad Department then told them that the practitioners were detained at the Jinan Railroad Detention Center and gave them a contact phone number.

By calling this number, the families found out that the case was handled by the Jinan Railroad Police Station. The station informed a family member to pick up the detained practitioners on December 17, but rescinded what they said that afternoon.

On December 19, the Jinan Railroad Police Station instructed the Jinzhou Railroad Police Station to ransack the practitioners’ homes. Dafa practitioners Ms. Li Xiaoyan and Ms. Zhou Yingchun both lived in their mother’s homes in Suizhong. Li Changhua and Li Zhonghe, chief and assistant chief of Suizhong National Security Brigade, respectively, led the policemen to ransack Li and Zhou's homes. They took away the Dafa materials and fifteen hundred yuan worth of cash, with "Falun Dafa is Good" handwritten on each bill, from Li Xiaoyan’s mother’s home.

Wang Yingwei's eleven-year old daughter wrote an open letter to the police. Everyone who read the letter was sympathetic. Wang Yingwei's company also told Mr. Wang’s daughter that they planned to pick her father up from Jinan on December 21. However, when several relatives of the other detained Dafa practitioners arrived in Jinan on December 25, they found out that Wang Yingwei was still detained in Jinan Railroad Detention Center.

When the families heard that the four Dafa practitioners had been on hunger strike, they became very worried. They decided to go to Jinan on December 24 to find out more. They first went to Jinan Railroad Detention Center, which did not allow them to see the practitioners. Then they went to the Jinan Railroad Police Station. Seeing that three seniors in their seventies had come such a long distance, the receptionist told them that the case was under investigation. They had informed Jinzhou City Police Bureau and Huludao City Police Bureau to take over the case, but neither bureau had responded.

The detained practitioners’ families also went to the Huludao City Police Bureau, which claims to have informed the National Security Brigade of Suizhong Police Bureau, but the National Security Brigade of Suizhong Police Bureau kept saying, "No one has sent any notice to us. We are not authorized to take the practitioners without an order."

During the contact with related organizations and officers, the detained practitioners’ families found that they all had a good impression of Falun Gong. However, the officers couldn’t uphold justice, because of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) system. Some policemen were moved to tears when they understood why the four Falun Gong practitioners tried to clarify the truth.

We ask fellow practitioners to clarify the truth to Xu Guoqiu, the newly appointed secretary of the CCP Political and Judiciary Committee in Suizhong County, and Wang Haijun, chief of the "610 0ffice". They are both newly appointed and haven’t heard the truth yet. From other sources, we heard that Wang Haijun doesn’t know the truth about Falun Gong yet. We also ask fellow practitioners to write letters to these officials to clarify the truth.

The truth clarification materials that many practitioners mailed out are printed. After sharing, some of us realized the importance of handwritten letters. Some practitioners shared that, after they hand wrote the letters, they felt the great difference. It was actually an attachment to comfort to mail out only printed materials. So we ask more practitioners to write letters and to step forward to clarify the truth.


Suizhong County Political and Judiciary Committee and 610 Office
Address: Suizhong County Political and Judiciary Committee
Zip Code 125200

Jinan Railroad Police Station
Political commissar 86-531-82427536
Chief 86-531-82425088
Chief of Section I 86-531-82425088, 82423318, 82425078
Wang, Head of station 86-531-82423018
Assistant chief 86-531-82423698, Li 82421978, 82421228
Liu, chief of Shenyang Railroad Bureau National Security Brigade
Railroad Department 86-10-51842988
Jinan Railroad Police Bureau 86-531-86923148

Jinan Railroad Detention Center, Shandong Province
Address: Railroad Detention Center, 13 Langmaoshan Road, Jinan, Shandong Province
Zip 250022
Warden Zhang, 86-531-82432377

Jinan Railroad Police Station
Address: Jinan Railroad Police Station , No. 13, Latitude One Longitude Five Road, Jinan City
Zip 250013
Liu, Chief, of Jinan Railroad Police Station Branch of National Security Brigade
Liu Xin, 86-13553160597
Sun Qiang, 86-531-82428134
Bi Liuying
Yu Hai, 86-531-82483681
Bao Guanjun, 86-13705318440
Wang Yulong, 86-13853166039, 86-531-82700186
Gao Yongliang, 86-13705311193, 86-531-82433718
Zhao Shiping, 86-13605316827