(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yu Cuilan from Changchun City was illegally arrested in the street. Three National Security agents participated in the arrest on May 19, 2006. She was persecuted until she became disabled and could not take care of herself. Ms. Yu is currently being held at Tiebei Police Hospital in the Kuancheng District, and her family is forbidden from visiting her. A court has sentenced her to ten years in prison. She had to be carried into the courtroom during both trial sessions.

Her case now rests with the No. 2 Criminal Court at the Changchun Intermediate Court. The judge is Huang Guichun. His phone number is 86-431-88558602. Below is an appeal statement by Yu Cuilan, which reveals the persecution she has been subjected to.

Statement of Appeal

My name is Yu Cuilan. I am a 51-year-old woman and I lived at Group 13, Liuhe Street Party Committee, Dongan Township, Nanguan District, Changchun City. Three National Security agents arrested me on May 19, 2006. I was detained and [the officials] fabricated "evidence" against me. On November 23, 2006 the Luyuan District Court issued an unjust verdict against me�"a ten-year prison sentence and deprivation of all political rights for three years. I hereby appeal to the Changchun City Intermediate People’s Court and state my innocence.

I was originally arrested on December 13, 2000. The arresting officers were from the Kuancheng Police Department. Officer Chen Peng banged my head against a wall until I almost lost consciousness. Afterwards I suffered memory loss. I was eventually sentenced to three years of forced labor. In 2000 I was very weak from brutal treatment, and the labor camp initially refused to accept me.

I was arrested again at the end of November 2003 by officers from the National Security Division of Luyuan Police Department. The officers beat and kicked me. They pinned me in a car seat, twisted my arms behind my back, and took me to an unknown place. I suffered a heart attack, I foamed at the mouth, and I could not speak. One officer hurled insults at me. He told me to eat excrement and tried to put dirty socks into my mouth. He poured cold water on my head and spit in my face. He used extremely vulgar words. I was taken to Xiguangchang Police Station in the afternoon. The next day I was taken to the National Security Division at the Luyuan District Police Department. As I walked upstairs, one police officer bombarded me with punches and kicks. At the National Security Division they tightly handcuffed me to a chair and slapped my face. I don’t know what they used to strike my legs because I later fell unconscious. One officer named Chen tortured me further. A tall officer punched me when he took me to a hospital for a physical exam. I could not walk at the time and also almost suffocated. I could not even get through an EKG. I was held at the National Security Division for four or five days before being taken to a detention center.

The detention center refused to accept me because of my serious condition. The next morning a high-level official from the police department talked to the head of the detention center. An agreement must have been reached because I was then sent to the detention center. I was unconscious at the time. They kept me at the detention center for two days. The detention center authorities were afraid of my dying there and sent me back to the police department. My family took me home on December 26, 2003, when I was at the brink of death. I gradually regained consciousness after being home. I stayed home for a few days, but since I didn’t want my family to feel bad for me, I went to live with an old neighbor for a while until I recovered and could walk. I came home this year and have been staying there up until my recent arrest.

On May 19, 2006, three National Security agents arrested me in the street, as stated above. They twisted my arms behind my back and forced me into a police car. I was in so much pain I could barely breathe. They took me to the Changchun City Police Department where they held my head and took pictures of me against my will. The photographer kicked me. After lunch they said they would take me home but instead sent me directly to a detention center. In the car they said, "We filled a quota!" The detention center refused to accept me, as mentioned, but the police officials used their connections. The detention center still refused to accept me because I was so weak. I lay on the cold tile floor for more than one hour. Then the police took me to Changchun Hospital for a physical exam, after which they took me back to the detention center. The detention center doctor looked at my medical record and said, "She’s going to die in a week." He refused to accept me. The police used their connections, and together with a guard from the detention center, they sent me to a police hospital.

I could not take care of myself at the hospital and was given many bottles of IV infusions daily. My legs suddenly became numb and swollen on June 15. I could not move my toes and I could not walk. After a while, a CT scan revealed that I had lower back spinal disc protrusion and needed surgery. Right now I’m in terrible condition. I have to rely on others for my personal hygiene needs and food. My stomach hurts and is swollen and I cannot eat. I can only drink soup. I was carried into the courtroom during both trial sessions. During the first session I was still getting IV infusions. Medical personnel stood next to me with an oxygen tank, because they feared I would die suddenly. I asked Li Xiandong, an official at the No. 3 Detention Center, to let me go home and recover. He said he would do it after I went back to the detention center, but I am still detained to this day and was sentenced to prison.

My condition worsened in September, and the hospital issued the detention center several notices of my critical condition. Yet the authorities ignored the law and continued to detain me. I am a citizen of China, and my rights are guaranteed by the laws of China. Everything I did only benefited and never harmed society. I always think of other people first in everything I say and do. I am a selfless person and do not harm other people. I don’t fight others for personal gain. I treat others with sincerity. I don’t lie and I always hope for the best for everyone. I try to be a better-than-good person. What is wrong with what I do? I am the one who has been wronged!

I urgently request the head person in charge and people handling my case at the Changchun City Intermediate People’s Court to verify the facts. I hope the judge and other court officials will arrive at a just decision and let me go home.

Yu Cuilan

November 29, 2006

Related phone numbers:

No. 2 Public Prosecutor’s Division at the Changchun City Procuratorate: 86-431-7684284, ask for No. 2 Public Prosecutor’s Division

Huang Guichun, judge at the No. 2 Criminal Court at Changchun Intermediate Court: 86-431-88558602