I am a practitioner from Heilongjiang Province. Beginning on August 5, 1994, I was fortunate enough to attend Master's classes in Harbin and was very happy. Dafa could not be found in ten thousand years, but I found it. Those days in the classes were the happiest days of my whole life. The memory is unforgettable.

Before I learned Falun Gong, my whole body hurt, and I had illnesses from head to toe. When others introduced me to the classes in Harbin, I was also attending other qigong classes. I sat near the back, a little far from Master, but his voice as he taught the Fa was so loud to me.

The third morning it rained and the road was wet, but we went outside to learn the exercises. I did not know how to practice at that time and learned from veteran practitioners. When they taught me how to hold the Falun for the second exercise, something appeared in front of my eyes. It changed into an eye in a short time�"maybe it was my own eye. I never saw it again after that; I only saw some light.

On the fifth day, when Master was teaching the Fa on a platform, I saw many Buddha images on the tables around Master and even under his chair.

One day, one of my best friends and I wanted to see Master clearly, so before the class, we waited outside for Master to come. Many other practitioners were waiting there to see Master, too. In a short while, Master came. We saw him, tall and healthy, walking swiftly, one head higher than other people. Master smiled with compassion, and his skin was smooth, pink, and clear. It was not an ordinary flesh color, but pink and clear just like the lotus flowers.

Near the end of the class, Master asked us to stomp our right foot and then our left foot. I felt like a heavy weight was removed from my body and I was very light. This had never happened before. I could not express my gratitude to my compassionate Master with human words.

After returning home, we established an exercise site. I did the exercises together with fellow practitioners every morning for several years. We studied the Fa and communicated together, upgrading each other. I felt very happy to be with fellow practitioners every day. Beginning on July 20, 1999, we were persecuted by the evil and could not do the exercises together. I felt very sad, as did other practitioners. In 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa but was arrested and detained. In 2002, my home was ransacked by the police and I became homeless. Now the persecution is still very bad, but I am not frustrated. I believe in Master and Dafa and walk on the path of gods.

I am 68 years old now. All my illnesses are cured. It feels very comfortable to walk, and I don't get tired even after a long walk. Others all say I am very young, not like a person almost 70, but like a person only about 50. It was all obtained by cultivating Dafa.

Although cultivation is not an easy road, I will do well and will not forget it is Master who saved me.