(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Dong Dengzhi, and I am employed at the People’s Hospital in Jingshan County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province. I was arrested on August 29, 2003 for handing out Falun Gong truth-clarifying information and was sent to Shayang Forced Labor Camp in Jingmen City.

As soon as I arrived, the camp officials designated two criminals to monitor me. They attempted to force me to write a guarantee statement, but I refused to even take up the pen. Wang Fang, one of the criminals, hit me. She tried to insert the pen into my fist. I resisted, so she poked my hand with the pen. She pushed me against the table with my hands tied behind my back and hit my spine. My left hand was injured and bled. Since my arrival at the labor camp, these two criminals have been staying in the same room with me.

On the evening of September 2, 2003, they locked the door of my room, and Wang Fang sat by the door. The other criminal inmate, Li Rong, asked me some questions. When my answers didn’t satisfy her, she beat me. She is a strong woman and hit me hard on my chest, stomach and back, keeping at it for about 30 minutes, until she became tired. Then Wang Fang continued the beating for another 30 minutes. Since I refused to cooperate, Wang Fang held my shoulders and kicked my genital area very hard, which made me scream. The next day I saw bruises on my chest. There was also a large bruise on my foot, and my legs were completely numb.

During the afternoon of September 4, 2003, Li Rong took me to a solitary confinement cell and attempted to force me to sign my name on a repentance statement, but I refused to. Then she beat and kicked me. She pulled out a hunk of my hair and kicked my chest and stomach, which made me sweat and want to vomit. I called in my mind, "Help me, Master!" She then stopped.

Since the evildoers didn’t get what they wanted from me, in the next couple of days they attempted to force me to say something to slander Master. I refused to cooperate, and they then tortured me. They held me to the floor and attempted to write words attacking Master on my clothes. Since I refused to allow that and resisted, they tore my clothes.

During that time I was forced to work in the fields during the daytime, and in the evenings they deprived me of sleep. They deprived me of sleep for 14 days.

During the evening of September 16, 2003, the two criminals Yin Yurong and Wang Fang again attempted to force me to write three guarantee letters. Since I refused, they deprived me of sleep. Before dawn the next morning these two and a guard wrote three letters and tried to force me to sign them. I told myself that I should not let them get their way. Master has told us that the evils are afraid of being exposed, so I told myself that I should expose them.

As I was thinking about what to do, a young female guard arrived. I asked her permission to use the bathroom. She let me go, accompanied by Wang Fang. On the way back I saw that people in other rooms were already up. Then I ran to the field and shouted, "Listen, everyone! The evildoers are persecuting me! They try to force me to do bad deeds!" Wang Fang tried to catch me.

Other guards also ran out of the room. They caught me. They inserted a wad of dirty cloth into my mouth and carried me back to the room. They held me to the floor and beat and kicked me. They slapped me and tried to force me to kneel. I told myself that I would only kneel before Master, so I sat down. They pulled my hair, trying to make me stand up. I asked Master for help, and then they stopped.

On September 22, 2003, the criminal Yin Yurong took me to the orchard and ordered me to weed. I did this for a while. Then they suddenly pushed me to the ground on my belly. Wang Fang held my hands behind my back, and Yin Yurong sat on my legs. They pulled my thumbs, severely injuring my left thumb. I could no longer grasp anything with it. They also punched my back and spine, which made me bleed. I was hurt badly and could not move. They scratched my head and made me dizzy. The bruise on my back healed one month later.

On September 26, 2003, they beat me at 3:00 a.m. They chose this early hour because other people would witness the beating if it took place during the daytime. Wang Fang and other criminals beat and brutally kicked me, again kicking my genital area.

October 4, 2003, was a day following several days of rain. Guard Liu Qin came to my room at night, accompanied by collaborators. They asked me some questions. My answers didn’t satisfy them, so the guard ordered me to remove my clothes and stand on the cold floor. I had to remain on that cold floor for eight hours, clad only in a short-sleeved shirt and underwear. The next morning Yin Yurong was afraid other people would see me like that, so she let me put on my clothes. Guards on duty that night wore winter jackets, but I stood on the cold floor wearing only underclothes.

On October 6, 2003, the guards and criminals again made me stand on the cold floor wearing only underclothes. Criminal Xu Yuan opened the windows and door for several hours. Although they had winter jackets on, the criminals got cold, but I was fine. A fellow practitioner saw it and told me later that she respected me, and said I encouraged her.

Once when I was carrying manure, criminal Li Rong dipped a stick into the manure and poked my face with it. She also tried to insert the stick into my mouth.

Many practitioners have exposed the persecution in Shayang Forced Labor Camp, which shocked the evil perpetrators. Guard Liu Qin said that all the criminals who had beaten Falun Gong practitioners were punished. Actually, I know that none of them were punished.

On December 26, 2004, the Second Division in Shayang Labor Camp was moved to Hubei Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. I was there for six months.

Note: The author was arrested again on November 1, 2006, and is now incarcerated in the Jingshan County Detention Center with five other practitioners. Practitioners who read this information are asked to please send forth righteous thoughts to help them and eliminate the evils.

People involved in the persecution in Jingshan County, Jingmen, Hubei:

610 Office:
Chief Tian Lixiang:, 86-724-6626456, 86-13908693368
Deputy Chief Zheng Daisheng, 86-13197119288.610, 86-724-7330410 (office)

National Security:
Chief Peng Yilin
Deputy Chief Chen Zhixia, 86-13872922202 (cell)
Zhang Guowang, 86-13972903083 (cell)
Pi Junfeng