(Clearwisdom.net) In Changle Forced Labor Camp, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Dou Jinbao of Zhucheng, Shandong Province, was stripped naked, and his buttocks and bare feet were beaten with a belt until the belt was broken into three pieces and his buttocks showed traces of blood. (We hope practitioners who have been illegally imprisoned there write about their experiences, completely disclosing the persecution and crimes committed in this den of evil against practitioners.) The following are the facts of the persecution of Dou Jinbao.

My name is Dou Jinbao. I began Falun Dafa practice in April 1997. Since the suppression of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, I have been persecuted relentlessly. Especially in June 2003, the local vicious police illegally sent me to Changle Forced Labor Camp for three years. I suffered extremely brutal persecution there. This place is an evil pit.

On July 20, 1999, when I was returning home after work, the Town Political and Legislation Cadre, Zhang Zhong, called me to the local government office and imprisoned me for five days. He said that they were afraid I would go to Beijing. They assigned two villagers to watch me and told my family to deliver meals to me every day. They did not release me until I wrote a guarantee statement.

On November 14, 2000, I went to Beijing's Tiananmen Square with fellow practitioners to hold a banner. I was arrested by the police. The Village Party Secretary came to pick me up. After we returned, he forced me to pay 4000 yuan. I had brought 50 yuan to Beijing with me, but the money was taken by the Beijing police.

Back at Jiayue Police Station, when Min Fanyou interrogated me, he hit my head with his leather boot. After the interrogation it was "soldier training," with my feet resting on a stool to do push-ups on the ground. Once when I could not straighten my arms, the police beat me with batons. This did not stop until my sweat dripped onto the ground. One evening, a policeman handcuffed me and another practitioner to a telephone pole for an hour in the cold. On another afternoon, the callous policemen Zhao Yong and Wang Dong forced me and four other practitioners to stand in the snow around the wall for three hours in the cold. Party Committee member Wang Yuling often visited me and slapped my face for minor reasons. Police officer Zhang Zhong went to my home and extorted 5000 yuan from my family. They forced me to do miscellaneous chores in the police station.

In December 2000, officer Zhao Yong sent me to Zhucheng Detention Center for one month. Every meal there was pig food or dog food, but we still didn't get enough to eat, and we often were subjected to brutal beatings by prisoners. This time I was illegally detained for five months. When my term was up, 1300 yuan was extorted from me before I could go home.

On May 1, 2001, policeman Zhao Yong sent me to a brainwashing session at the Fanrong Hotel. Two weeks later I was released after my family paid 300 yuan. In April 2002, due to a report by village Party Secretary Liu Jinrong, policemen Wang Zaizhong and Min Fanyou raided my home and stole a tape recorder and a batch of Dafa materials. I was again detained for one month. Police officer Zhao Yong again extorted 100 yuan when I was released. In May the police looked for me everywhere, intending to send me back to the labor camp. I was forced to leave home and live in hiding to avoid further persecution. Six months later, I was finally able to return home.

On June 27, 2003, the head of the police station and police officer Wang Zaizhong deceived me into going to the police station and then sent me to Zhucheng Detention Center. On the second day I was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor and sent to Changle Labor Camp, which was a center for persecuting Dafa practitioners

Inside the evil labor camp, I was subjected to brutal torture. There were four collaborators with false understandings. In two shifts they took turns trying to "transform" me. They only allowed me to sleep once every five days. At night they forced me to squat on the ground. When I fell asleep they twisted my body. My thighs and arms turned purple from being twisted. They also hit my head with the bottoms of their shoes, dozens of times every day for over a month. A piece of my scalp the size of a palm was stripped off the top of my head. After six months of pus dripping from my head, I became bald. Zhang Huasan (who at the time had a false understanding, but he has since awakened) viciously said, "I'll boil you until you have hallucinations so your celestial eye will open." I squatted, and he sat on me, until I was covered in sweat. Zhang Huasan also whipped me with a leather belt. In the summer, when I was wearing a single shirt, he ordered me to lie face down. For fear that others might hear my voice, he took off his dirty socks and stuffed them into my mouth. Zhang Huasan also compiled a series of sayings to defame Master and Dafa that he tried to force me to read. A cruel guard, Liu Anxing, brought a photo of Master and told me to step on it. During one shift, Wang and Liu (also collaborators with false understandings at the time, but since awakened) forced me to take off my clothes and shoes. They whipped my buttocks and the bottoms of my feet with a leather belt, until the belt broke into three pieces. Traces of blood were on my buttocks. More than a dozen times they tied my hands behind my back and forced me to sit against the wall, while two people pushed my legs into a 180 degree split position. I shouted in pain, and if I struggled, Wang tightened a towel around my neck until I fainted. After I regained consciousness they continued to torture me with my hands tied behind my back. One evening Wang made me lie on the floor while he poured cold water into my nose and mouth. He also made me roll on the ground. Wang puffed smoke in my face to choke me and then forced me to smoke the cigarette butt. Since childhood I have not been able to tolerate green onions, garlic, or pepper, Wan then forced me to eat onions and garlic, and if I didn't, he beat and kick me. At that time my face, back, legs, hands, and feet were all swollen. They even viciously said this was the release of poison gas from practicing Falun Gong. They often used the punishment "eating a cigarette." They also inserted a toothbrush between my fingers while squeezing them together and rotated the brush around. Soon my fingers became swollen, and later they filled with pus. They used the same torture on my toes. They forced me to write a so-called "guarantee statement," "remorse statement," and "criticism statement," more than a dozen times, until the collaborators could not find any more problems.

One day, I was working at the gate of the labor camp. The head of the labor camp saw the scar on my head and asked me about it. I said it was due to a beating. The next day, the labor camp sent two people over to investigate. Team leader Liu Anxing learned about it and then sent collaborators Jiang Yu and Liu Ying in advance to threaten me, "If you want to stir things up, we will monitor you strictly. Do you still want to stay here? You must say that you had a boil on your head, which they did not know about and it festered when they patted your head, but it was an accident." Because of the fear in my heart I cooperated with them. Still the vicious guards sent me to study class for two months and forced me to write a self-criticism. Every evening I had to study until 10:30 p.m. after finishing forced labor at 9:30 p.m. When I was due for release, the labor camp notified my family. Due to the tedious procedures and unfamiliar roads, my family did not arrive in time, and I was detained an extra day.