(Clearwisdom.net) What is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) afraid of? Is it afraid of a New Year Spectacular show with beautiful ancient costumes and elegant dancing? The CCP once again extended its paws into the international community, suppressing and interfering with NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular shows. The South Korean Government bowed to the pressure from the CCP and cancelled the performance that was due to open on January 6th, 2007 at the National Theatre of Korea in Seoul. NTDTV held a press conference on January 9, 2007 at Taiwan’s Legislative Council to expose the CCP’s willful obstruction of an international high-quality artistic performance.

NTDTV holds a press conference in Taiwan’s Legislative Council to condemn CCP interference in New Years Spectacular shows

NTDTV began broadcasting in February 2002, and is headquartered in New York City. The basic purpose of the NTDTV is to report the facts and defy suppression from any political power. It provides thorough reports on sensitive topics that the CCP tries its utmost to block, but are closely linked to Chinese people, such as SARS, the truth about Falun Gong and about proposed Article 23 legislation in Hong Kong, and about human rights in China.

NTDTV holds its Global Chinese New Year Spectacular in many cities around the world each year for the last four years. Pure artistic contents and superb performance standards have been widely praised by the Chinese people. The performance held in 2006 in Radio City Music Hall in New York City won the seventh place of outstanding large-scale stage performance commented by Billboard, a magazine on top musical performances and professional performing arts.

NTDTV spokesperson Liu Ying-chuan said that the cancellation of the Seoul show was the latest among many CCP attempts to suppress NTDTV. South Korea's largest newspaper "Chosun Ilbo" and South Korea's national news agency "South Korea-Associated Press" recently reported that NTDTV reported on the human rights scandals in China and angered the CCP. The CCP pressured South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture to force the Korea National Theater to cancel the NTDTV New Year Spectacular show in Seoul, threatening to cancel the National Theatre’s performance in June in China if they did not comply. The South Korean government accepted the CCP’s demand, and the theater only notified the performance side a day before to cancel the contract. Today, in addition to exposing the matter, what is important is to let the world know the truth and evil nature of the CCP.

In addition, Liu Ying-chuan also referred to the Eutelsat satellite issue two years ago. The CCP attempted to knock NTDTV off the air, yet as a result, made NTDTV known to the world. The support gained from all sectors resulted in the European satellite company signing a six-year extension contract with NTDTV. She said as long as people bring righteous strength to full play, to present moral conscience, unfair treatment can be readily solved. The CCP’s wickedness can also be suppressed.

The CCP is against tradition, and scared of gentle singing and elegant dancing

Ming Chu-cheng points out that the CCP is even scared of a group of dancers wearing traditional costumes, showing the CCP’s anti-traditional culture

Wang Yumin, artistic director of the NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Spectacular thought that the art of dance is an international common language. Where there are arts and culture, there are beautiful, affluent countries with favorable weather and good people. No matter how the CCP suppresses the NTDTV, we are confident and will carry forward traditional Chinese culture in the form of dance and meet with international culture.

Member of Legislative Council Tian Chiu-Jin who watched the NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Gala with her mother last year said that the gala was full of warmth and the beauty of Chinese culture. She could not understand why the CCP’s dark paws would extend to the International art’s field, and did such an ugly thing. She said that she had thought of [why the CCP interfered with the NTDTV shows] for a long time, and there was only one reason she could think of, she confirmed that the NTDTV’s long-term news coverage on the CCP is true, and has truly stepped on the CCP’s sore spot. She further pointed out that the CCP has been shaping the rise of great power, but it has no means to rest assured for a show. It repeats the Empress Dowager’s approach, believing that so long as ships are firm and artillery is effective, the country would be prosperous and strong. However, only true culture roots and human rights can support the country’s century-long great cause. Today, the CCP’s trick exposes its weakness, allowing people around the world to see that the CCP is extremely guilty.

The three tricks the CCP uses to threaten, entice and block the Chinese New Year Gala

The NTDTV presented five shows in the first performance in 2004 to 76 shows in the fourth performance in 2007. The CCP has been suppressing all the time. Liu Ying-chun pointed out that the fact is that the NTDTV has been covering news on the CCP’s human rights abuses, therefore the CCP regards the NTDTV as its No. One enemy. Liu Ying-chun revealed the three tricks that the CCP used to persecute NTDTV’s Chinese New Year galas through local Chinese Consulate. First, the CCP exerts pressure to the venues rented overseas, such as the National Theatre of Korea in Seoul. Second, it threatens and intimidates performers who participate in the performances. For example, during the Christmas holidays in 2003, Australian singer Christian Bischoff was invited by the NTDTV Chinese New Year Gala and specially flew to New York to participate in the performance. Three hours before the plane took off, he received a phone call from the Chinese Embassy which attempted to stop him from taking part in the performance. Christian repeatedly told them with tremendous courage, "I’m an actor, I’ll participate in an unprecedented international event. This is a very beautiful thing. I’ll sing ‘Old Man River’ and ‘Song of Matador’. No one can stop me." Two Australian ballet dancers in 2006 gala were threatened by the CCP. They would no longer be allowed to go to China to give performances. Third, the CCP threatens non-governmental organizations or enterprises that sponsored the NTDTV’s Chinese New Year galas, claiming that their trading in Chinese markets would be reduced or canceled. A typical example was the Eutelsat incident two year ago when the CCP threatened the European satellite company with transactions during the 2008 Olympic Games, so that the company would no longer renew the contract with the NTDTV.

Fail in putting pressure, the CCP used "The Same Song" to export evil

Fail to exert pressure to cancel the NTDTV Chinese New Year galas in United States, Canada, and Australia, the CCP organized rival shows at the same time. Before the 2006 Chinese New Year, the CCP organized a "The Same Song" evening show in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. Observers pointed out that it is the CCP’s oft-used trick. The so-called promotion of traditional Chinese culture organized overseas actually the trick of the CCP’s "united front," to deceive the overseas Chinese people in the disguise of art, actually it is only to whitewash for its crumbling power.

"The Same Song" is the tool the CCP used to brainwash detained Falun Gong practitioners in prisons. The CCP uses it to control their thinking, intensify reformation, deceive and coerce detained Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief. This thing that has been degraded into being used by the evil CCP to suppress people’s belief, and persecute good people, was even brazenly performed in free and democratic countries, many people who have learned about the truth resisted it.