(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Yuqin from Ji County in Tianjin is detained in the Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin and is suffering from inhuman persecution. She has been on a hunger strike to protest for more than nine months so far and is very weak now.

The guards at the labor camp have prolonged the terms of diligent Falun Dafa practitioners who do not give up their belief. At present, the persecution is becoming more severe.

We call on the international investigation organizations to express their concerns, and hope more Dafa practitioners will pay attention to fellow practitioners in prisons and actively rescue them.

Address: Mailbox 31-4, Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp, Dagang District, Tianjin City, Postal code: 300270

Related Phone Numbers at the Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp:
Camp Head Hao Demin: 86-22-63252201, 86-13803060179 (Cell)
Head of the Education Section, Liu Yuxia, 86-22-63251069
No.3 Division, Li Wenjing: 86-22-63250179
The Office of Dagang District Procuratorate residing at the Labor Camp, Liu Xingang: 86-22-63252662, 86-22-63214644
Labor Camp Office: 86-22-63251479
Labor Camp Head, Hao Demin: 86-22-63252203 (Office), 86-13803060179 (Cell)
Heads of the No.2 Division: Liu Junying, Xia Chunli, 86-22-63251423 (Office)
Head of the No.1 Division: Guo Ling, Han Jinling (in charge of brainwashing, 86-13012282063), Gao Huachao, 86-22-63251415 (Office)
Head of the Labor Camp Bureau, Pei Yushun: 86-22-23320688 (Office), 86-13902039238 (Cell)
Division Head of the Labor Camp Bureau, Zheng Lianlin: 86-22-23392577 (Office), 86-13920415856 (Cell)
Complaint Center at the Dagang District Procuratorate: 86-22-63222000