(Clearwisdom.net) I read Teacher's new article "My Thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings." I hope to express with my own words and actions the beauty and glory of Falun Dafa again. I cannot help but be moved to tears.

Reading Teacher's new article, I strongly feel that the process of Fa-rectification is rapidly forging forward. I more deeply understand how important our responsibility is.

For thousands of years, all sentient beings have been looking forward to being saved and entering a bright future. They have waited a long time for this unprecedented righteous Fa that will never come again. I worry about those who are doing bad things and will be eliminated by history. It is now happening. During this process, no matter whether they understand it or not, people are clearly choosing their futures, voluntarily or involuntarily. The people who know the truth about Dafa and cherish what Dafa practitioners do, who understand the persecution of practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party, who understand that sentient beings have been poisoned by the CCP, and who announce their "three withdrawals" from the Party and its affiliated organizations will enter into a bright future.

As Dafa practitioners, we absolutely will not let down Teacher's benevolent and arduous salvation not the beings in all the realms.