I was lucky enough to be able to attend the fifth series of Teacher's lectures in Guangzhou, China from December 21, 1994 to December 28, 1994. Being very grateful for our Master's mercy to save sentient beings, I would like to share the remarkable miracles that Dafa has brought to me.

It was in the middle of December 1994 when I heard from practitioners who had attended Master's fourth series of lectures in Guangzhou that Master would hold a fifth series in Guangzhou at the end of December. I did not know that these would be the last classes that Master would give in mainland China.

Because we live in a somewhat remote area and there is a lack of communication, many people did not know the situation. We heard from the students who attended the last class in Guangzhou that Falun Gong was very effective in treating illnesses. At that time, I was very sick, suffering from bone spurs on my neck and spine, arteriosclerosis, congestive heart failure, atrophic gastritis and coronary heart disease. Every time my heart troubles flared up, I passed out.

As soon as I heard the news of Master's coming to give lectures in Guangzhou, I really wanted to go, but I could not afford the travel expenses. One of my sons had been suffering from a chronic disease. I myself was frequently hospitalized. My income was so little that I could hardly support my family.

My spouse had to borrow money from everybody we knew so that I could make the trip. Finally we raised enough money to pay for the trip. Before I left home, my spouse prepared for me a big package of various medications, including expensive pills which cost ten yuan per pill. At that time, I dared not go anywhere without my medication.

Just before I left home, I had an attack of spurs. I was in such pain that I could hardly get out of bed, but everybody encouraged me to not think about my illness at all. I became determined to attend Master's lectures and as a result, I recovered from my pain. On December 18, I reached Guangzhou successfully, along with many other people.

Early in the morning of December 21, we arrived at the site of the class. Soon, somebody said: "Here comes Teacher." We all rushed to the front to see our Master. Master looked to be about thirty years old, with a healthy, hearty and kind look. He was very impressive.

Our seats were on the second floor of the auditorium, not far from the platform where Master spoke, so we could see and hear quite well. There were about five thousand people attending this class. The auditorium could not accommodate all who came, so some people had to listen to the lectures outside via TV screens.

During the third class of the lectures, Master started to cleanse our bodies. Master told us to think of one of our illnesses, and then to follow Master's hand gestures to stamp our left feet, then our right feet.

Master said: "I am going to remove your heart diseases and hypertension." Following Master's hand movements, I felt something touch my heart; it was not very comfortable. But after I went back to my room after the class, I felt much better, as if nothing ever happened. On the next day when I got up, my heart was very comfortable and really experienced the feeling of ease and lightness without any illness. I felt I had become much younger.

At midnight of the next day, however, I suddenly felt that my heart was feeling abnormal and I was about to have another heart attack. At that time I was not enlightened well and did not understand Master's Fa well, I did not realize that Master was cleansing my body. But later I remembered Master saying that no matter how uncomfortable we felt, we had to persist to come to the class, and that as long as we walked into the class we would not have any symptoms and we would not be in any danger. Thinking of this, I gradually calmed down and attended the class next day. I had no unusual symptoms after that.

One night when we were discussing points from the lectures, we heard yelling outside: "Master is displaying the Falun! Come quickly to take a look!" We all went out to check and saw a Falun in the sky shining red, green, yellow and blue. It illuminated half the sky and continued to shine for quite a long time. Everybody saw the Falun but the colors everyone saw were different. We were all amazed.

I realized then that Dafa is no simple, ordinary qigong. When I went back home I told myself that I would make great efforts to practice this Falun Gong. Falun Gong did not exist in this human world in our history.

On December 28, when the class was over, we grudgingly left our Master and left Guangzhou. The only regret I had was that I had not taken any pictures with Master. However, we know that Master is with us all the time. Every morning before I get up from bed, I clearly sense the rotation of the Falun in my abdomen, constantly reminding me of Master's mercy to save the sentient beings. I am 78 years old but I walk straight and fast.

As Dafa practitioners, we cannot repay Master's benevolence. What we can do is to do the three things well so as to live up to Master's expectation to fulfill our mission and to return home with our Master.

November 29, 2006