(Clearwisdom.net) When I give the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to some people, and suggest that they quit the Party, I often hear some Chinese people say, "I am not interested in politics." They even say, "Get away from me, do not talk to me about these things."

Do they truly have no interest in the Nine Commentaries? They have not even read the content. How do they know it has nothing to do with them? If it has something to do with them, how can they say they are not interested? Actually, these words are only repeating what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has told them.

They say they are not interested in politics, but when the CCP launched political movements or other significant events, they had to take a stand, orally and in writing, so that they would be in line with the Party.

They say they are not interested in politics, but in what they say and write, and the messages that they pass on via the Internet, they do not at all dare to go beyond the boundaries of what the CCP allows.

They say they are not interested in politics, but what they say, what they write and what they transmit through the Internet dares not go beyond what the CCP allows them to do.

They say they are not interested in politics, but have to draw a clear line between themselves and the CCP enemies (including their relatives). Moreover, they even go to the point that they have to help a tyrant do evil by hitting people when they are down.

They say they are not interested in politics, but unconsciously, they really do not know the difference between right and wrong, and do not want to take charge of themselves. They are unable to decide what they want to see or hear. Is this what is meant by "having no interest"?

Actually, all of what they have said about "having no interest" in politics is to avoid being struck by the CCP's hidden thunder, should they not be careful. The basis for the notion of "having no interest" stems from the CCP playing politics, and is the result that the CCP hopes for. These people who "have no interest" are fundamentally having the effect of protecting the CCP's evil despotic rule. What's amusing is that on the one hand, these people are protecting the CCP evil politics, but on the other hand, they are actually accusing those who are helping them understand the truth, of getting political. They are unknowingly confounding right and wrong.

Someone said that people in western countries are not interested in politics either. Yes, in the west there are also those who aren't interested in politics. But they have a right to participate in politics, and discuss politics. They have a right to maintain their benefits. They have the right to understand the truth, and they have a right to freely express their own wishes. It is just that they do not want to get involved in politics, that's all. It is not at all the same as the people living under the dictatorship of the CCP, the so-called "having no interest" by people who have no rights whatsoever!

Some say, why should I be interested? The CCP bad deeds have nothing to do with me, as long as I'm a good person it's okay. Maybe you have not directly murdered or persecuted people. However, for the sake of the benefits that lie before you and to maintain the superficial peace, you do not care about your conscience, morals or sense of justice. You are allowing the CCP to kill and harm the innocent. Could this count as being a good person? Let's say you have no way to stop the CCP from killing people, but the CCP is killing and persecuting people, yet you don't want to quit the Party. Aren't you one of its members who are helping to support its existence? Moreover, you already made a poisonous oath towards the evil spirit of the CCP, to devote yourself to it completely. When Heaven eliminates the CCP, how can you break away from it? How will you escape the punishment?

Actually, if you are only interested in the immediate benefits in front of you, whilst they may seem real, they actually aren't. Should your life be endangered and close to being claimed, what is the point of your grabbing benefits? If you are not even interested in your life, what else could you be interested in? Heaven will eliminate the CCP, and you are still using the excuse of "having no interest" to shirk and dodge responsibility. You are harming yourself! Do not keep deceiving people. Quickly find out the truth, and understand the truth. Quickly quit the evil CCP!