(Clearwisdom.net) The evil deeds perpetrated at the Women's Prison in Nanjing have recently been exposed on the Clearwisdom website. However, the authorities there continue to do evil. Among them are guards Meng Tianymei, Huang Fengying and Qian Zhi, who can be described as the most vicious ones in terms of their persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Actions violating the law can be seen everywhere in the Women's Prison in Nanjin.

Qian Zhi is the head of the Sixth Area of the prison. She said, "Do you think there is no way to deal with you stubborn Falun Gong who refuse to 'reform'? See if I dare to unclothe all of you?" As soon as she said this, people standing nearby started to strip the practitioners.

Guard Huang Fengying once dragged Dafa practitioner Huang Lijun outside with several of her hatchet men. Several hours later, when Huang Lijun was dragged back, her entire body was covered with bruises and wounds. Lying on the ground, she couldn't move and could hardly breathe. Seeing her like that, everyone was worried. If she had been beaten to death that day, nobody would even know.

Dafa practitioner Song Weijuan was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Subjected to various tortures, she suffered for a long period of time and her health was very poor. She had heart attacks and could hardly eat. However, the police of the Sixth Area not only did not allow her to take any rest, guard Meng Tianmei even forced her to work for more than ten hours every day. She was also deprived of her rights to communicate with her family, and to receive visits from her family.

As far as I know, the Women's Prison in Nanjing started to incarcerate Dafa practitioners in March, 2003. In the beginning, practitioners were locked up in every area. Later, a so-called "strike hard" team was set up in the Second Area. Each area had to send one guard there to help brainwash the practitioners. A deputy head from the Fifth Area named Xu was appointed as the team leader. She probably comes from Zhengjiang.

Initially not many practitioners were detained. Each practitioner was monitored around the clock by two criminal inmates. Practitioners were not allowed to leave the cell and had to have their meals in the cells. The criminal inmates were forced to help the guards to "transform" and brainwash practitioners. They were also required to record everything practitioners said or did and submit the records to the guards.

In order to "transform" practitioners, the authorities brought in two collaborators from Nantong to help them. It was said that one of the collaborators would soon be released on probation. Team leader Xu worked very hard to brainwash practitioners. She often lured the criminals with claims that their sentences would be reduced, and threatened them to make them work harder. Every day she "had a talk" with a different practitioner. She ordered the criminals to force practitioners to watch a videotape of the Tiananmen self-immolation and read evil books that slandered Dafa. Sometimes she copied articles by collaborators from other regions and ordered practitioners to read them.

Team leader Xu put the several betrayers in Group One of the Second Area and separated those who appeared to be easy to "transform" into different groups. The so-called "transformed" ones could see their family members once every month, watch TV, go shopping, etc. Those who refused to "transform" were brutally tortured. On one occasion a Dafa practitioner from Changzhou was detained and tortured separately in the visiting building (I learned this from the criminal who was in charge of her). One week later, she disappeared from the Second Area.

At that time there were about thirty plus practitioners being persecuted in the Second Area. However, some practitioners who had studied the Fa well refused to cooperate with the evil. They were not persecuted and no one tried to transform them any longer.

Once a guard in the Second Area played a videotape slandering Dafa. Many criminal inmates who didn't know the truth about Dafa were deeply poisoned. As a result, the guard encountered retribution right away and became sick.

I hereby call for all kind-hearted people to show your concern and help stop the persecution of Dafa practitioners in the Women's Prison in Nanjing, so that they can obtain freedom.

Brief introduction: The Prison in Nanjing and the Women's Prison in Nanjing are located near each other, at 8 Ningshuang Road, Tiexinqiao Town, Yuhuatai District in Nanjing City. The women's prison became independent from the main prison in 2002.

There is a clothing factory and another factory in front of the prisons, and an artillery corps opposite the prisons. The artillery corps runs several shops at the front of its building, including a convenience shop and a restaurant. It seems that there is also a small hostel. Farmland surrounds the area.

In the Women's Prison, prisoners in the First, Second and Third Areas have been forced to make clothing. The Fourth Area is the Entry Team. Prisoners in the Fifth and Sixth Areas are forced to do hard labor and are now also forced to make clothing. The Fifth and Sixth Areas are not next to the First, Second and Third Areas, but are close to the men's prison. Ding Yanhong, who is in her thirties, was in charge of the Third Area. She was once a teacher, and she was divorced and had no children. She was demoted in 2003 for unknown reasons. Team Leader Xu and Ding Yanhong were both in charge of the "strike hard" campaign to brainwash Dafa practitioners. Party commissar Wu Xiaofeng was responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners in the prison. She was transferred from the Women's Prison in Nantong. She tried everything she could to "transform" practitioners.

Head warden: Mao Jun

Party commissar: Wu Xiaofeng

Chief policewoman persecuting Falun Gong: Meng Tianmei

Head warden of the Sixth Area: Ye Ning

Deputy head wardens: Qiu Tong, Hong Xianghong

Telephone numbers: 86-25-52353917, 86-25-52353956