Greetings to our most respected Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

After the revelation of organ harvesting from living Dafa disciples in China by the Communist regime was revealed, I felt very sad. It seemed as though I was able to feel the pain these Dafa disciples experienced when being subjected to this torture. I understood that all Dafa disciples are one body and the next person's things are our things. I understood it as being a so-called test, which was arranged by the old forces for Dafa disciples. This test was also aimed at shocking the numb hearts of ordinary people. I had only one thought at that time: we must let all people know the truth of this cruel persecution and let the people that are already aware of the truth speak out justly. If such inhuman facts cannot awaken the hearts of these people, their futures could be quite troublesome.

With this thought in mind, in addition to practitioners clarifying the truth on the streets of Dublin every week, they also went to the Dail (one of Ireland's Houses of Government) to let the TDs (representatives), senators, and people who work in the government buildings know about the truth. On top of this, practitioners also went to RTE (Ireland's national television network), sent forth righteous thoughts, and conducted a demonstration of an organ harvesting operation. The purpose of these actions was to inform people of the cruel facts about China's harvesting of Dafa disciple's organs while they are still alive.

Since my arrival in Ireland ten years ago, I have always wished to spread the Fa to every corner of Ireland. Therefore, after Fa study, through sharing and discussions with fellow practitioners, we thought that more Irish people could play their roles and awaken their consciences if we let them know about this persecution, particularly the facts of organ harvesting. Master has previously mentioned that everyone on this earth came here for the Fa, and that the three realms were created for this Fa rectification. Therefore, perhaps every being is waiting for Dafa disciples to spread the truth to them and to fulfil their wish—in other words, to contribute something at the time when our Master is teaching Dafa and thereby laying a good foundation for their futures. At the same time, via the Minghui/Clearwisdom website and other media, this righteous force can be passed to Mainland China to suffocate and eliminate the evil, as well as reducing the persecution of Dafa disciples and helping to stop this inhuman suppression as soon as possible.

With such an understanding, seven of us in three cars began our two-week "SOS: Rescue the Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners in China" car tour.

Although there were only seven practitioners during the first week of our car tour, Dafa disciples are one body. Many practitioners helped to prepare banners, posters, truth clarification materials, etc.

We handed in letters to all the counties we visited. At the same time, we set up truth clarification posters, banners, a table for signing petition letters, and so on. Many people stopped to read the information as soon as we set up. We set up out displays in every area we visited. Many watched our exercise practice and asked what was happening. Almost everyone we talked with signed the petition letter and kindly promised us that they would mail their signed letter to the Irish leaders in hopes that the Irish government will take action to stop this persecution. We were very moved by their kindness and this made our efforts worthwhile, no matter how tired we were.

During the first week of our tour, we were constantly on the go, so we didn’t arrange time for Fa study and doing the exercises very well. Everybody felt very tired. When we realised this issue, we adjusted our schedule to ensure that we had time to study and practice. As a result, we did not feel that tired any longer, but instead felt energetic. During the trip, everyone seemed to select his or her own assignment naturally and the overall coordination was very good. Some male practitioners held banners as the places we visited were mainly along the coast and it was always quite windy. In addition, the banners were almost six metres long, so they were rather difficult to hold. It was a hard job to hold them for several hours each day. Practitioners who spoke better English would look after the petition letters, while other practitioners demonstrated the exercises. We also understood that it was important to send fourth righteous thoughts at every place we visited. At least one practitioner would do this at a time. The practitioner would do this for a long time to clear up the environment. We asked Master to strengthen the group’s righteous thoughts and to bring those predestined people to us in order to learn the truth. In this way, we helped each other and worked together well, so that our time was used very efficiently everyday.

In bigger cities, there were naturally quite a lot of people and so many people learned the facts. However, when we went to a small town, and particularly on a Sunday, there would be far fewer people on the streets. Our boundlessly compassionate Master, however, had numerous ways to bring people to us. The first Sunday we were in Tipperary, a small town with only one main street. We went there quite early because practitioners who joined us for the weekend needed to return home early and as a result we needed to finish early. What could we do? Master sent many people by car—the number of cars passing by our stands and posters were so many that they continued to drive by almost the entire time we were there. They all had to stop for a short moment, though, in front of our banners and posters. We handed out between seven and eight hundred copies of paper and other materials in about three hours, although very few people were walking on the streets.

During the second week of our car tour, we went to several counties in the northwest of Ireland. There were not too many people on the streets there, either. However, after we sent forth righteous thoughts, the local radio station and newspaper came to interview us. It seemed as though there were not too many people for us to talk to, but more people could learn the truth through the media. Our Master has boundless power.

At Galway, when we arrived many people came to us and immediately signed the petition. One newspaper also came and conducted an interview. People could not believe what was happening and they thought this kind of inhumane persecution should no longer exist on this planet. We told people about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, the cruel persecution, the determination of Dafa disciples, etc. Many women cried and felt that the persecution was extremely brutal.

During the tour, we met several groups of people from Northern Ireland. They asked us why we did not go to Northern Ireland. I felt sorry that we had not done well enough and had let them wait so long to learn the truth.

There were also many touching incidents that occurred. The first day we went to Wexford and settled down in a hostel named Rosslare Harbour. This hostel had been closed for several years and had only reopened this summer. It was as if they had reopened just for us. The property owner supported us and asked for truth clarification materials and a petition letter. He also said that he would tell other customers and their friends about the true situation. Such touching stories occurred in every hostel we stayed. Sentient beings who have learned the truth are taking it upon themselves to spread the truth.

In Cork we met with the mayor, who told us he would raise the issue with the leader of his political party and tried to reach a resolution in the council. In Mayo, we met with the county manager. He expressed his support and said that he would talk with council members in the county about how to help us.

I would also like to share some of my individual cultivation experiences. During the first week, I was not able to study the Fa and practice because I was too tired. This was because after everything was completed, it was very late. On the second day of the tour, I was almost the last one to wake up and when I got up, I felt very tired. I realised that this state was not right and proposed an adjustment to the time schedule. I then felt much better. Each time we reached a new county, we would send forth righteous thoughts for a long time. I have cultivated for about 10 years and so it is not a problem for me to cross my legs for one hour. However, my legs would be in great pain after about 40 or 50 minutes while sending forth righteous thoughts. Although I can sit in the tranquil meditation, it was a little difficult for me to keep sitting during the time when we send forth righteous thoughts and my left knee was also a little high and not straight. During the car tour, I could not endure very much during the first several days. I realized that it was time for me to improve my level. I noticed that I had reached the limit of my endurance, so I thought that I must break through this limitation. With this understanding, I realized that my legs were no longer as painful as before when sending forth righteous thoughts. From then on, I was able to send forth righteous thoughts for almost an hour.

At Galway, when sending forth righteous thoughts, I vaguely saw a green dinosaur-like monster jumping towards me. I recited the Fa-rectification verse. Afterwards, I felt that it had been eliminated. At that exact time, there was a local person who said some bad words towards a practitioner. I knew it was the evil controlling that person to say those words. However, one Irish lady spoke up for us. The person then went away after the evil was eliminated. Later, that same person returned to us and apologized for his behavior.

During this journey, we visited 15 counties. We were interviewed by several media and talked with the mayors of several counties. Tens of thousands of copies of truth clarification materials were distributed, and thousands of signed petition letters have been mailed to the premier. Some other practitioners also joined the car tour during the two weekends, which let us feel that Dafa disciples are one body. Many people have learned the truth and every practitioner who participated in the car tour improved to some extent.

After the car tour, the report from the Canadian independent investigation into organ harvesting was released, and we continued to expose these evil deeds to the TDs, medical organizations and medical professionals, the media, government, and ordinary people.

We are planning to spread the truth to every county of Ireland and let more people know the facts to stop this persecution as soon as possible.

Thank you, compassionate Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners, for working so hard!