(Clearwisdom.net) The Hohhot Women's Forced Labor Camp (the sign on the building says: Hohhot Women's Labor Technical School) is located inShuaijiaying Village, Zijie Township in the Xiaoheihe Region. It is on the south side of Hohhot City, right next to the women’s prison, newly built in 2003. Since 1999, this labor camp has used vicious methods to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. It is a very evil place, and it was decorated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the so-called "Advanced Transform Unit."

Ms. Wang Xia has been detained there since November 1999. She was the first practitioner in the region illegally put into a forced labor camp. The guards and inmates often tortured and abused her. At one time, when Ms. Wang was doing the Falun Gong exercises on the upper berth, the guards dragged her down and threw her to the ground. When her pregnancy was confirmed, the guards still forced her to do heavy labor.

Practitioner Ms. Qin Kejing was tortured there as well. Due to persecution, she developed stomach cancer in detention. In late 2002, she died shortly after being released.

The labor camp guards followed Jiang Zemin’s CCP evil regime closely. They actively carried out Jiang’s instruction to eliminate Falun Gong and deepen the persecution against practitioners. They went to the Chaoyang District in Beijing to learn persecution methods in the spring of 2005. Upon their return, they arbitrarily tortured practitioners in May of the same year, using various torture methods. Sixty-year-old Ms. Wang Xiufang was hung from a door frame. She began a hunger strike that lasted for more than 40 days. Guards force-fed her in a barbaric way and two of her teeth were knocked out in the process. After this violent and coercive "transformation" policy was instituted, many practitioners couldn’t bear the vicious torture. Under the intense mental and physical pressure, some of them knocked their heads on the wall, jumped from the building, or wrote the "guarantee letter" against their own wills. (Note: Extreme pain may cause a person to threaten to commit suicide or inflict self-harm to escape the suffering. This type of tragedy often happens when a human being severely persecutes another. However, these are not the actions and thoughts that a cultivator should have, because they do not conform to the important requirements of Falun Dafa, which strictly forbid killing and suicide.)

The labor camp held a so-called "exposing and criticizing" meeting in 2002. Dafa practitioners stood up against it. Guards dragged those practitioners to a higher level of the building and used electric batons on them. Practitioners rolled back and forth on the floor after the high voltage shocks. Ms. Li Ronglan threatened to harm herself to protest the illegal and brutal persecution. Guards tied her to the pole of the bunk and forced her to stand there for a long period of time. One female practitioner suffered a mental collapse due to torture. The labor camp decided to deliver her home. On her way home, the car rolled over. Although she had cosmetic surgery, her face was ruined for life. Another practitioner also became mentally disordered due to the torture. She would strip herself naked and run in the camp yard. The team leader even used this to mock and slander Falun Gong. Practitioner Ms. Hu Suhua was hung on a window frame for a long time. The guards refused to let her use the restroom. Later, she became mentally traumatized.

Common Torture Methods Used by Guards for Persecuting Practitioners:

Squat: Heels align against each other. Within minutes, the muscles become sore and numb.
Stand: No time limit. For days and nights not allowed to close one's eyes.
Hang: Tips of toes barely touch the floor, hands are handcuffed and hung. Ms. Li Ronglan was once hung for over 40 days.
Fly: Feet off the ground, arms handcuffed together and hung high.
Back cuff: The same posture as "carrying a sword in the back."
Beating: Utilizing fists and kicks, sometimes using broomsticks to hit one’s mouth. Blood drips on the floor.
Electric-shock: Using electric batons to shock face, neck, and other sensitive spots. Pour water on the floor and connect it with electricity. Oder practitioners to stand in the water barefoot. Some people couldn’t stand this torture and eventually "enlightened" down an evil path.
Starve: Give practitioners only a small bun for each meal.

There are many more vicious methods. Guards often used confined drug-addicts to torture practitioners. These wicked individuals were eager to fawn over the guards. They treated practitioners badly. The drug-addict in charge of "monitor and control" said, "If I don’t beat you, the team leader will curse me and add prison time to my term." Practitioners became healthy after they practiced Falun Gong. But because of the long-term mental and physical torture at forced labor camp, many of them suffered severe physical harm. Many developed symptoms of heart disease and high blood pressure, some were as high as 220 and 240. Some practitioners suffered unbearable heartaches, and some became mentally disoriented. Their cheeks often turned black and red from fever. Nevertheless, the guards still forced them to complete highly intensive labor quotas.

While practitioners suffered physical persecution, they were also subject to the more vicious psychological torment. They were watched for long periods of time and were not allowed to talk to each other, especially those who were not well "transformed." Guards and drug-addict inmates tried everything possible to humiliate practitioners. They threatened and intimidated practitioners to watch programs of deceit and lies, forcing practitioners to express their opinions, state their thoughts, and slander Falun Dafa. They organized collaborators to circle around and attack practitioners who refused to be "transformed" and those who were not well "transformed." At meal time and lineup time every day, they forced practitioners to sing the CCP’s song. The labor camp would hold a "raising the flag" ceremony every Monday when practitioners were forced to hold up their hands and say the "vow." (1) Sometimes, they made practitioners watch "The Same Song." (2) All these methods were used to achieve the goal of brainwashing practitioners. At holidays and New Year's, the labor camp would organize artistic performances and they forced practitioners to participate.

In 2003, the labor camp brought out a new rule: At the Chinese New Year, they would allow a few people who were "well-behaved" and near the end of their term to go home to spend the new year. Their purpose was to have those people write letters of gratitude to the guards, as well as writing "exposing and criticizing" letters that slander Falun Dafa.

Inmates are required to get up at 6:00 a.m. and to start working at 6:30 a.m. There are three intervals for meals: 7:00 a.m. for breakfast, 11:30 a.m. for lunch, and 5:30 p.m. for dinner. The rest of the time, inmates do slave labor. They work until late at night. Nevertheless, the guards increased the intensity of the labor again and again. Wrapping up at ten o’clock is considered early. Sometimes, practitioners work till 3 o’clock in the morning. Every day, practitioners spend long hours working, and the work is ultra-intense. When someone can’t finish the quota, she has to work until early morning. Then, after dawn, she begins a new day’s work. If she still can’t keep up with the work, the labor camp adds more time to her sentence.


At 7:00 a.m. in the morning, breakfast is a wheat bun tainted black. Everybody gets a little serving of vegetables, such as a dried turnip strip. At 11:30 a.m., they eat a repulsive vegetable soup made of rotten vegetables dug out of a garbage pit and a few pieces of potato or pig skin. At the bottom of the soup bowl is a layer of dust and sand. Supper is similar to lunch, with a wheat bun and soup. Every year for about one or two months, there is black sand in the meal. Chewing the food often produces a hissing sound. When the price of rice is higher than flour, so for nearly ten months during the year, the inmates don’t see any rice.


Whenever there is an inspection, the labor camp conducts a complete cleaning. The food is changed. They closely keep watch on "people with problems." During the SARs period, the camp conducted a so-called "isolation." A team leader, carrying a spray can, sprayed here and there. Three days later, he stopped spraying. The team leaders and delivery persons came in and out, which didn’t meet the requirement of "isolation." A TV station came to video record the labor camp. Guards ordered some practitioners to stand and do physical exercises. They also ordered several people to pretend to play basketball. They made a few practitioners lay down their work and go to the library to pretend to be reading. Two officers of the Procuratorate in Heihe came and held a meeting. They asked inmates to report whether they were abused. The team leaders stood on the side and watched, sneering. They got a female attorney to give lectures in the labor camp. Guards dragged a few practitioners to listen to the lecture and "inquire." From the top to the bottom of the system, there was blatant deception. Everything was falsified. The labor camp gave physical examinations. Doctors drew blood from everyone, saying that it was to check whether anyone had liver disease. But they didn’t give back any test results. Now, it is known that drawing blood is possibly a preparation for harvesting Falun Gong practitioners’ organs.


The labor camp store sells products for a much higher price than the market price. The labor camp assigns sugar and tea to everyone and deducts money from everyone’s account. When family members bring money in, things like "forgetting to add to the account" often happens. Situations like having more deductions to the account than it should have or deducting money from the wrong account often occur. Upon release, many practitioners found their accounts were short of money for no reason. A one or two hundred-yuan shortage is considered a small amount. At other times, when practitioners thought that their money was missing, they asked the team leaders to examine their accounts, but they still couldn’t find out what happened.


When one practitioner was arrested, her husband, a practitioner in Shanghai, escaped. The labor camp made the practitioner induce her husband to visit her. When the husband got there, the guards detained him and sent him to the 610 Office. Therefore another practitioner was detained in the labor camp. The guards heard that her sister was a practitioner. They immediately asked her to call her sister. Their purpose was to find out her sister’s work address and home address. Soon after, the sister was arrested and sent to the labor camp. The labor camp makes people implicate their relatives, such as their mother, daughter, aunt, nephew, or sister.

Below is a partial list of the evil guards:

Former Political commissar Wei Xuanmin, male: 86-471-5693024 (home). He has been in charge since 1999. He was transferred to the Muji Forced Labor Camp, Inner Mongolian.

Current political commissar Ms. Zhang
Former director Zhang Zhongshu, in charge for a long time before 2004. She is now retired.
Current directors Ms. Sun, Mr. Wang
Deputy director Guo Xiangzhi: 86-471-5693024 (home), mainly in charge of persecuting Falun Gong
Section head Yuan
Ran Xuelin: 86-471-5693087 (home)
Chen Min: 86-471-5693106 (home)

Accounting section:

Wu Qingying, She deducts money from practitioners’ accounts when they are released, at least one or two hundred yuan.


Kong Guihua: 86-471-5692946 (home), head of the First Division since 2003, with the nickname Kong Demon, is very vicious.
Zhang Enqin: 86-471-5693087 (home), head of the First Division since February 2003, nicknames "Big Demon." She and her husband both work at the labor camp.
Zhang Hong: 86-471-6553386 (home), 86-13644844844 (cell), vicious to both Falun Gong and everyday people, nickname is "No. 2 Demon."
Chang Hong: 86-13081503967 (cell), head of the Third Division, she is good at using both threats and persuasion to confuse practitioners.
Huang Xuhong, 86-471-6293456 (home), the political head of the Third Division, also an efficient agent for the 610 Office.
Chen Xia relied on so-called "accomplishments" to obtain personal gain and be promoted, she was promoted from team leader to political head.
Wu Zhihui: 86-471-5693032 (home)
Li Xiumei, Liu Xiaoguang, Wang Yan, Cui Min, Zhang Jianhua, Yan Meiqing, Guo Cuicui, Yang Meixin, Guo Shuhua, and Zhao Jianping

Additional information:

The Inner Mongolian 610 Office is now called "Attacking Cult Office"
Office director Song Jianguo
Deputy directors Zhang Xiumei, Wu Guangzhi, and Han Wu
Baotou City 610 Office head Su
Collaborators who help the 610 Office and the labor camp to "transform" practitioners:
Zhang Xiuxia, Guo Junxiu, Mi Shengli, Hou Yufeng, Hao Jingxia, Qi Yonghui, Jiao Xiufeng, Jiang Fengping, Ma Ying, Song Xiaoying, etc.


(1) Vow: A vow that affirms one’s loyalty to the CCP.

(2) "The Same Song:" Originally an ordinary song, but later used by the CCP as a tool to brainwash practitioners. Please see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2006/1/18/69094.html