(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Ping is a Falun Gong practitioner from Tanggu, Tianjin City. On December 19, 2005, she was illegally taken into police custody and sent to Tanggu District Detention Center in Tanggu, Tianjin City. She was illegally imprisoned for over 30 days and suffered brutal persecution. Because she refused to renounce her faith in Falun Gong, she was illegally sentenced to two years in Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp on January 16, 2006. The camp has subjected her to many forms of torture. She was put in an isolation room watched by torturers around the clock who deprived her of sleep, of eating in the canteen, of water, of interacting with anyone except the torturers and of writing letters to her family.

At present Ms. Li Ping continues to suffer from the torture from the No.3 Team at Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp, also known as the Team to Attack Determined Falun Gong Practitioners. Since March 3, 2006, Ms. Li Ping has been on a hunger strike to protest the illegal imprisonment and torture against her.

During her hunger strike protest, the so-called medical staff, instead of nourishing her back to health, aggravated her further by subjecting her to the torture of force-feeding, which caused gum-bleeding, ischemic heart disease, gastric pain and visual disturbances.

Ms. Li Ping has become a sack of bones due to the severe emaciation and the torture of force-feeding. She is so emaciated that she is beyond recognition. She is unable to get up from the bed on her own and is dying. But the camp refuses to release her for medical treatment.

Warden Hao Demin said, "What's the big deal to be on a hunger strike for a few days? Don't even think of being released for such a petty problem." Chief of the Disciplinary Section Liu Yuxia said, "It is too early to worry about it." Moreover, they have never stopped or mitigated the torture. [Despite Ms. Li Ping's alarming health condition,] Liu Yuxia and Li Wenjing, Caption of No.3 Team, even commented, "Li Ping is lazy. She refuses to cooperate with us for practicing the military trot."

On June 26, 2006, Ms. Li Ping's family went to the camp to visit her, but the visit was denied. Li Wenjing and Liu Yuxia told them, "Li Ping does not want to see you. She refuses to come out." But the truth is that Li Ping looks so frighteningly tortured that they did not want her family to witness her condition.

Ms. Li Ping has always been tortured in the No.3 Team. Since August 2006, Ms. Li has been under the watch of the Intensive Watch Group. She is unable to move around on her own and has to lean on others to walk. The prison police deny her buying anything from the camp's shop or grocery store. If she needs to buy any food, she has to apply for the purchase in advance. Ms. Li Ping has been imprisoned in the camp since January 2006. On July 20, 2006, she wrote a letter to her family, but as of August 30, 2006 her family had not received the letter.

Ms. Li Ping is at death's door. We urge everyone of conscience to help rescue her from the camp.

Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp

Warden Hao Demin: 86-22-63252201 86-13803060179(Cell)
Chairman of the Disciplinary Division Ms. Liu Yuxia: 86-22-63251069
Captain of No.3 Team Ms. Li Wenjing: 86-22-63250179

Dagang Procuratorate's Branch Office in Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp

Mr. Liu Xingang: 86-22-63252662 86-22-63214644