(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner’s wife suddenly suffered a brain hemorrhage and went to the hospital for surgery. I went to visit her in the hospital, and had a brief discussion with her husband in the corridor.

This practitioner told me: After his wife was moved into the operating room, he sat by the door and tried hard to find his attachments and loopholes. He came up with more than a dozen and finally found one that made him shiver. It was lust! He quickly deleted the popular music he had been listening to, along with the pictures of women on his cell phone screen. That first night his wife was being specially treated and did not need family members to take care of her, so he went home and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the lust. It was very difficult; he could not even sit steadily. After sending forth righteous thoughts, he had cold sweat all over his body.

Several days later I spoke with him again. He told me: In the past half year my cultivation state was not very good, and I did not do any Dafa work. I worried about being interfered with by the evil or being abducted and persecuted in a forced labor camp. The other day I made haste to catch up and study the Fa, and read all the Fa lectures and articles in succession. I started to do what I should do. Just as I began to become diligent, this thing happened unexpectedly. The evil did not strike at me, but my wife. Encountering this interference I again failed to keep up with what I should do. But after this tribulation I became clear and knew I had to be diligent. Whenever I have any bad thought, I immediately eliminate it and never indulge it.

This is what the fellow practitioner said after searching inward. Actually, the fellow practitioner’s attachment of lust existed only in his thoughts. He did not exhibit any bad behavior. His attachment of lust was limited to viewing some pictures and movies. Even so, the interference that he encountered was tremendous. It had a negative impact on his energy and ability to clarify the truth to ordinary people.

I was greatly touched by this event because I had not completely eliminated the attachment of lust either. Over the course of a year I also watched adult movies two or three times. I even found excuses for my filthy attachment when I did this: That another practitioner also watched it, and he started practicing Falun Gong before I did, and since we only watched and no action was involved, there should not be any problem. I finally realized the seriousness of not completely eliminating this attachment! After sharing experiences with this fellow practitioner, I held Master’s Fa lecture, "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital,"and asked Master to strengthen me so I could completely get rid of dirty human notions. After I finished Fa study, I sweat all over and my body was completely cleansed! Pure and righteous energy filled the entire field!

Here I share this lesson from our fellow practitioner and how I treated my attachment. I hope that fellow practitioners with similar attachments can hurry to get rid of this very dangerous attachment!

Here is another example that happened around me in which someone stumbled heavily.

One fellow practitioner did the three things pretty well, however one day when he was preparing the truth-clarification materials, he was arrested and sentenced to forced labor. The reason is that he could not get rid of the attachment to watching pornographic videos, and he even watched them with ordinary people. He did not become sexually involved with anyone outside of marriage, and he only watched it, but the lust substance that existed in his brain was real!

After I shared this experience with other practitioners, we discovered that among the local practitioners that were illegally sentenced to forced labor, half of them were persecuted because they had not gotten rid of this attachment of lust.

I did not want to write this down, until I realized how many fellow practitioners are still not diligent in cultivation. They have been completely infatuated by the demons of lust, which is more dangerous than playing with fire! I hope those who have the same attachment can awaken from this lesson from fellow practitioners!