(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Liu Guifu and Ms. Zhang Lianying from Beijing were illegally imprisoned in Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp for a long time. Their belief in Dafa was firm, so the labor camp gave up persecuting them with torture and brainwashing. They were each imprisoned in a single room in the training center unit and separated from other people for a few months.

Ms. Zhang Lianying is Beijing practitioner Niu Jinping's wife. When Mr. Niu met with European Parliament Vice President Edward McMillan-Scott, he talked about his wife's suffering under the persecution. For doing so, he was put under surveillance. Another Beijing practitioner, Cao Dong, who joined the meeting was arrested by secret police.

Last year when Ms. Liu Guifu was being persecuted in Beijing Women's Labor Camp, minghui.ca, a US website, published many reports about her and her daughter, and also appealed for her rescue. Thus, when Mr. Novak, the United Nation's Special Rapporteur on Torture, came to investigate in Beijing, Ms. Liu Guifu became one of the investigation witnesses. That day, Ms. Liu was brought to the office of the head of the labor camp, but she didn't see Mr. Novak at all. We don't know what trick the labor camp used to dodge the United Nation's Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Another firm Beijing practitioner, Ms. Liu Xiangfen, had already been released from the camp openly and aboveboard. Ms. Liu Guifu and Ms. Liu Xiangfen were imprisoned together in Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp (in the fourth group) when they were sent to the labor camp for the first time. After they went home, Ms. Liu Guifu often went to take care of Ms. Liu Xiangfen when Ms. Liu Xiangfen had her third baby, since they lived very close to each other. In 2005, police took them away from their respective homes on the same day. When Ms. Liu Xiangfen was in the labor camp she fasted to protest the illegal imprisonment. When she dropped to 35 kg. (77 lb.), the labor camp had to release her early. Before this, there seemed to be no instance of going home early while not complying with the rules in Beijing labor camps.

At present, Ms. Liu Guifu and Ms. Zhang Lianying are taking measures to protest in the labor camp in order to be set free with a verdict of not guilty, but the details are still not known. Hopefully, practitioners in China and abroad can send righteous thoughts for them or make phone calls to the labor camp, so as to help them leave earlier.