1. Mr. Liang Yanjun was Persecuted to Death and Ms. Wang Shumin was Illegally Sentenced

The couple Mr. Liang Yanjun and Ms. Wang Shumin from 5th Street, Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, were illegally arrested and persecuted by the people from Shuanta local police station and residents' committee. Because they did not give up cultivation, they were sent to Nanma brainwashing class. Under the long-term threat, Mr. Liang had a recurrence of an old illness. In June 2005, he died. Ms. Wang was reported and arrested in January 2006 because she distributed truth-clarification materials. Police confiscated all of her Dafa materials, including her tape player, etc. Ms. Wang was illegally sentenced for one year and eight months. Her family members did not know her whereabouts.

2. Ms. Wang Guilan Died Due to Persecution

Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Guilan, who lived in Fifth Street, Zhuozhou City, was around 70 years old. Because she practiced Falun Gong, she was arrested and taken to the Shuanta local police station in September 2002, by local officers, and people from the Shuanta Office and residents' committee. Because she did not give up cultivation, she was mercilessly beaten. Later, she was sent to the Nanma brainwashing class to be forcibly "transformed" and was extorted of 3000 yuan. She was released after her family members wrote a guarantee statement. Police still threatened her frequently, and Ms. Wang died in 2005.

3. Sixty-year-old Mr. Guo Cai and His Wife are Repeatedly and Illegally Harassed

Mr. Guo Cai from Yaoshang Village, Dongchengfang Town, is around 60 years old. On December 27, 2001,Yang Yugang from the Zhuozhou City National Security Team, Wang Wei, the town Law and Politics secretary and two other people drove a vehicle to Mr. Guo's home and illegally searched it. All Dafa books and tapes were confiscated. Wang Wei brutally beat Mr. Guo, and arrested his wife Wang Xulan, and put her in the vehicle. When the couple failed to pay the 20,000 yuan "fine," the persecutors extorted 5,000 yuan in cash. They released Ms. Wang after eight days.

On December 13, 2004, the government of Dongchengfang Town and the local police station together confiscated Mr. Guo's property. There were five vehicles and about twenty people. At that time, no one was at home. The police jumped over the wall into the home. Clothing was completely removed from cabinets, the bedding covers were torn, the ceiling was poked with holes, even cement bags and the grain bags were searched. They confiscated four electrical machines and peanut seeds. Later, the national security team issued an arrest warrant and posted a reward of 10,000 yuan to arrest the couple.

4. Meng Xiangchun is Persecuted in the Brainwashing Class to Unconsciousness

Ms. Meng Xiangchun, 63, was a villager from the west part of Feng Village, Baichigan Town, Zhuozhou City. She began practicing Falun Gong in 1998. Before she learned Falun Dafa, she had serious menopause syndrome, low blood pressure, gastritis and she was emaciated. After practicing Dafa, her many diseases vanished. In September 2002, the Baichigan Town government sent her to the Nanma brainwashing class without any justification. Right after she arrived there, she was punished by forced standing with both hands handcuffed together to a tree for more than five hours. She was handcuffed on the bed every evening and she could not free herself. She was made to sweep the courtyard, jog, go through brainwashing, and she was forced to write a guarantee statement. On September 21, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, higher authorities inspected. The brainwashing class deceitfully gave each person a pear and a moon cake. After the inspection, they were still persecuted. Finally, due to the constant persecution, Ms. Meng's blood pressure reached 170 and she remained unconscious. Only when she was persecuted to an extremely weak point did they release her.

5. Mr. Chen Rongchao was Illegally Arrested, Detained, Extorted and His Wages were Suspended

Mr. Chen Rongchao, 68, is a retired staff member from Lingyun Group Company in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. In 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal, and he was arrested on Tiananmen Square by police. Later, in Zhuozhou Police station, police pummeled him and forced him to kneel on the ground. They used a thick wooden club to beat him, detained him for fifteen days, and illegally fined him 10,100 yuan.

In 2001, when Mr. Chen Rongchao's wife distributed truth-clarification materials at her company, she was arrested by police. Her company security section illegally confiscated her family's property, stole Dafa books, tape player and tapes, and arrested the Chen couple. Mr. Chen was detained for more than four months and was extorted of 2,000 yuan. His wife was detained fifteen days and extorted of 180 yuan. After she came back, she was forcibly sent to the Nanma brainwashing class for fifty days, and extorted 4,200 yuan.

On January 10, 2003, Lingfeng local police station set a trap, and asked a person to borrow the book Zhuan Falun from Mr. Chen. For this reason, they went to Mr. Chen's home to confiscate his family's property, took a Dafa book away, a tape player, and two tapes. Mr. Chen was illegally detained fifteen days, and was extorted of 1,000 yuan. In 2001, after Mr. Chen was released from the lockup and discovered, his wages were illegally stopped. From 1999 when he went to Beijing to appeal to now, Mr. Chen's retirement wages were reduced by more than 200 yuan every month.

6. Ms. Guo Tian-e was Illegally Arrested, Detained, Extorted and her Wages Stopped

Ms. Guo Tian-e, 41, is a staff member at Lingyun Group Company in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. In November 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal. When she arrived in Tiananmen Square, she was forcibly taken to Qianmen Police Station by police. Later, she was sent to Baoding Agency in Beijing. Afterwards, in Zhuozhou City Police Station, police used a thick club to beat her. Another policeman grasped her hair to beat her. Her body was covered with blue and purple bruises, and her left eye was beaten to the point of turning black. After that, she was sent to detention for fifteen days, extorted of 10,100 yuan, and her wages were stopped. In December 2000, Ms. Guo went to her mother's home and brought some truth-clarification materials. Later, because a practitioner who distributed materials was arrested, Ms. Guo was also sent to detention for fifteen days.

7. The Couple Ms. Jiang Shuqin and Mr. Zhang Lianming are Illegally Imprisoned, Extorted and Harassed Repeatedly

Ms. Jiang Shuqin, 56, and her husband Zhang Lianming, 54, are both villagers from Daxinggezhuang Village, Baichigan Town, Zhuozhou City. Before cultivating Dafa, Mr. Zhang had periodical paralysis, and could not take care of himself. Ms. Jiang had many diseases including back and leg pain, low blood pressure, urethritis, hemorrhoids and so on. Especially when she had back pain, she could not stand upright. All treatments were futile. The farm work was done only by her mother's family members. In 1997, the couple was happy to learn Falun Dafa. Soon their stubborn illnesses went away without any treatments.

In February 2002, because the couple posted Dafa truth-clarification materials, they were reported by people who did not know the facts. They were arrested by people from Taoyuan Police Station in Zhuozhou City. After fifteen days, the head of Baichigan Town and Yang Yugang from the National Security Team sent them to Nanma brainwashing class for more than twenty days.

In the brainwashing class, in order to find the source of the material, Du Yonglu used a leather whip to hit Ms. Jiang's leg, whip her face and used an electric baton to shock Mr. Zhang. Xie Yubao and Yang Yugang from the National Security Team, along with Zhang Ming, secretary of Daxinggezhuang, seized the chance to go to Ms. Jiang's home to confiscate her family's property. They took away her color television, VCD and a small loudspeaker used for selling soy-sauce.

On August 13, 2002, Su Dong, chief of Baichigan Town Police Station, deceived Mr. Zhang by asking him to "attend a meeting in the town," and then forcibly sent him to Nanma brainwashing class. After more than twenty days, he was released.

On January 3, 2003, Mr. Zhang went to a Dafa practitioner's home to sell soy-sauce. It was just the time Yang Yugang from the National Security Team and so on were illegally ransacking that practitioner's home. Mr. Zhang was also arrested and taken to the city police station. After fifteen days, he was sent to Nanma brainwashing class. He was imprisoned until April 18, 2003 (for three and half months). Only then was he released. During this period of time, the Baichigan government fined him 500 yuan, and Nanma brainwashing class extorted 500 yuan from him..

In late April, only ten days after Mr. Zhang came back from Nanma brainwashing class, he was arrested again by Su Dong from the Baichigan Town Police Station and Yang Yugang from the National Security Team, and detained for fifteen days. Police illegally confiscated Dafa materials and an audio recording player. Until now, Su Dong, chief of the town police station, still leads other people to harass them on every sensitive date.