(Clearwisdom.net) On August 12, Clearwisdom.net published news of the brutal killing of Ms. Fu Keshu and Mr. Xu Genli in Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2006/8/12/76758.html). The news was also published in "Minghui Weekly." Ms. Fu and Mr. Xu disappeared on November 8, 2005. It was over 20 days later when I heard about their disappearance from other practitioners. We did not pay full attention to this matter.

At that time, the local practitioners thought that Fu was a firm practitioner with strong righteous thoughts. The practitioners in Kaiyang County all spoke of her with admiration. Due to her righteous thoughts during a few rounds of exchanges with the police, the police in the local area started ignoring her when they saw her. This time when she disappeared, the practitioners all thought she could escape with righteous thoughts under the protection of Dafa. Some practitioners met and talked about publicizing her disappearance on the Internet in order to end the old forces' persecution against her. However, they did not feel that they knew the details, and feared that there would be inaccuracies if they reported the issue. They asked other practitioners for help, but nobody had the exact details. They then decided to wait a little longer. They did not call on the local practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts on this issue as a whole, and neither did they ask her family members for more details. They underestimated the evil's brutality and missed the most optimal time for trying to rescue her.

The killing of Fu Keshu and Xu Genli reflects the lack of cooperation among the practitioners in our local area and my own state of indifference. When I first heard about Fu's disappearance, I did not contact her family members to gather facts, publicize the case on the Internet, or call on local practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts together in order to break through the arrangements of the persecution. Neither did I ask the practitioners in Jinggangshan area to investigate the situation and collect phone numbers of the perpetrators in order to expose their crimes. Had we done this in time, the perpetrators would not have dared to persecute them at will.

When a practitioner said that Fu's family did not want to publicize her abduction on the Internet so that they would not be implicated, the practitioner did not look at the issue from the perspective of the Fa. Because of this one thought, the issue of rescuing Fu became limited to her family members. As a result, Fu and Xu went through unimaginable torture during the persecution and did not receive any assistance from the local practitioners.

We failed to truly follow the Fa and treat other people's things as our own things. When we shared with other practitioners on Fu's disappearance, we only learned the facts, but did not form one body to break through the old forces' persecution. Often, when a fellow practitioner is persecuted, we look for where the practitioner is falling short and why the evil was able to do what it did, without searching inside about how this matter relates to ourselves and what we should do.

The biggest omission in Fu and Xu's incidence was that the practitioners in our local area did not cooperate with each other and did not do enough to resist the persecution and dispel the evil. We were indifferent and used emotions and notions when doing things with each other. When some practitioners hear that a practitioner whom they do not know well is persecuted, they do not think from the standpoint of the Fa and are numb to it. They only cooperate actively when a practitioner they know is persecuted.

Soon after Fu's disappearance in Jinggangshan was publicized by the Clearwisdom website on April 12, 2006, in late April, the local police station sent a notice asking her family members to pick up the body. If the location of Fu and Xu's disappearance were not publicized on the Internet, they could have easily disappeared forever without a trace. The reaction of the police shows that the evil is afraid of exposure. Judging from the level of decay in their bodies, they were killed before April 12. The Clearwisdom article identified the location of their disappearance as Jinggangshan. In order to shirk responsibility, the perpetrators in Jinggangshan moved the practitioners' bodies to an isolated hillside area and tried to make it look like suicide.

Fu and Xu's deaths have been publicized, but we have missed the opportunity to save them. In order to disintegrate the evil, save the world's people, and end the persecution, we need to learn from our mistakes and waste no time. The perpetrators must be held responsible for their crimes. We need to expose the phone numbers of the 610 Office, public security bureau, police station, and local government in Jinggangshan, as well as the names of the lead people in these agencies. We ask that Jinggangshan practitioners collect such information and send it to the Clearwisdom website to be publicized.

There may be more people involved in the moving of the bodies and creating the false suicide story. There are probably also eyewitnesses. Practitioners can conduct an in-depth investigation and expose the evil forces in Jinggangshan. At the same time, practitioners should send forth righteous thoughts together and not let the evil persecute their family members. In addition, evidence suggests that the 610 Office and public security bureau of Guizhou Province, as well as the 610 Office and public security bureau of Kaiyang County, knew that Fu was abducted in Jinggangshan. They were also accomplices in the crime. Their names and phone numbers should also be exposed.