In 2003, a fellow practitioner and I took a bus at 5 p.m. one evening to go to a remote village. We did not have time for supper. We had two big bags of truth clarification materials. Since we had so much material that night, we wanted to make the best use of our time to finish distributing them, even if it took us the whole night.

While we were distributing materials, we were not fearful, nor did we have other human thoughts. We had just one thought: to help the people in the village know about Falun Dafa and let the kind people be saved! We treasured the materials as much as we could and thought about how each flyer could play the role of saving sentient beings. We covered quite a large area without stopping and accomplished what had set out to do.

By the time we had finished distributing and posting all the materials, it was already 4:00 a.m. We came to a road and took a little break to clean ourselves up a bit. Dawn broke. In order to make the best use of our time, we walked on as we waited for a bus. While on the move, we realized that our clothes were too thin, and we felt cold, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, and tired. All these feelings came at once.

I realized such thoughts were not right. They were human thoughts. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. "There is Teacher, and there is the Fa. What are we scared of?" We kept on, but the human thoughts came up again. I thought, "Teacher, I feel so fortunate to cultivate such a great Fa of yours, but I feel it is so hard, too!"

As soon as the word "hard" came up, I discovered two dragons shaking their heads and tails, one on either side of me. With their dragon whiskers, they looked happy, and they danced along by my side. I suddenly awakened, "Heavenly dragons have been safeguarding us. It was so clear!" I uttered with surprise, "Teacher! How protective you are of your disciples!"

I burst into tears. All my human feelings and thoughts disappeared. I was ashamed of my feelings before Teacher. It was Teacher who was responsible for my rebirth, a tiny life. I am Teacher's disciple. I should do things well what a disciple should do. I did not feel the hardships anymore. All I felt was the happiness of being Teacher's disciple. It is impossible for me to pay back what Teacher has given us, even if I sacrifice everything I have, including my body and life.

I also respectfully ask fellow practitioners to treasure this eternal opportunity.

August 4, 2006.