(Clearwisdom.net) Corrupt officials of Chenxi County, Hunan Province have been persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Ms. Tang Yuhua was force-fed and her family was extremely worried about her. Ou Jiafa was forced to leave his home to avoid persecution, and no one knows where he is.

Ms. Tang Yuhua, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Chenxi County, Hunan Province was illegally arrested on September 6, 2006 with the excuse of "searching for illegal items." She was detained in a detention center. On September 16, some other practitioners and her husband went to visit her and were told that she had been on hunger strike for almost 10 days and she had been force-fed twice.

The warden claimed that Ms. Tang already began to have meals. Warden Liu Qiliang claimed they force-fed her in order to save her life, but actually forced-feeding is used to brutally torture Falun Dafa practitioners.

In order to force-feed practitioners, the guard or the warden ordered five to seven prisoners to tie the practitioner up. They pressed or pinched the practitioner's nose with their fingers. The practitioner was stifled and forced to open his or her mouth to breathe. Then the other prisoners pried the practitioner's mouth open with a wrench. Sometimes the practitioner's mouth filled with blood. When the mouth was pried open, a water pipe was inserted into the practitioner's throat. The prisoners pinched the practitioner's nose, and poured soy milk from a bottle into the tube. They poured without stopping, threatening the practitioner with force and torturing the practitioner with suffocation in attempt to force him or her to surrender. How Ms. Tang must have suffered! Her son, her daughter, and her husband were heartbroken, and hoped she could come home. They have been to the detention center twice, but were not permitted to see Ms. Tang. They were ridiculed and were almost arrested themselves.

Ms. Tang's husband does not practice Falun Dafa, yet he endures all the suffering quietly. He always told others, whether they were police officers ransacking his home or kindhearted Dafa practitioners, that his wife regained her health and good temper because of Falun Gong, and there was nothing wrong with being a good person.

Chenyang Town in Chenxi County was filled with red terror. Seven Dafa practitioners were detained.

As ordered by the Political and Judiciary Committee and instigated by the Ministry of State Security, officers from Chenyang Police Station ransacked Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Ou Jiafa's home at night. Mr. Ou was not home. His son asked the police to show a search warrant. The police smashed the iron gate open and forcibly searched his home. They seized Mr. Ou's Dafa books. Mr. Ou's son, Ou Jiajun, tried to stop the police, but they twisted his hands behind his back. Mr. Ou Jiajun cried out in pain and woke up the neighbor. The neighbor came and said, "He [Ou Jiajun] does not practice Falun Gong. He just came back home for a few days from his work. Why do you arrest him?" The police then released him.

In the following days, policemen searched for Mr. Ou Jiafa, and he was forced to leave home to avoid persecution.

Changsha City, Hunan Province

Zip code: 410000

Telephone area code: 0731

Public Security Department, Hunan Province: 86-731-4590600

Office in Charge of persecuting Dafa practitioners, Public Security Department, Hunan Province: 86-731-4590134

Judicial Department, Hunan Province: 86-731-4586415

Huaihua City, Hunan Province

Zip code: 418000

Telephone area code: 0745

Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-745-2718362, 86-745-2724936

Secretary of Municipal Party Committee: Zhang Wenxiong

Major: Li Yilong

Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee: Chen Shanmei

Deputy Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee: Sun Shunsheng

Chenxi County, Hunan Province

Zip Code: 419500

Telephone area code: 0745

Secretary of County Party Committee: Zhou Shengyu, 86-745-5233726, 86-13907455698

County Magistrate: Yang Xiaorong, 86-745-5233223, 86-13874592666

Deputy Secretary of County Party Committee: Li Yueliang, 86-745-5230097, 86-13874577977

County Party Committee Office: 86-745-5232529

Standing Deputy County Magistrate: Shu Chang, 86-745-5233002, 86-745-5231476, 86-13807457266

Deputy County Magistrate: Wang Fuchu, 86-13974555610

Former Deputy Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee, currently in charge of Science & Education Section of County Political Consultative Conference: Tang Xiaojun, 86-745-5243787, 86-745-5224933, 86-13907457186

Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee: Xie Jingsong, 86-745-5232304, 86-745-5235466 (home), 86-13907457165 (mobile). His wife Wang Chengyu is a teacher in County First Middle School, 86-745-5231672,86-13974545865.

Zhu Shun'an, former director of the police department, and participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners, currently a researcher involved in political and judiciary management, 86-745-5232529, 86-745-5228858, 86-13774596086