1. Mr. Jiang Quande, a Nongan County practitioner, was arrested and taken to Siping Jail during the 2004 New Year period. The authorities at the Siping Jail require regular prisoners to monitor Dafa practitioners and to assist in their attempts to "transform" them. Those who refuse are punished.

Many prisoners were assigned to keep Jiang Quande under observation 24 hours a day. All of his words and actions were recorded. The prisoners said they were being forced to do this by the wardens, and that the wardens always checked their records. Dafa practitioners at the jail sometimes greet each other during work hours, but out of fear the prisoners prevent them from doing so.

On the Chinese New Year's Eve of 2005, Jiang tried to have his New Year's dinner with Hou Qinghua, a practitioner detained in Ward 4, but the other prisoners stopped them. Jiang protested and didn't eat.

A few days later Jiang tried to borrow a shoe brush from Hou Qinghua, and was again stopped by the prisoners. Jiang protested, and the prisoners assaulted him. A guard locked Jiang up in a small isolation cell.

Jiang saw words attacking Dafa posted in Ward 4, so he removed the offensive words. Then he used ink to dye the white bars on his prison clothes and refused to say his number during roll call, so they transferred him to the Education Ward. On the way the other prisoners beat him to the ground when he resisted the persecution, and he shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" As punishment, the guards tied him to the "Dead Person's Bed."

In the late 2005 Jiang and Fu Hongwei were transferred to the Gongzhuling Jail.

2. On the second day of the 2005 Chinese New Year, Zhang Keshan from Songyuan, Jilin was detained in Ward 13. Prisoner Zhang Renhua beat him because he spoke with another practitioner. Zhang Renhua bounced Zhang Keshan's head against the edge of the bed, even though at the time Zhang Keshan had a fever and was very weak.

3. Mr. Fu Hongwei of Shulan City, Jilin was detained in Ward 12 in 2005. He refused to call out his number during roll call, so officer Yin Shoudong sent him to an isolation cell, where guards attacked him with several electric batons. He then began a hunger strike. Later he was taken to the jail hospital and force-fed.

Seeing how Fu Hongwei was being persecuted, practitioner Li Wenbo from Meihekou also went on hunger strike, and he was taken to the office and given electric shocks.

4. In May 2005, Mr. Zou Jihua of Changchun City was detained in Ward 8. Detention officers found Teacher's articles in his clothing and kept him in a small isolation cell for a month. His meals consisted of only one small spoonful of corn congee. He wasn't released from isolation until his mother came to visit him.

5. Mr. Jin Xuezhe of Changchun was detained in the small isolation cell for one day in June 2004 after he was discovered to be in possession of Teacher's articles.

6. On February 23, 2004, fifteen practitioners were transferred from the Jilin Jail to the Siping Jail, including Wang Guiming of Tonghua City, Jilin Province. Wang Guiming wrote a letter of appeal, which the authorities at the jail refused to submit. Wang went on a hunger strike and was subjected to forced feeding. On March 2006, he was detained in Ward 11. Jailers found Teacher's articles in his clothes and sent him to a small isolation cell. Officers shocked him with four electric batons, and his face was disfigured due to the torture. When Wang Guiming continued his hunger strike, detention officers sent him to the jail hospital for force-feeding and continued to torture him for a month.

7. Mr. Liang Zhenxing of Changchun was transferred from the Tiebei Jail to the Siping Jail. As soon as he arrived, he was detained in a small cell. Later he was transferred to the Education Ward. In May 2006, he was force-fed in the jail hospital. He was shackled and cuffed to a bed, and had no choice but to relieve himself on the bed.

8. Mr. Liu Xiaoyong of Baicheng was detained in Ward 4, and the jailers tortured him with electric batons because they found Teacher's articles in his clothes.

9. In 2005, prisoners beat Mr. Zhen Guoming of Nongan County, who ran out of the gate of the jail. Police officers detained him in a small isolation cell for half a month.

The authorities at the Siping Jail encourage prisoners to persecute Dafa practitioners. They reward prisoners who participate with reduced sentences. They force practitioners to write "guarantee letters" and repentance letters, etc. Prisoners bribe jailers in exchange for assignments to monitor Dafa practitioners. Some prisoners cruelly persecute practitioners for the rewards. In the Education Ward, jailers often assemble prisoners from each ward, which are excused from their regular work assignments and ordered to monitor practitioners. Practitioners are forced to sit on benches and participate in brainwashing sessions, and are restricted from using the restroom. When the practitioners are allowed to use the restroom, the prisoners go with them. They are also frequently forced to do drills and run, and elderly practitioners also receive physical punishment.

Siping Jail: 86-434-5462211, 5462212, 5462150
Li Wendong, Siping Jail Chief: 434-3209789 (Home), 86-434-5469002 (Office)
Lan Lijun, Siping Jail Deputy Chief : 86-434-3526350 (Home)
Li Guojun, Chief of the Siping Jail Admin Office
Li Zhiqiang, Deputy Chief of the Siping Jail Admin Office: : 86-434-5469666 (Office)
Jiang Xinguo, Jail Sanitation Chief, 86-434-3242501 (Home), 86-13596642619
Chen Guomin Education Office Chief
Sun Yanqing, Punishment Office Chief: 86-434-5462212 Ext. 9058
Yin Shoudong Education Ward Chief
Geng Mingcai, Education Ward Deputy Chief
Zhang Sihuang, Detention Officer
Wu Tie, Li Haifeng, and Tan XX, Education Ward Jailers
Li Jun, Chief of Ward 4
Hao XX, Vice Chief of Ward 4
He Yuqing Chief of Ward 8
Gao Wei, Vice Chief of Ward 8
Du Jun, Chief of Ward 11
Duan Guangsheng, Vice Chief of Ward 11: 86-13104341729