Mr. Chi Yongwan, a practitioner from Jilin Province, has been missing for two years

Chi Yongwan is a Dafa practitioner from Longjing City, Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province. He was accepted into Yanbian University in 1996 and began learning Falun Dafa that same year. After graduation he became a teacher in Longjing High School.

A few days before the Chinese New Year in 2004, he went out to send Teacher's latest article to fellow practitioners. He was tracked down and illegally arrested. His residence was searched and property confiscated. After this incident, he has never been heard from again.

Mr. Zhao Jun, a practitioner from Jilin Province, went missing after he was sentenced to prison for seven years.

Mr. Zhao Jun, about 30 years old, used to live on Wula Street in the Changyi District of Jilin City. He called his family once, two years ago, and said that he had been sentenced to prison for seven years. Since then, his whereabouts have remained unknown.

Practitioner Ms. Dang Yanhua from Fushun City has been missing since 2003.

Ms. Dang Yanhua, a practitioner from Fushun City, is about 50 years old. She has been missing since 2003. Since that time, there has been no news from her.

Mr. Bao from Beijing has been missing since 2005. It is possible that he was arrested.

Mr. Bao, a practitioner from Beijing, is more than 50 years old. He used to work at the Beijing Subway Company and lived in Jiaomendongli in the Fengtai District. The Yangqiao Police Station administers his residency. He has been missing since the end of 2005.

August 01, 2006