(Clearwisdom.net) At the fourth division of the Jilin Province Women's Forced Labor Camp, practitioners are subjected to various means of torture. The guards there all try to block any appeals in an effort to conceal their crimes.

Falun Dafa practitioners recently sent there were forced to write "five articles" to renounce Falun Gong and promise never to practice it again.

The steadfast practitioners were put in solitary confinement, shocked with electric batons, beaten, slapped on the face, held down by guards, forced to stand, tied up on a death bed and forced to use the bed as a toilet. Practitioners who went on hunger strike were force-fed. Guards also forced them to take medicine.

Guard Zhang Guimei and Wang Zhufeng (warden) once tied practitioner Yuan Shufang (over fifty years old) to an execution bed for many days. They used the excuse of treating her illness to insert over ten electric needles into her face, head, hands and soles of her feet and then applied electricity, causing Yuan Shufang to foam from the mouth.

Wang Shufeng and Feng Xiaochun (warden) shocked practitioner Ma Guirong (over fifty years old) with electric batons, causing her to be unable to walk or take care of herself. She could only lay on the ground after the beating.

Liu Zhiwei (warden) and Wang Jing (warden) electric-shocked practitioner Zhao Shuqin, who had already become very weak due to the previous torture, making her even weaker. Liu Zhiwei once kicked Zhang Xiuling down the stairs, causing her feet to become swollen and making her unable to walk for a long time.

Li Xiaohua (instructor) and Guo Jianxin (officer) forcibly took away the appeal letter from Li Yongjun and prohibited any victims from reporting the persecution.

Wei Yun (doctor) used the excuse of high blood pressure and forced the practitioners to take pills to lower their blood pressure. He forced them to take eight or nine pills every time, causing Yang Hongmei and Chang Shuxia to have symptoms of poisoning. Wei Yun said, "Although I overdosed you this time, you will still have to take them next time."

Wang Zhufeng incited criminals to beat practitioners and told them that the government will reward them for assisting in torturing practitioners. Zhang Guimei ordered these criminals to kick practitioners and preventing them from reporting it. Wu Wei (instructor) incited the criminals to torture and beat practitioners and ordered them to strike at practitioners with scissors. Han Chunling (teacher) told the criminals, "You take them to a small room and beat them. I will not interfere." In addition, she shouted in the presence of everyone, "Hit harder! I will beat you dead if you continue to scream. You can report this to whoever you want." Xu Yan (warden) also said, "We have a death quota."

For determined practitioners, guards did not allow them to join the meals or order food. When practitioners' families brought them instant noodles, they would open every bag. The complaints box and inspection box in the labor camp are just for appearance. The appeal letters from Falun Dafa practitioners are never forwarded.

September 1, 2006