(Clearwisdom.net) As the current of Fa-rectification rushes forward, people are learning the truth and quitting the Chinese Communist Party one by one. The total number of resignations currently stands at thirteen million. This number should not make us become zealous or slack off. It will be easy to see the heavy task we still must shoulder from the several numbers I calculated below.

If each practitioner who actively helped people to do the three withdrawals averaged ten people withdrawing, then only 1.3 million practitioners have joined the effort. (If each did twenty, then only 0.6 million practitioners have participated.) This is not a small number, but comparing it to the 100 million practitioners who practiced Falun Dafa in Mainland China before the persecution began, this indicates that not a large percentage of practitioners have stepped out to persuade people to withdraw. Viewed from the number of people that have joined the Communist Party, the Youth League, or the Children's Pioneers, out of the 1.5 billion Chinese, 60-70 million are CCP members, and the number who have joined the Youth League and the Pioneers is even greater. If a half-billion people are to do the three withdrawals, then the currently involved practitioners each need to help 400 to 800 more people.

Based on the current situation, the three withdrawals are mostly done with Falun Dafa practitioners' help. Very few people can quit themselves online, especially those living in the countryside. We have been helping with the three withdrawals for more than a year, and we have only processed an average of ten each, and most of those were our friends and families. At this rate, how many years will we still need? Time will not allow it! Of course, we cannot see Master's orderly arrangement of the Fa-rectification, but from the current situation, the task we are shouldering is very heavy. Master said, "Saving people right now is an urgent matter;" ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital") If we want to save more people, not only should those who have already stepped forward be more diligent, clarify the truth, and persuade people to do the three withdrawals with wisdom, but also more practitioners need to step out, do the three things well, and change the environment. This will help benefit and save more sentient beings.

Master said, "I said that it would be pretty good if you could save half of the people in China." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles") We are still quite far from that goal. If more practitioners can step forward and join in to clarify the truth and persuade people to do the three withdrawals, we can then save more sentient beings.

My understanding may be a little biased, and my calculations are only a rough estimate, but I think that from these numbers we can see how important our mission is. Let us try our best for the sake of saving sentient beings.

The above is only my personal understandings. Please correct me.